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"Get me off this motherfucking stage right fucking now!" I thought as I glanced over to the side of the stage and saw Bella standing there in that fucking outfit again.

Fuck. Why did she wear that?

She probably didn't have a fucking clue how fucking hot she looked in that little number with the tiny, short skirt.

I just want to bend her over the… oh fuck… gotta rap…

Melbourne, Australia. The crowd was amazing. The Vixens were out in rare form. And I couldn't fucking concentrate for shit because Bella was wearing that damned "fuck me" skirt, blouse, and heels.

As soon as I could get off the stage before the encore, I hauled ass. I grabbed Bella, who giggled madly, and made my way through the door of the dressing room and slammed it.

"I can't wait 'til after the show," I breathed as I shoved one hand up her skirt, "I've gotta have you right… (wet) fucking… (slick) now!" My fingers plunged inside her and she nearly lost her footing. I slammed her back against the door and attacked her mouth with mine as I reached over with my free hand and turned the deadbolt.

"Edward! Fuck…." Her words were drowned out by an accompanying moan when I thrust my fingers further inside her and curled them towards her belly, searching for the sweet spot. Her juices were flowing freely and practically dripping off me.

"Jesus Christ, Bella… You aren't allowed to wear that outfit to concerts anymore, do you understand me?" I asked sternly as I continued to thrust into her wetness and work her into a frenzy. It was what she deserved, getting me all worked up like that.

Her arms went around my chest and she reached for my shoulders from behind, bracing herself. As her head fell forward onto my shoulder, I caught a minute nod just as her entire body began to shudder and her pussy spasmed around my hand.

"That's right, baby, come for me. Just like that," I crooned into her ear.

Knowing I didn't have very much time to accomplish what I was after, I didn't give her much of a chance to recover before I scooped her up and turned around, looking for the best place to finish what I had started.

"Edward, you have to get back out there… can't you hear them?"

I didn't really care, for the first time in my whole fucking life. Who gives a fuck about thousands of screaming fans when I've got this beautiful woman right here, her body begging me to ravage it? Okay, so I really did give a shit, but I had something I had to do first. I had to get rid of the raging fucking hard-on that had plagued me since I had seen her in that tight, short skirt a couple of hours before. I damn near forgot the lyrics more than once.

I practically tossed her over the back of the overstuffed chair that travelled with me wherever I went. We had some good memories in that chair. Damn good ones. But this was one thing the chair had yet to be, and that was christened.

She giggled and wiggled her ass.


I put my hands on the outsides of her thighs and pulled them up over her ass, pushing that menace of a skirt up with them. My cock did a triple axel when her bare ass was before me. I didn't know my own strength. I ripped that goddamned flimsy excuse for panties right the fuck off her before plunging my fingers into her tight, wet pussy one more time.

"Fuuuuuck, you're fucking wet for me, aren't you, baby?" Apparently I couldn't control my mouth any better than I could control my fucking dick at that point.

She moaned and wiggled her ass again, thrusting it back against my hand.


I knew I had to hurry. Rhianne would be pounding on the fucking door any minute. I could hear the muffled sound of the music and knew my cue was coming up soon. Without wasting any more time, I yanked my button-fly open, fished out my excruciatingly hard dick, and shoved it inside her.

She gasped and pushed against me. "Fuuuuuuuuuck…" Her voice was low and raspy and I could feel myself nearly come undone then. Determined that I wasn't going to be a three second wonder, I concentrated for a second on the sound of the music again. I still had a minute or two. Good.

I pulled back, almost out of her, and rammed against her again. "You like that, baby? You like it when I fuck you hard like this?" I asked while I slammed my hips into her ass over and over again.

"Uh, uh, uh, unggh, huh…"

"I'll take that as a yes."

"How did I get so fucking lucky?" was the last thought that went through my mind before I reached down and started circling her clit with my fingers.

Our movements became so intense that I blocked out the entire world. I couldn't see or hear or feel anything but Bella's body, her moans, her thrusts, her muscles squeezing and releasing my cock… and then I just fucking exploded. I came so goddamn hard I nearly crushed her against the chair.

Not missing a beat, Bella screamed out with the intensity of her own climax just a second after mine started.

Right on cue, Rhianne started pounding on the dressing room door. "Edward! It's time! You've got to get back out there!" Jesus Christ she was screaming out there.

"I'm coming!" I yelled, and then laughed.

Bella giggled.


I smacked her ass hard and started yanking my clothes off. "I want you to go, get out of here. I want you in the room and ready for me when I get there, and you had better be fucking wet and ready because when I get back there, I'm gonna fuck you like there's no tomorrow," I instructed, pulling my black t-shirt over my head followed by my hoodie.

She was smiling at me all seductive and shit.


I walked right up to her and kissed her hard on the mouth. I didn't even want to go back out on that stage. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I didn't want to have to wait to do it.

Right before I left to go back on stage, I whispered in her ear, "I wanna fuck your ass, baby."

I didn't wait for her reaction. I just turned on my heel and headed straight for the door. I unlocked it and yanked it open to see Rhianne standing red-faced right outside. She was pissed. And it was funny as fuck. I just started laughing.

I jerked my thumb back towards Bella and quipped, "She's ready to go to the hotel. Get her there," before I disappeared at a dead run down the hallway and back to the stage. As I was running I saw Squally, who was the president of my Australian fan club. She was beaming at me so I swatted her on the ass as I ran by, hoping she would understand my rush.

I made it back to the stage just as my music cue hit and I was relieved that I wasn't late, although I would much rather have been in the limo with Bella on my way back to the hotel.

After the show, I was obligated to hang around for a little while. There were fans, a lot of them Vixens, who had paid good money to spend time backstage with me and the rest of the crew after the show. I cut my time to no more than an hour, and took it easy on the booze. I started to drink my vodka and then thought better of it. I rather enjoyed being in Velvet mode while I was fucking Bella, and she didn't seem to mind, so…

I walked in quietly, not wanting to alert her to my presence just yet. I heard the TV in the bedroom and holy fuck… she was watching fucking porn! My dick got hard… like really fucking hard. I couldn't wait… I just went for it… busted through the door, and caught her red-fucking-handed with her fingers in her pussy.

"What the fuck are you doin'?" I asked, feigning anger.

She stopped her movements and looked up at me, blinking. "Um… you told me to be ready?" I smirked at her and started stalking towards her like a cat on the prowl. She removed her fingers from her pussy and started scooting back on the bed.

"Oh no you don't," I growled, "Put your fucking fingers back in that sweet pussy. I wanna watch." She blushed from head to fucking toe and I grinned in spite of my dominant behavior. Tentatively she slid her hand back down over her stomach and between her legs. My cock jumped and I quickly rid myself of my jeans and boxers. I also pulled my shirt over my head and climbed onto the bed, moving closer to her. I lay on my stomach with my head propped up on my fists, just watching her fingers move tentatively across her clit and then dip down inside of her. It was erotic as hell when she did it and moaned softly at the same time.

I heard the moaning on the television increase in tempo so I glanced over to see what was going on, and damned if she wasn't watching ass-fuck porn. I turned back to Bella and saw that she was staring at me, while lazily plunging her fingers in and out of her cunt. I couldn't take any more. I scooted forward and grabbed her fingers, putting them in my mouth. "Mmmm. FUCK, you taste good," I told her while licking the juices off her hand. She moaned in response. I smirked and then dove between her legs, attacking her clit with my tongue and sliding my fingers inside her.

"Ahhhh… fuck, Edward… that feels so fucking… unggggg…"

I looked up at her and blinked once. Feeling ornery, I said, "Who the fuck is Edward?" all hateful like I was pissed off. She immediately sat up and looked down at me where I was still running two fingers in and out of her, painfully slowly. Fuck she was wet… and tight… and my concentration was shot.

"Sorry, Velvet… I, uh… never mind…" she said, blushing.

"Better," I mumbled with my mouth full of pussy again. I licked her folds up and down, making sure to graze her clit with my tongue each time I passed by it. She was squirming and writhing beneath me and I fucking loved the power I had over her body at that moment. Deftly, I slid a third finger inside her to join the other two. She moaned. Loud.

I was afraid I was gonna come on the fucking bedspread so I rearranged myself so that my cock wasn't rubbing on it, and then I leaned my head back where I could get a better look. I watched my three fingers disappearing inside her and I rubbed her clit with my thumb. "You like that, baby?"

"Uhhhhh huhhhhhh…" I decided to take that as a yes and slid my fourth digit in with the other three, stretching her pussy open wide. "Ohhhh God, Velvet… What are you… uhhhhhhhng… FUCK!" I grinned and continued to gently fuck her with my hand. Just when I knew she couldn't take anymore, I leaned down and started flicking my tongue across her clit, back and forth, side to side, up and down, and she just fucking exploded, screaming and writhing and soaking my arm with her juices.

When her orgasm subsided, I carefully removed my fingers from within her and kissed her tiny bundle of nerves. She surprised me by reaching down and grabbing my hand, shoving my fingers in her mouth, and licking them clean.

Fuck! Baseball… yeah… um… who's on first, what's on second, I don't know's on third… It took everything in me to not just fucking splooge all over the damn bed when she did that. I finally got myself under control and sat up to kiss her.

When our lips crashed together, I felt warm all over. Her tongue instinctively plunged into my mouth and our mouths danced together. The taste of her arousal mixed with her natural sweet taste inside my mouth and I was in Heaven. We were almost fighting for dominance of the kiss. While we were kissing, I pulled her over on top of me and she impaled herself on my cock while my hands roamed up and down her back, squeezing her ass every chance I got. She was trying to ride me hard, but I slowed her down. I was far from ready for this shit to be over and I had fucking plans for her. She needed to slow the fuck down! When I was ready to continue to move forward with my goal for the night, I easily lifted her off me and tossed her next to me on the bed. She giggled. Fuck.

"Now, Mrs. Velvet, I'm going to make you scream my name again, because that's the most beautiful sound in the universe," I told her in a commanding voice. She giggled again. Fuck.

I flipped Bella over on her stomach and covered her body with mine, placing kisses on the backs of her shoulders, her shoulder blades, and between them, because I knew that drove her crazy. She was moaning and squirming around so I knew she was liking it. Plus, I was rubbing my dick up and down the crack of her ass, so she wasn't the only one enjoying it. I slid my hands up her sides and tickled the sides of her tits with fluttering fingertips. I felt her whole body relaxing under my touch so I slid off and laid next to her, letting my erection pulse against her hip.

Running my hand up and down her back, I started whispering in her ear, telling her the lewd and kinky things I wanted to do to her… with her. She was smiling and nodding at me. Finally, she whispered back, "I want to try it." Well, that was all the go ahead I needed. I reached over to find my jeans on the floor and fished in the pocket for the bottle of lube I had picked up at the drugstore on the way to the hotel.. Then, I climbed around and settled myself between her legs, pushing them apart. Bella moaned when the cold air hit her hot, sopping wet pussy.

My cock was straining to get to her, but I knew if this was going to work, we had to take it slow, so I mentally told my dick to shut the fuck up and let me be in control for once. He didn't like it, but he calmed down slightly.

I ran my hands over her ass, marveling at how perfect and round it was. I squeezed her cheeks and she moaned softly. I smirked just as I lifted my right hand and smacked her ass hard, immediately gently rubbing the spot where I had slapped her. Her body quivered to my every touch and I knew I had her right where I wanted her. Reaching down, I slid a finger inside her and rather than moving it around, I just let it lay inside her. I could feel her inner muscles moving, clenching, begging for more.

With my free hand, I opened the bottle of warming lube and began pouring it on her ass, letting it run down the crack. Bella giggled and wriggled her ass. I smirked and let the liquid run down over my hand, massaging it into her as it coated the hand that was working her pussy.

Gently, I pulled my finger out of her, listening to her sigh at the loss of contact. I struggled momentarily to get my inner Velvet under control because if we were going to do this, I didn't want to hurt her. Velvet tends to go at things a little more haphazardly than I would prefer at times.

Running my fingers along the crack of her ass, I delicately brushed across her back entrance. Her moan indicated that she liked it, but I had to be sure.

"You okay, baby?"

"Uh huh," she choked out, nodding.

I reached up to grab a pillow, and lifting her hips, I pushed it under her. "That comfortable?"

She crossed her arms above her and laid her head on them. She nodded again and moved herself around a little, adjusting.

I began to massage her ass and her back with one hand while the other continued to run up and down her crack, pausing each time I crossed her tiny rosebud to push against it lightly. As I moved slowly, I could feel her relax a little more each time I found her entrance. My cock was straining against my skin and I couldn't get over how perfect, beautiful, and trusting of me she was. This was something I couldn't fuck up or I would never have another chance to love her like this.

Seeing that she was about as relaxed as I had ever seen her, I gently pushed my fingertip inside her, feeling her open up and then close on my finger. I moaned aloud when that happened. I held perfectly still while she adjusted to the foreign invasion and when I felt that she was relaxing again, I pushed a little further inside. Bella let out a long, low moan as my finger worked its way inside her back passage.

"Oh Jesus, Bella, that's fucking hot," I breathed. I could barely speak. She pushed back against my hand ever so slightly, but enough for me to know she wanted me to continue, so I slowly withdrew my finger, pulling it almost all the way out, before pushing it back inside her, further this time.

I grabbed the lube and poured more on her, working it into her ass as I slowly finger-fucked her there. I wasn't so sure I wasn't going to come just by doing this. It was sensual, and hot, and she was putty in my hands, literally. Each time I pushed forward with my finger, Bella began to push back against me with more and more effort each time.

"Talk to me, baby. I need to know you're okay," I ground out.

"Oh God, yes… I'm okay," she panted.

I moved closer to her, spreading her legs a little further apart and pushing her knees slightly under her. She complied with my motions and put her butt a little further up in the air, giving me better access.

While my right index finger stroked her back passage, I reached up with my left hand to swirl my fingers around her clit and push my thumb inside her pussy. Bella's entire body shuddered and she moaned more loudly than before.

Moving up on my knees, I put my cock at her entrance and pushed inside, while still massaging her back passage with my finger. The guttural sound that Bella made while my cock entered her was enough to cause me to have to stop for a moment just to keep from exploding.

"Oh fuck yeah… Bella… God," I growled against my heavy breathing.

Her words were beyond comprehension and just sounded like heavy growling and groaning.

I stopped moving my hips again and gently began to push a second finger into her back passage along with the first, pouring more lube down my hand as I did so. Bella was moaning and writhing beneath me while I stretched her. I talked to her the whole time.

"You okay, baby? Tell me if I'm hurting you." I was afraid of hurting her, but the whole thing was overwhelmingly hot and I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. She moaned and said something that resembled 'more' which made me go crazy. Literally.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy to prevent it from taking over and fucking her silly. She was dripping wet and there was lube all over her ass. I couldn't help but slap her cheek again as I slowly fucked her ass with my fingers.

"Oh… God… Ed..Velvet…fuck." Her words were spread out only coming with each thrust of my hand. I leaned over and placed tiny kisses on the small of her back, thinking how hot she would look with a tat there.

"More, please," she begged.

Ah hell no! Did she really just say that? FUCK!

I couldn't hold back anymore. Velvet was screaming at me to 'tap dat ass' and it was all I could do to not just shove my whole fucking cock inside her at once. I pulled my fingers out, poured more lube on her ass and then slathered lube all over my dick.

Placing the head at her entrance, I took a deep breath and reminded myself to go easy. "You sure?" I choked, praying she would say yes. She answered by pushing back against me and moaning. "Fuck…okay… fuck… take it easy, would ya?"

I grabbed hold of her hips and pressed forward as gently as I could. Bella's moans turned into something between a moan and a scream and I stopped, scared, until she said, "Oh fuck yes, Velvet, fuck my ass!"

The head of my dick disappeared in her ass with a 'pop' and I remained motionless. She was breathing really hard and her skin shimmered in the light that flickered from the television. She was covered in sweat, her hair was a mess, her ass was in the air and holy fucking shit if she didn't just go ahead and push her ass backwards and bury me inside her.

I grabbed hold of her hips and held on tightly, fearing that I would leave bruises, but unable to loosen my grip for fear if she moved the wrong way at the wrong time, it would be all over. For just a moment, our breathing was the only sound in the room. I looked down at my beautiful, trusting goddess, laid bare before me. She wasn't going to stand for this lack of motion long. I could see her muscles rippling and knew that she was on the verge of insanity. Not necessarily mental insanity, but insanity from her physical need. My cock pulsed inside her and I felt her muscles gripping me.

Pouring some more lube down the crack of her ass, I slowly withdrew my dick until only the head was inside her.

"Oh fuck, oh God… oh fuck… fuck me, Edward… fuck me," she breathed.

I caught my grip on her hips again and thrust forward, again burying myself in her back passage. I can't even begin to describe what it felt like. Bella was bucking against me and I began fucking her in earnest. Her body shuddered and shook and the mewling sounds she was making were fucking erotic as hell.

I lost myself to her. We truly became as one, our movements in perfect sync with one another. I reached around her to swirl my fingers over her clit, only to find that she had beaten me to it and was rubbing herself furiously with her own hand.

"Oh yeah, that's right, baby. Does it feel good? You like that, baby?" I panted as I continued to fuck her, feeling my own climax building somewhere deep within my pelvis. The next thing I knew, my balls contracted and I was coming harder than I could ever have imagined, and Bella was tumbling into the abyss with me, screaming my name in her ecstasy.

Afterwards, I felt a need for closeness. Bella had given me an exceptional gift and I wanted her to know how adored she was. I gathered her into my arms and held tightly to her, stroking her hair and kissing her gently, whispering to her how very much I loved her and cherished her. She fell asleep in my arms, murmuring words of love and adoration back to me.

All was right with the world. I had my Bella and she made my life complete.