Authors Note: On my profile says all my apologies and when I am going to update on my stories. But I do want to say sorry for the long update ): School is a pain in a ass so please be patient with me. If you guys are lucky, I may even post another chapter to this story tomorrow ;]

For the past 2 weeks, Troy and Gabriella have had a busy schedule. With them both working on their upcoming movies at the same time, they haven't had much time to do much except work. One day Gabriella would be on the set filming a scene, since she was the main character, and the next day she would be on Troy's movie set keeping an eye on Cameron. Sometime she would work over night at the set while Troy was at home with Cameron, or they would just leave Cameron with their nanny.

Troy and Gabriella weren't a fan of getting a nanny at first. The thought of having someone else watch your own child grow up is very strange and saddening. They never wanted to miss a minute of Cameron's life but sometimes it had to be done whether they liked it or not. Luckily, their nanny was very sweet and kind. His, yes it was a male nanny, name is Sandy (Friends ;]) He was gentle, funny and great with kids. He's been their nanny for a year and a half now and was always there whenever Troy or Gabriella needed him. On a last minute notice, he would still be willing to come and watch Cameron for as long as needed. That's why Troy and Gabriella loved him.

Anyways, today was nearly over and it was already 8:30pm. Cameron had been with Sandy all day and Troy was told to go directly home after work, by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale ;) So Troy parked in the driveway of his Californian home and exited the car. He noticed Sharpay's car was in his driveway also, not to his surprise, and he walked inside the house.

Inside, Troy stepped in, putting the clatter of papers and electronics down on the side table of the hallway. Shocked, Troy noticed the lights were dimmed, while the curtains were pulled down loosely. He walked further into the house and saw that the patio doors were opened wide, along with a rose petal trail that led out. Behind him, he heard the front door slam shut followed by a thump of objects placed down on a surface. He then heard heels clicking against the solid wood floors and soon enough, Gabriella appeared behind him, surprised also.

"Wh-what'sthis?" Gabriella questioned looking at Troy shocked. Troy looked down at her as well and shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know. I came home a few minutes before you," Troy answered. It was only a few seconds later when they saw Sharpay appear before them, a smirk playing on her lips.

"Well, well, if it isn't the two love birds," Sharpay greeted, walking up to the couple.

"What did you do, Sharpay?" Troy asked, looking at her confused.

"It seems that it's that time of the year where you two are both working hectic hours on the set. Which also means you two don't have time for each other," Sharpay pointed out.

"Yeah, it happens Sharpay," Gabriella added, sassily, still a little annoyed from work.

"Well that's why I set you two up a romantic dinner outside," Sharpay announced, excited with herself.

"Seriously?!" Gabriella questioned, a small smile starting to form on her lips. Being the hopeless romantic woman she is, she always loved to have little romantic nights with Troy.

"Yep! It's all set up. I've been working on this the whole entire day. I even got Sandy to help me," Sharpay explained.

"Wow, do you have anything else better to do?" Troy teased, smiling a bit.

"Oh, you'll thank me later Bolton. Now, you two just go outside in your backyard and enjoy a special night together," Sharpay ordered, pushing them both towards the patio.

"Wait! What about Cameron?!" Gabriella exclaimed, not wanting to leave Cameron with Sandy for 24 hours.

"He's at your parents house and he's staying the night. You guys will have to pick him up sometime tomorrow morning, though," Sharpay answered.

"You do know we both have separate movies to film, right?" Troy questioned, as Sharpay rolled her eyes. They act as if she hasn't thought this situation over.

"You don't work on Saturdays! I checked, don't worry! Now enough questions, you two need your alone time together," Sharpay stated, finally standing by the patio doors with Troy and Gabriella.

"Fine, fine, fine," Troy replied, annoyed with Sharpay's demands.

"Thanks Shar," Gabriella thanked, pulling her into a small girl hug. Sharpay hugged back and pulled away a couple of seconds later.

"No problem, sweetie. But, uh, just saying I left you two a pack of condoms on the bedside table," Sharpay whispered as Gabriella giggled, silently.

"Thank you, we were running low," Gabriella joked, as Sharpay chuckled.

"Honey, I just figured since you two haven't had sex in a month, you would need your, uh, 'alone time'," Sharpay quoted as Gabriella looking at her friend, shocked.

"Sharpay!" Gabriella shirked.

"Hmm, I think that's my cue to go before I get slapped," Sharpay said in a hurry as she quickly grabbed her purse from the counter and ran out the door.

"Call me later, Gabs!" Sharpay yelled before shutting the door behind her. Gabriella quickly went over to the door and locked it before returning over back to Troy who was standing by the back doors smiling at her.

"My whole night with a sexy girl, huh? Sounds about right," Troy teased, as Gabriella walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"I figured you would enjoy it," Gabriella added, bringing Troy's body close to hers'.

"You know me a bit too well," Troy teased, dipping Gabriella's body down and kissing her lips sweetly. Gabriella smiled into the kiss, and pulled back when she felt herself being lifted from the ground and into a muscular, tight, grip. She opened her eyes and pulled back from the kiss, seeing Troy was carrying her bridal style and walking towards the stairwell.

"Troy! No! Not yet!" Gabriella yelled as Troy rolled his eyes. Gabriella kicked her feet in his arms, which made Troy gently place her down on the ground.

"Baby, c'mon! It's been a whole month!" Troy pointed out, desperately.

"I know baby, I know, but Sharpay has spent a lot of time organizing this dinner for us so I suggest we go and appreciate it," Gabriella explained, as Troy sighed, impatiently.

"Fine," Troy muttered, walking outside to the patio.

Outside on the patio, stood a table set for two. The table was set underneath the outside canopy, while the white sheer drapes blew gently in the breeze. The table had an elegant red table cloth, which hung from the sides, and on the surface stood a big white candle in the middle along with flower petals that decorated the area around and on the table. The chairs were a dark wood color, and a small sheet of paper sat on each chair, calmly. Troy and Gabriella looked at the paper, confused of what they would be. They went to their separate sides of the table and picked up the paper lying on top of the cushion of the chair.

On Troy's paper, was a little drawing of a lop-sided heart and a few scribbled letters. Troy smiled, knowing who could've drawn the picture, and tried his best to read the letter written on the paper. It read: Have fun with mommy I love you. Troy smiled and guessed it took a few tries to get Cameron to spell everything correctly, especially his name. He then set the paper down on the table before settling in his seat across from Gabriella.

On Gabriella's paper, was a similar picture to Troy's, except it read: I love you mommy and I hope you have fun with daddy. Gabriella grinned and set the piece of paper down on the table. She then sat down opposite of Troy and looked at him.

"I'm starving," Gabriella complained, looking down at the plate of food in front of her. She lifted up the cover over the plate and saw that it was a piece of grilled chicken with some veggies and mashed potatoes.

"Oh, god, I love Sharpay," Gabriella replied, digging her spoon into the pool of food. Troy then cleared his throat, which caused Gabriella to look at him.

"What?" Gabriella asked, stuffing the food down her mouth.

"Who else do you love?" Troy asked, pointing towards himself, conceitedly.

"Cameron," Gabriella finished, with a smirk, swallowing down the food.

"Oh, well in that case why don't you call him up and ask him to come here to eat dinner with you," Troy joked along, as Gabriella smiled at him. She then stood from her seat and walked over to Troy and sat down on his lap.

"Aww, is someone jealous?" Gabriella teased, wrapping her arms around Troy's neck and kissing his lips softly.

"Why, yes, yes I am," Troy mumbled, pulling back from the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist before leaning up and capturing his lips with Gabriela's again.

Gabriella kissed back, as usual, and nestled her hands into Troy's mob of hair. She felt Troy's lips tingle against hers and opened her mouth to allow Troy's tongue access. Troy happily accepted this request and let his tongue flick Gabriella's tongue, playfully. Gabriella smiled into the kiss before smacking her tongue against Troy's playfully, also. It wasn't long before Troy and Gabriella's tongues dwelled against each other in a heated battle, but soon enough they had to pull back for air. They pulled back breathlessly and looked into each other's eyes. Sapphire blue meeting chocolate brown. Gabriella let a small smile form on her lips before quickly pecking Troy's lips again.

"Let's eat now, before I completely lose control and have sex with you right here on the table," Gabriella announced as Troy smirked.

"You know, that doesn't sound bad," Troy added, as Gabriella rolled her eyes at him.


During dinner, when most of the food Troy and Gabriella ate was nearly gone, Gabriella sat on Troy's lap and ate while Troy held on arm around her waist and the other feeding them both. Occasionally they would steal a kiss or too but nothing too wild, yet. With Gabriella still on Troy's lap, they looked over at the part of the table where a delicious pecan pie sat. Troy grabbed the dessert and cut a slice before taking a fork and putting the piece of pie down his throat.

"Mmm, that's good pie," Troy hummed.

"Let me try!" Gabriella added, as Troy fed her a piece. Gabriella closed her eyes in delight and sighed. It's been a long time before she has had anything this good. Usually, Cameron would hog any sweet desert she was eating like his father.

"That's good pie," Gabriella commented as Troy brushed a strand of hair from Gabriella's neck, allowing a nice view of her coffee colored flesh.

"Mmhmm," Troy mumbled, leaning in and placing a small kiss on Gabriella's neck. Gabriella's arms held Troy's head in it as she felt her body tingle with pleasure. She then arched her neck back a little, allowing Troy more access. He smirked before leaning in again and this time placing more of a suck on her neck. Gabriella moaned, softly, at his touch and then let her eye lids flutter close. Troy's tongue glided on the side on Gabriella's neck as it drew an imaginary line on the flesh. When he stopped his tongue at the tip of her neck that he could reach, he suckled on it harshly causing a moan to escape Gabriella's mouth. Troy's lips then kissed its way back down to her shoulder where he placed a tender kiss on it and gently nibbled on it.

Gabriella's eyes were shut tight and her mouth was slightly open. Her hips were moving in hungrily in Troy's lap, causing him to get hard. Soon enough, her position on Troy went from sitting on his lap to straddling him down on the chair. She kissed him on the mouth, tenderly, and bucked her hips everytime Troy would kiss or touch her. It was to the point where Gabriella was basically dry humping him.

Troy couldn't last much longer. His erection was clearly noticeable and his pants were probably going to burst open if he didn't get them off of his body soon. He quickly wrapped his arms around Gabriella's ass and stood up with her still attached to his hips. He then led his way up to the bedroom, crashing into a wall or two on the way. The stairs were pure torture trying to get up due to the steep steps. Troy even tripped over a stair or fiveā€¦.. Gabriella looked down at Troy's feet and then looked back at Troy.

"You better run up the stairs because I don't think I can last much longer," Gabriella complained as Troy grumbled.

"Well, I'm sorry do you want to carry me all the way upstairs?" Troy suggested, sarcastically a little annoyed with Gabriella telling him to be faster.

"No," Gabriella answered, quirking her eyebrows together, seeing if that was the answer Troy wanted. On their wedding day, Troy made Gabriella carry him all the way to their room.

"Then stop rushing me! Or no sex tonight," Troy warned as Gabriella opened her mouth offended.

"Excuse me? I think it's very clear you want to have sex more than me," Gabriella pointed out referring to Troy's erection. Troy looked down, embarrassed, and then blushed slightly. She had a point. He was so aroused when Gabriella always made snappy comments towards him. It just showed her independent side, in which Troy loved and tried to fight the urge not to do 'it' with her everytime he was aroused. Gabriella then grabbed his head and forced it up towards her mouth in a fiery, passionate way. Troy, stunned by the kiss, then continued his way up towards the stairs quickly.

Finally up on the top level of the household, Troy ran down the hallway to the master bedroom and slammed the door shut, behind him.