"You poor girl," whispered Carlisle as he watched the girl writhing in pain on the bed. "I'm so sorry, I should never have bitten you." He wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, but when he'd found her lying beaten and broken on the ground in the ally practically starved to death he felt compelled to save her in the only way he knew how. He knew that by leaving her human and trying to care for her that way she would surely die. He'd seen cases like hers before after all, but hers seemed to call out to him in a way the others hadn't.

Now he had to wait while the venom spread through the young girl's system. He didn't even know her name, but he hoped that she would. He wasn't even sure he had done it right! All he knew of his own transformation was that the vampire had bitten him and it took three days before he could calm down enough to emerge from the potatoes. "I suppose only time will tell." So he waited it out and watched as she writhed silently in the bed.

Sure enough, three days later her heart stopped and her eyes opened. She looks around and when she sees Carlisle she jumps up in surprise and hisses at him. "No, I'm not going to hurt you miss, I'm here to help you. My name is Carlisle Cullen." The girl stops and looks at Carlisle with a confused expression before sniffing the air around her delicately.

"C-carlisle?" she asks quietly.

"Yes may I ask for your name?"

"I don't know my name," she admits.

"Is there a name you would like me to call you?" asks Carlisle. He really didn't want to refer to her as 'the girl' or miss if he didn't have to.

"I have no ideas in mind, what would you like to call me?" she asks. She was so calm for a newborn! She should have smelled the humans that were walking the streets below the apartment! He should be doing everything in his power to restrain her! Yet, here they were having a civilized conversation. Carlisle was astonished.

"May I call you Isabella? Bella for short," says Carlisle. She seemed to take the name into consideration before nodding with a small smile.

"Okay, Bella it is."

Next in Carlisle's family was Edward followed by Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, then Jasper and Alice had come on their own. Carlisle had married Esme, Rosalie married Emmett, and Jasper and Alice were married as well leaving Bella and Edward to be single.

Bella still remembered when Carlisle had brought him home from the hospital five years after Bella had been born. "Bella, this is Edward Masen, he'll be joining our little family," says Carlisle as he laid Edward on the bed.

"Why?" asks Bella as she watched Edward yell and writhe in pain. He was awfully loud for a human. He had copper colored hair and when his eyes opened for a brief moment they were the color of emeralds. She supposed he was good looking for a human, but why would Carlisle want to put up with another newborn? She was well behaved as a newborn, but Carlisle couldn't get that lucky twice…could he?

"Both of his parents have died of the Spanish influenza and his mother asked me to save him. It was her dying wish. Besides, you're probably lonely here all by yourself all day," says Carlisle as he worked to make Edward as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

"I'm not lonely," insists Bella.

"Well you're still getting a brother. He's seventeen and I need you to watch him while I go back to the hospital and tell them that I'm taking a few days off," says Carlisle before leaving. Bella looks down at Edward in distaste. She didn't need a brother to complicate her life anymore than it already was, but it was Carlisle's wish so she'd put up with him.

Esme was next and Bella accepted her more readily than she had Edward. She knew that Carlisle had intended to make Esme her mate just as Carlisle had intended to make Edward hers. The only difference was that there was no way she would become Edward's mate, but Carlisle and Esme had a chance. The only reason she even knew about Carlisle's intentions with Edward was because Edward had told her. He was a mind reader, but he couldn't read her mind and for that she was glad. She liked her privacy.

She liked Edward, that wasn't the problem, she just wasn't interested in him as anything more than a friend or brother. In the few years they'd been together Edward was nothing but good to her and Carlisle and Bella wasn't petty. She liked having Edward around, they were close, and they had a bond, almost like twins.

After Esme, Carlisle made another attempt at playing cupid by biting Rosalie Hale in New York in the year 1933. By now Bella was 20 years old Edward was 15 and Esme was 12. Rosalie was meant for Edward, but Edward wasn't interested in her in the least. Bella had to ignore her smugness at he idea that he wasn't interested in her. Two years later Rosalie brought Emmett McCarty to Carlisle in hopes that he would change him for her. By now Edward and Bella were in school, Bella was studying mythology while Edward studied to become a doctor.

When Bella had gotten home and saw Emmett lying on the couch she was surprised by how big he was. Rosalie told her a bear mauled him and she had to admit that she was surprised he'd lost. A man that size should have mauled the bear! It hadn't taken long for the two of them to fall madly in love and get married.

Things were quiet for a while after that and Carlisle swore he was done making vampires for the time being. He figured our family was big enough. Bella noticed how Esme would always watch Edward and her whenever she was in the same room with one or both of them. She obviously thought they were lonely since they didn't have mates, but they didn't care.

Bella still remembered the day the doorbell rang. Carlisle and Esme had been surprised, as had she. Edward was out so Bella was actually lonely for once. "Bella!" calls Carlisle from the front door. Bella was there in a second and when she reached the door she found two vampires standing in the threshold. "Bella, this is Alice and Jasper, they'll be joining the family. Please show them around and help them get settled." Bella nods and motion for them to follow her before walking up the stairs.

"It's nice to meet you Bella," chirps Alice happily as they follow her up the steps.

"Umm…sure…likewise I guess," she says as she reaches the top floor.

"I already know we're going to be best friends!" says Alice excitedly.

"No one can know that," she says as she opens Edward's bedroom door.

"You'll be surprised by what Alice knows," says Jasper as they walk into the room. It was the only available space the house until Edward got back.

"This is Edward's room. He's not here so you can use it until he decides he wants to show up again," she says. Edward was going through a rebellious phase again. This time he hunted animals, but he tended to leave without telling anyone and arrive unannounced. He took his car this time so he probably wouldn't be back anytime soon.

"Good, that gives us a week to get settled," says Alice with such sureness to her that Bella couldn't seem to doubt her.

"Alice can see the future," says Jasper.

"Psychic huh? Well Edward's a mind reader so don't be surprised if you can't keep anything from him," says Bella walking over to the windows and opening one of them to let in some fresh air.

"Jazzy here can manipulate emotions," says Alice proudly.

"I can block Edward's mind reading ability," she says with a shrug.

"How do you do that?" asks Alice amazed.

"It's not hard…actually, I don't even have to think about it," says Bella with a shrug. Alice gets a devious look on her face and Bella knew she was scheming something.

"This is going to be totally great! Oh the thrills we can have!" says Alice happily while practically jumping up and down.

Just as Alice had predicted Edward had come back a week later and was shocked to find all of his stuff in the garage. Everyone was a little tense as they waited to see how he would react. Edward had a temper sometimes. Alice was the only one who seemed unworried as he pulled into the driveway and then stomped into the living room.

"What's my stuff doing in the garage?" demands Edward.

"Hi, my name is Alice and this is Jasper!" After that Edward calmed down and looked at Alice and Jasper for a moment before turning and walking back towards the door.

"Bella, help me move my stuff to your room," he says matter-of-factly.

This is how our family came to be. Now it was the year 2005 and we were living in Forks Washington again. Carlisle was going to be a doctor and Esme was a stay at home mom while the rest of us started high school. Alice, Edward, and Bella were starting out as Freshmen, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper were sophomores. Emmett, Alice, and Edward were Cullens while Bella was a Platt and Rosalie and Jasper were Hales. The story was that Edward, Emmett, and Alice were adopted by Carlisle while Rosalie and Jasper were foster kids and Bella was Esme's brother's daughter that she took in when her brother and his wife died.

It was all complicated, but it had worked before. Now we would begin our lives in Forks Washington. Bella had a feeling this would be an interesting year.

End chapter

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