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Lucifer's Magic

Chapter 4: Understanding

Sven didn't yell, didn't scream. He just sat there, shocked. His arm was now in Trains mouth.

"T-T-Train?" Sven muttered. Not only was he concerned about getting his arm back in tact, but he was also scared of his friend.

Train heard his name being called and looked down at Sven. Only, he realized what was in his mouth. His eyes widened, letting go of his friend's arm. After feeling his arm had been freed, Sven quickly pulled it out of Trains mouth and rubbed it. He was quickly growing angry.

"Are you insane?!" Sven yelled, "What the hell Train? You're so hungry that you would turn cannibal? What's wrong with you?"

Train stopped looking scared as a grin made it's way onto his face.

"You are so funny," Train said, getting on all fours and crawling around Sven and Eve, "That wouldn't be cannibalism. I'm not human anymore, so you would just be lunch,". Train locked his eyes on Eve and quickly jumped towards her. But he quickly felt a sharp pain on his head. He fell flat on the floor. Looking up, he saw a silver suitcase.

"Ow, Sven, seriously. Watch where you swing that thing. You-"

"Hit you in the head? Yeah I know. You wanna tell me why you just tried to kill and eat Eve?" Train looked puzzled, until he saw Eve huddled in a corner of the room. The look on her face was something Train knew he would never forget. He started backing away, not knowing what came over him. He was now the one who was scared, but of himself.

"Pleas Sven, that wasn't me. I mean....I guess it was me but I wasn't even thinking of doing it-" Train was cut off by Sven.

"But Train," Sven said, losing the power in his voice, but still leaving hints of concern, "that's exactly it. You didn't think about doing it, you just did. It must have been something like a reflex".

Both men sat in silence for a while before Sven spoke up again, this time his voice sounded scared, yet worried, "What's happening to you, Train?" Train sat at the opposite end of the room, not even looking at Sven or Eve. His eyes were focused on the ground. What had he just done? He knew it had to do with what had happened to him, but he needed to know more.

"Sven, I'm sorry. You have every right to be mad at me. Right now, I don't care if you come over and punch me to death, I deserve it. But please, understand. I don't know what's happening to me. It has to do with that bullet that caused all of this, but we don't even know anything about it".

Sven got up, walking over to Train. He put a hand on his friend's shoulder, but Train shrugged it off.

"Sven, I don't want any pity, okay. If you want to leave, please do. Just--" Again, Train was cut off by Sven. But this time, Sven appeared in front of Train and punched him in the face.

"Come on Train, stop being a drama queen. What have i told you before? We are a team, we do things together. Just because you turned into, whatever you've turned into, doesn't mean we're going to give up on you. We'll just have to find some way to deal with your attacks, that's all. We've been through worse. But I draw the line at losing arms."

Train, recovering from Sven's punch, sat back up and did something no one else thought he would ever do. He threw his arms over Sven and grabbed him into a hug, careful not to squeeze his friend too hard. Sven, who was surprised at the gesture, slowly put his arms around Trains furry neck and hugged him back, patting his friend's back once in a while.

After letting go, Train went back to staring at the ground.

"Sorry, I just....I don't know what's going on Sven and...I don't want to admit it but...I'm scared I'll hurt you and the princess. I'd never forgive myself if I did". Sven was wondering if this transformation did something to Trains head, which was making his heart softer than it usually was. Train had never been so open and emotional, but then again, Sven probably would be too if he had just randomly attacked his friend.

"Well, then what do you say we get out of here and fix this," Sven suggested.

"Yeah, but what are we going to do about..."

"Train, that window is right above an alley and looks big enough for you to get through. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go downstairs to pay for this room, then we'll leave".

Sven left, while Eve and Train sat in silence. Train felt it would be akward to start a conversation with her after what he just tried to do.

Speaking of Sven, the green haired man burst through the door, not even five minutes after he left.

"You'll never guess who I ran into Eve? Annette is here. She told me she needed a change of scenery and came to work here. So I had an idea". Sven quickly walked over to Eve and whispered in her ear, "Look, I don't want Train worrying more than he is now, so would you like to stay here and help Annette with her work around the hotel. She promised you would get paid as well, meaning we would get more money for food and books".

Eve, excited about the idea of more books, quickly nodded. Little did they know, Train, whose hearing became stronger after he transformed, could hear every word Sven said. He did agree that it would be better for Eve to stay, but he didn't want it to be because of him. Still, he had to act like he hadn't heard a word or Sven would start lecturing him again.

Train lifted his head when he heard his name had been called.

"Look, Eve is going to stay here and work with my friend Annette, so while we are away, at least one of us will be getting paid". Train just smiled, nodding his head.

"So I'm going to head downstairs, pay for the room, and meet you in the alleyway outside. Sound good?" Train nodded his head again and Sven left the room, grabbing his suitcase. Train stood up, again, crouching so he wouldn't go through the ceiling, opened the window and got ready to jump out, but stopped. He turned back to look at Eve, who was walking over to him.

"Uh, look. About what happened earlier, I'm sorry, okay. I wasn't myself and--" Train was cut off again. 'Damn, can't I finish a sentence around here', he thought to himself. Eve grabbed Trains arm and gave it a squeeze. After she let go, Train reached his arm around her and pulled her close to him, giving her a slight hug. Ever since the trio started working together, Train had started to care for Eve, looking at her like a little sister.

"Take care of yourself Princess, hopefully when I get back, I won't look like this. Oh, and close the window after I leave," Train said, letting go of her and jumping out of the window. The jump wasn't far down, but he would have been hurt if he jumped from that same window in his human form. Through his sensitive hearing, he heard the window close seconds after he landed. He noticed night had fell and most of the residents had probably gone home.

"Ready t-?" Train looked behind him and saw Sven standing at the end of the alley, which wasn't far from the black beast. Train realized what made Sven stop. This was the first time Train was outside after his transformation, thus he wasn't cramped. Sven slowly made his way toward Train, finally stopping when he was in front of his friend. Sven only came up to Trains stomach.

"Ha, who's the taller one now?" Train asked, sticking out his tongue.

"Oh, grow up. This'll be over before you know it and then you'll be back to normal". Sven said turning around and walking out of the alley.

"Yeah, but until then, I get to tease you," Train said, following after Sven, both fading into the night.

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