I was sitting on my bed, reading a magazine I found lying on the kitchentable. I wasn't really interested in the articles, but I had to kill the time. Two more hours and Edward would climb through my window. I smiled at that thought, but I still had those two hours to fill, before he would show up. Oh what to do, what to do… I tossed away the magazine and got up to walk around in my room. Maybe I would take a shower. Or a bath. Yes I would take a bath.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom. 10 minutes later I was lying in a warm, steaming bad. Yes, I should remember this the next time I would be waiting for him. I could feel my whole body relax in the water. At a certain point, my eyes were starting to drift close. Time to get out. I pulled the plug and got out of the tub. I grabbed my towel and headed back to my room.

I used an old shirt and sweatpants for PJ's. I went to brush my teeth and comb my wet hair.

One hour and 15 minutes left. I turned on the cd-player and laid down in my bed. My eyes were starting to drift close again, encouraged by the mellow pianomusic playing in the background.

I woke up to a cold touch on my face. I opened my eyes and stared right in to Edwards magnificient golden vampire eyes. 'Hello', I said, and a smile appeared on my face.

'Hello love', he whispered and returned the smile.

'How was the hunt?', I asked, to be honest only half-interested. I was more interested in showing him that I had missed him. 'Fine, Emmet and I had a nice catch', he grinned.

His fingers traced the lines of my face and I snuggled closer to him.

'I missed you', I whispered. 'I missed you too', he answered.

'I don't think we are normal', I said in a soft voice. 'And why is that?', he asked a bit amused.

'Because you were away for only a few hours and I was so bored. It seems I can only entertain myself in your company. But that's ok, I like being in your company.', I smiled.

'You are right. That isn't very normal. But I also like to be in your company. How can I entertain you now, to make up for those past boring hours?', a suggestive smile flashed across his face.

'The same way as usual', I grinned. 'Alright miss. Anything to make you happy'.

He lifted my chin and brushed his lips over mine.

More more more more more, my body demanded more. My arms slid up around his neck and my hands knotted in his hair. I pressed myself lightly against him and kissed his lips again.

His fingers ran along my face, my troath, my shoulders, my arms and lingered on my waist. He wound his arms around me and kissed me more fiercely. Yummy yummy yummy, keep it coming! That was my body talking, not my brains. I don't think I had brains at this very moment. So without thinking about it, I slid one of my legs between his and intertwined them. He broke off the kiss and looked at me with a stern face. 'Bella..', he started.

But I just shushed him and kissed him again. I could feel his restraint, but when he noticed that I didn't go any further, he relaxed. A little.

After a good 20 minutes he backed away a little. 'You know you have to go to sleep, don't you?', he asked with an amused look on his face when I tried to get his face back on mine.

'I know, but not yet. I'm not done.', I said, seeking his lips again.

'Alright missy, 5 more minutes and then I want you on your way to dreamland.' He acted like he was reading me a bedtime story and I was whining for one more chapter.

I groaned, but I could feel the sleep coming in, so I just kissed him the best I could before he tugged me in and made me go to sleep. He still held me in his cool arms and for some reason I dreamed of the North Pole that night.