Hello everyone and welcome to the last chapter of Lullaby for you. You all may wonder why I'm finishing this story? It is because since that Ariana is separated from Bouquet and she doesn't know what happened to Aria in her times with Nene, so her story-telling has to be short and that's why the story is coming to the end. I hope everyone will enjoyed the ending of Lullaby for you.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blue Dragon.

It was 2:00 am at the Resistance camp and everyone has returned from the city, finished restocking supplies and found a lot of people to joined their fight against Rosenkreuz. The lights in Bouquet and Aria's tent were off as everyone went to sleep and Bouquet kiss Aria on the head (Including Shu and Nello) then went outside for a fresh air.

"That was a good story-telling you did there Bouquet." A black cloaked figure emerged from behind the tent and stared down at Bouquet.

"You were listening on the story? She asked. The hooded figure nodded. "Then you must now about Aria's nightmare?"

"Yes and did you find out about it from that boy?"

"First of all, his name is Shu and remember that; Seconed, Yes I did. He say that Aria must've saw Blue Dragon when he rescued her from Rogi's robot foot soldiers at the forest two years ago." She answered the man's question.

"I see...Can I see them?" He ask.

"Okay but you had to be silent and don't step on anyone." She went inside the tent with the man followed behind her.

Everyone was asleep in their sleeping bags and Nello is sleeping next to Aria in her bed, with his arm wrapped around her. The hooded man look at Bouquet with a puzzling look on his face and Bouquet tried hard not to laughed to wake up everyone.

"It's a prank that Hayate normally does when Aria and Nello are together." She said.

"Hmph." The man grunted. He then looked softy at the two sleeping children. "Do they still misses me?"

"Yes, they do. They kept asking me when you will be back to visit them?" She said.

"When no one but you is around, then I will visit them." He said. He took out a small green bag fill with cookies covered in strawberries and chocolates and places it on the bookshelf. "It's for Aria and Nello."

"That's so sweet of you and you're leaving again?"

"Yes, you know I can't here for that long and risking myself of being discovered alive as everyone thought I died from him and Blue Dragon. I really want to thank Deathroy and you for saving me when I was injured."

He patted softy on the children's head then turned to exited the tent and Bouquet followed the man too. Unknown to them, Aria woken up to see them and saw the cookie bag at the bookshelf.


Outside, there is a mechat hidden behind the bushes and the ship came to life as the man sat on the pilot seat. He looked down at Bouquet as she waved good-bye.

"Come back soon when you are not busy alright?" She said.

"I know and thank you for everything for taking care of them for me."

As the ship was about to take off, they heard a child yelling from behind and turned to see Aria running with Nello behind her.

"Daddy! Wait!" She cried out for Nene, who stopped the ship, then jump off to hug the toddlers as they cried in happiness in seeing Nene again.

"Aria! Nello! What are you doing awake here?" He said.

"We don't want you to go away again! We want you to stay with us!" Nello cried.

"Please!" Aria cried harder.

Nene stared at the toddlers for a second then sighed in defeat. He couldn't say no to them. "Alright, I'll won't go but I had to stay hidden from everyone at the Resistance but her." He pointed at Bouquet.

The toddlers cheered.

Back at the tent, Shu woken up when he felt something wet and slimely running through his head. He uses his hand to get whatever on his head off and looked to see what it is.

It was a sailva.

"EWW!!" He cried out.

Nene finally got his revenge.

The End! I finally finished Lullaby for you and all of you may wondering why Nene is friendly to Bouquet? It's because after the Darkness was sealed again and everyone went their separated ways to start a new life for themselves; During her journey, she found Nene very injured at her families beach house, near the ocean. Because Aria and Nello are with her, she can't leave him there to died and Bouquet nursed him back to health. I hope this explains to you all and see ya!