Here is the long awaited story of Lullaby for you.

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Night came as the Resistance stationed outside of a city to restocked supplies and look for people to joined their cause against Rosenkreuz. While the adults and teens went in the city to do that; others just went to have fun leaving a few to watch the kids and left.

Bouquet was sitting outside; watching the stars tinkle in the sky. The stars were beautiful til she heard small footsteps and a child's voice called her.


Bouquet turns around to see two year-old Ariana in dark red pajamas, holding her stuff rabbit. She has tears going down her violet-skinned cheeks. She looked so scared.

"What's wrong, Aria?" Bouquet hopped off the rock she was sitting on, kneed down to the toddler's height; wiping the tears away.

"I have a bad dream." The toddler hugged Bouquet for comforted. Bouquet hugs the child back, "Now, now. What was the bad dream about?"

"Blue monster with red eyes…"

Blue monster with red eyes? Could it be Blue Dragon she was dreaming about? I need to talk to Shu about that after I put her to sleep.

She lifts the toddler up in her arms. "How about I read you a story. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes," Ariana nodded. "I love stories. They make bad dreams go away."


Inside Ariana and Bouquet's tent, Bouquet lays Aria in her bed and pulls the sheets to cover the ancient child.

"So, which story would you like to hear? Thumbelina?" She pull out a book from the bookshelf.


"The Princess and the Pea? Peter Pan? Snow White?"


Bouquet realized that Aria already heard all stories she read about. She need something new but what to tell? "…What story you like to hear then?"

The child thought for a moment and smiled. "Me!"

"You?" She nodded. Bouquet thought for a minute then smiled.

"Alright. I tell you that this story is real and long. Are you prepared to hear it?" Before she can tell the story; Shu, Hayate, Yoshi, Hannah, Lena, Rui and a four year old ancient boy walk in the tent with food and sleeping bags.

"Darling! What are you doing here?" She was surprise to them here.

"Ariana told us that she had a nightmare and asked us to sleepover with her so that she felt safe." Shu answered; putting the sleeping bag down. "So, here we are."

Hayate snickered, "Of course, she also asks to bring her boyfriend." He noggie Nello's head. The ancient boy crying out in objection and ran towards Hannah, glaring at Hayate.

"I'm not her boyfriend." Nello murmured. Hannah just smiled. "Kid, you like her, don't deny it."

Nello didn't say anything; just lying down on his sleeping bag, he was blushing. Everyone soon sat down and listen to the story Bouquet going to tell.

"Since everyone is here, let's begin the story!"


The Prologue is done! Next chapter will tell how Bouquet met Ariana and the journey together with Shu and the others in season one of Blue Dragon. Tell me if you saw any problems in my story so I can fix it. Bye!