Emeril, Eat Your Heart Out

by Amy L. Hull amilynh at comcast dot net

drabble written for Fia Reynne in the Yuletide 2008 Challenge


When Chuck squeaked that he was going to Awesome's frat campout, Casey growled.

The trip elicited Casey's entire repertoire of grunts. Hiking to frat songs was four and six. Staking tents: seven. Collecting firewood: one. Starting the fire: two, three, and a lecture on fire safety on national land.

Then Casey's manner turned practically reverent as he took over dinner preparation to a chorus of "Awesome activity, man."

Chuck just stared as Casey actually smiled while instructing everyone in open-fire grilling, cooking aluminum-foil-wrapped food in hot coals, and the art of the perfectly sharpened stick for the perfectly roasted marshmallow.