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A thrill of panic swept the adrenaline pumping through Harry to his legs with a jolt. The blood scent he had picked up… He didn't know if it was Eviyara, but if it was- Someone was going to pay. If anyone had so much plucked one feather from her head, they were going to have to deal with him- In his wolf form to boot.

He forced himself forward, trusting his nose as the scent of ash and blood grew stronger. Blurs of trees, Hogsmeade roads, and small pubs rushed by his vision, although Harry paid no mind to those things. All that the wolf animagus could think of was a blood encrusted phoenix that could have been his best friend. This fear only got worse as the scent suddenly changed direction. Harry spun down a narrow alleyway toward a small light near the end, and the smell of burning flesh added to the blood and ash. He tore down the alley with the panic of a mother looking for her babies, and the fury of a father looking at his child's murderer.

And then he saw it- The camp.

With the stealth of a black cat, Harry crept to the edge of what looked like a Death Eater stakeout and hid behind a box. He had to figure out the best way to do this… Harry took a deep breath and ran possible solutions through his head. He could quietly look for his bird, and get out without a scratch from the pool of Death Eaters… Yeah…

"You know what?" Harry murmured, "Screw it. I'm saving her, now."

The wolf burst from the edge of the camp site, snarling and looking as ferocious as a midnight black wolf can look. Harry jumped onto the first Death Eater in range, and knocked the idiot to the ground, snapping the man's wand in the process. The follower gave the wolf a deer in headlights look, and promptly fainted on the spot.

Unfortunatly, this managed to alert all the others of the fierce wolf's presence. Reducto and Diffindo hexes flew his way, but Harry paid no mind to the screaming Dark Lord servants. Darker curses flew his way also, and that was the last straw. Harry spun around, wand in hand as he turned back to his human self.

He lit a Protego out of his wand, and shot his own curses out in rapid succession. "Impediamenta! Expelliarmus! Diffindo! Reducto! Stupefy! Sectumsempra! Reducto! Expelliarmus! Impediamenta! "

And when he looked up again, no one was left standing. Several hooded figures were moaning on the floor, but most were unconscious or some were burning in the fire that they had fallen on.

"Point me Eviyara!" His wand spun and stopped and pointed to his right at a smaller Death Eater that had blacked out. Harry rolled the Death Eater over and gasped when he saw the frail phoenix grasped in his hand.

"No…!" Harry let out a breathless whisper of pure fear.

Eviyara's once dainty white feathers had become utterly stained with savage red blood, and across her thin face were three intense slashes that had penetrated all the way to her skull. Her blood had run out of these slashes as the red life giving goo covered her along with her captor, whom Harry promptly bashed into the ground.

Also, it looked like someone had snatched her right from the sky from the rope burn marks across her mid-section and on her -now broken- wings.

As Harry inspected her hastily, looking over Ev's injuries, he noticed something that sent a sigh of relief passing through him. She was breathing! A swift, "Thank God" was whispered from Harry.

He murmured a quick bone mending spell and while he worked, Harry failed to notice a rapid slow of his friend's breathing and heart rate… He didn't even notice when her heart completely froze… And when her breath stopped, her was still mending her broken wings… Didn't notice at all…

Harry was too focused on healing his companion, and the mantra he repeated in his head. (Have to save her, have to save her, have to save her.) But when the child finally turned to pick her up…

"All right Ev," Harry whispered in an attempt to calm her and keep her from hearing his voice shake, "let's head back up to the castle. We can find the Magical Creatures teacher and-"

He stopped… He realized… And he- He- He… Had he lost her?

"Eviyara!" He yelled as he looked at her non-rising chest, "Please, Ev! Wake up!"

…Nothing… No mental response, no movement…

Boiling hot tears streamed down his face as he shook her. Desperation filled his being. "Please! Don't leave me!" But as Harry checked for a pulse-

But her valiant heart had all ready slowed to a complete stop.

He felt no heart beat… Nothing.


Absolutely NOTHING.

He cradled her broken body in the crook of his arm and sobbed... And sobbed… And cried as he rocked his closest friend like he would a baby…

"EVIYARA! I'M SORRY!" He screamed to the heavens… Hoping she would come back…


Suddenly the dead phoenix's body erupted in a fiery inferno, burning Harry's arms in the process. But the shocked wizard didn't move a muscle as a bright, blinding light exploded into Harry's vision.

And then….

"…Harry…?" A delicate trill swam past the teenager's ear, and he felt his entire body have the feeling of being filled up with helium like a balloon.

Eviyara was alive.