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Author's note: So after a few years away, I am back! I kinda just ran out of ideas and I stopped. But now, I'm watching more anime and getting a couple of ideas for stories and this is my first. I love Black Cat and this idea came to my head after I watched episodes 13 and 14, so this is a semi-spoiler for those who are currently watching the series and haven't gotten to these episodes yet.

After Train got hit by the bullet with "Lucifer' (which is supposed to make the person it hits a monster) in it, I was thinking 'Train as a monster, this is gonna be cool'. Well, when he became a kid, I was disappointed! So, I got this idea. What if Train became a monster? How would the group deal with it?

Just so you guys know, I did tweak some stuff from Episode 13 before Train transforms to fit the story. For example, Kyoko come into the the hotel room, but is thrown out before Train transforms, instead of in the anime, where she is in the room when he transforms.

Also, there won't be a strong love relationship in this story, but it will be a Train/Sven story.

Lucifer's Magic

Chapter 1: Scream

"OW!!!!! That hurts!"

"Well, if you stop being a baby about it, it would go alot faster".

Sven was trying to attend to Trains wound he had just received, taking a bullet for Kyoko. Train made it back okay, but he collapsed after coming through the door. Sven rushed to him and automatically started tending to his wound. But, as mentioned before, he was TRYING to help Train. The former assassin kept complaining about the pain, since the bullet was lodged in his shoulder tight. Eve had taken to reading her books in a corner of the room, not wanting to get in the way of the two.

"Come on Train, you can't tell me you haven't had to take a bullet out of yourself before," Sven said, trying to distract Train from the pain he was about to receive.

"Once, and that----OWWW----wasn't very far----AHHHH--in. All I had to do was dig in a little---OWWW---but it wasn't like-"

"Done," Sven interrupted. He held the blood covered bullet in front of Train as the Black Cat stared at it in shock. Sven went over to the trash can and threw the bullet in it.

"Thanks," Train muttered. Sven nodded and sat on the bed and Train sat in front of him. Sven started wrapping cloth around Trains body, covering the wound. Train felt the older mans gentle touch on his body and didn't want it to stop. He was enjoying the quiet time they were spending together. But in a minute, Sven was done and had gotten up.

"So, what's ne-"

Train hadn't even finished his sentence when he heard a voice that made him cringe.


It was almost as if it happened in slow motion. Train turned his head toward the window as it burst open and saw Kyoko jumping into the room.

'Shit, why doesn't she just leave me alone,' Train thought. He backed away from the girl, who was walking toward him.

"Come here Mr. Black. I never got my thank you kiss for the chocolate," Kyoko yelled. Train quickly looked over to Sven, pleading him with his eyes to do something. Sven couldn't say no, that look Train had given him was so cute.

"Miss, why don't we play a game," He said.

"Oh, I love games. Does it involve Mr. Black?" Kyoko asked, excited about playing a game with her crush.

"Yes it does," Sven said, reaching for a big piece of black cloth he had on the bed, "Put this on and we'll spin you around. When I stop you, follow the direction of Black Cat's voice".

"Wow, this sounds fun," She said, tying the black cloth around her eyes. Sven pointed to the window and Train nodded. He climbed outside and stood on the edge. Sven turned Kyoko around a couple of times, then told her to find Train.

"I'm over here, Kyoko," Train called from outside. Kyoko followed his voice, eagerly. She felt the window above her and climbed outside. But she took one step too many and felt herself falling toward the ground. She took off the blindfold just in time to see herself fall into a pile of garbage.

"Ew, this is so not cool," she whined, "Mr. Black is not going to be happy seeing me covered in garbage. I better get myself cleaned up. I'll be back Mr. Black," she yelled up to Train, who she didn't see on the edge of the building.

Quickly, he made his way back into the hotel room.

"We need to get out of here Sven. What if she comes back, she'll only attract more attention," Train said, putting his shirt and jacket on. Sven agreed. They got everything they had together and made their way to Sven's car. Eve continued reading in the backseat, while Train gained some sleep. Sven turned the key in the ignition and drove to the nearest town.


It only took them an hour to get there and Sven had quickly found another hotel room to rent, which was a bit bigger than the other one. Once they got inside, Eve climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep. Sven and Train, on the other hand, stayed up talking at the table.

"So, what now? Are we gonna get some more food, 'cause I'm starving,' Train said, patting his stomach. Normally, Sven would yell at Train for thinking about just food, but Train had had a rough day and Sven decided to give him a break.

"Yeah, Train. We'll get some in the morning," Sven replied with a smile.

"Good. I was wondering if we could get some nood-" But Train stopped talking. He felt a sharp pain run through his body. His eyes shot open and he fell to the ground clutching his body. Almost like a reflex, Sven bolted out of his chair and ran over to the wounded boy.

"Train, are you okay? Train, talk to me. Where are you hurting? Say something". Sven was worried. Train started taking off his jacket and shirt, almost like he was hot.

"Do you want me to turn the heat down?" Sven asked, but Train just shook his head. 'What's going on with him,' he thought to himself. But he soon found out, and it would be something he would remember for a long time.

Train started screaming as if he was in pain. Sven had his hand on Trains shoulder, but soon, felt like he was reaching up. He looked at Train and saw he was...growing? Sven's eyes opened wide with shock as other transformations happened. Thick hair started sprouting all over Trains body and his face was changing, growing longer, almost as if he was becoming an animal.

Train's screams were much deeper now, but soon, he stopped. Suddenly, Sven heard a growl from the still transforming boy and before he could move, he found himself thrown across the room. He tried to make it to Eve, but felt himself weakening. The last thing he remembered before he blacked out was a big black blur throwing a bookcase to the ground, making a living hell out of the room.

Sorry it's so short, just thought i'd give a teaser as the first chapter. Hopefully you guys liked it. If the description of Trains new body was too vague, don't worry, it'll be fully explained in the next chapter. If you've seen episode 13, think of Trains new body, kinda like when the doctor is explaining about Lucifer and it shows a human transforming into a wolf-creature. Train'll look kinda like that, but with a little twist.

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