"dabnab it, andy… those high and mighty revenuers march into mayberry and think they can take over the whole town. I don't like it, andy!"

"calm down, barney, calm down. If the feds find otis' whiskey still out in the backwoods, we are bound by the law to help destroy it."

"mums the word, andy. mums the word."

Later that day… "sheriff taylor, we have a lead there is a moonshining still near here, and I plan on finding it and destroying it. I shall return in the morning with a search team and dogs, and I expect your complete cooperation."

"well, marshall johnson, you can surely expect my complete cooperation. You boys get a good nights sleep cause the sun rises early on mayberry," andy said.

that night… otis is drunk and comes to the jailhouse to sleep it off. Barney is on nightshift duty and says, "otis, what are you doing here… those g-men are coming bright and early in the morning with dogs to search for stills. You got to get out of town, can't you see!"

barney frantically telephones andy and andy comes down to the jail and takes otis to the clampitt's cabin on the other side of the woods from the still. Jed and granny clampitt agree to keep otis captive for a couple of days until the heat blows over.

The next day, the feds search the woods and find an old still… they destroy the still. marshall johnson returns to mayberry and asks andy… "sheriff taylor, do you have any ideas who all was using that old moonshining still?"

Andy replies… "well, whoever all was using it sure ain't gonna be using it anymore, thanks to you boys. Good work, men."