I hadn't left the room since Kate had suggested that I might want a mate. She'd also suggested that my mate might be closer to me than I think which got me thinking that she meant that my mate was someone I knew, but Carlisle had a lot of friends and most of which weren't vegetarians. Some of Carlisle's male friends had shown interest in me just as the females—such as Tanya—had shown an interest in Edward especially since we were the only single Cullens.

Was it any of the male vampires that Carlisle was friends with? As I thought about each one I realized that they weren't it. While they were good friends that was all they were. Then I thought about the Volturi. Carlisle had taken me to see Aro, Caius, and Marcus when it was just the two of us. I wasn't attracted to any of them or the guard for that matter. While Felix was my favorite member of the guard—he reminded me of Emmett with his size and playfulness—I wasn't interested in him as a mate.

Since those two options were out I decided to try the Cullens. Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle were taken, and while I loved all three of them it was purely as my brothers and father. Even when I was first made and it was just Carlisle and I, I had felt no attraction towards Carlisle. Sure, he was handsome, anyone could see that, but I didn't want him like that. Emmett was Rosalie's from the start and he was like a big brother to me and while I loved him it was as my brother. Jasper was the same—only he was with Alice not Rosalie.

That left Edward.

Edward came soon after my transformation at his mother's request that Carlisle save him in the way that only he could. At first I hadn't liked Edward; I had felt that Carlisle and I were enough by ourselves, especially when I realized that he could read minds. I was relieved that he couldn't read mine. I still remember the first thing he'd said to me.

I was sitting in my room reading a book about psychology when there was a knock on my door. "Come in," I murmur as I mark my place in the book and close it. I wasn't surprised when Edward had walked in since Carlisle was working.

"Hello," says Edward looking around my room. There wasn't much just a desk, bookcase, and wardrobe. I didn't feel the need to have a lot of things like other people.

"Hi," I say motioning towards the window seat. Edward walks over to it and sits down looking out the window at the bustling city. We'd just moved here and we planned to stay here for a while.

"What are you doing?" asks Edward looking at the book on my desk.

"Just reading one of Carlisle's books," I said. Edward didn't say anything for a while and went back to looking back out the window. I sigh heavily and wait for Edward to say something.

"So what's your story?" asks Edward suddenly.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Your past. How did you become a vampire?" asks Edward. I shrug my shoulders and look out the window just as it starts to rain.

"I don't know. Carlisle said he found me and it looked like I had been abused and starved. He didn't think I was going to live much longer and decided to change me instead. Then he named me Isabella and here I am," I explain.

"Where did he find you?" asks Edward looking at me.

"Port Angeles, Washington," I say. "He said that he'd checked me over first and it appeared that I was raped, but I was also beaten, but by the looks of my wounds, I'd been beaten long before I was raped. Not to mention I was dehydrated and malnourished. So I apparently came from an abusive home."

"Perhaps it's a good thing you don't remember then," says Edward. I nod and look into Edward's crimson eyes. I suddenly remembered that they had been green before he was changed. A beautiful green, like none I had ever seen before. Suddenly Edward didn't seem so bad anymore.

"Is that why you came here, to question me about my past?"

"No, I came to ask you why you don't like me," says Edward. His response surprised me. Had I really been that obvious? I knew he was a mind reader, and I knew he couldn't read my mind, so it must have been something else. Edward seemed to notice the expression on my face. "You don't speak to me, and when you do it's only because I've asked you something or Carlisle has sent you to tell me something. You go out of your way to avoid me. I may not be able to read your thoughts, but I'm not blind."

"I'm sorry, it's not that I don't like you, it's just that I don't understand why Carlisle felt the need to create you. I guess I'm also a little jealous of the attention that you're receiving, it's shallow, I know, but I've just gotten so used to it being Carlisle and I," I admit, embarrassed.

"Carlisle created me at my mother's request. He also did it in hopes of giving you a companion for when he's at work," says Edward.

"I was never lonely," I whisper not meeting Edward's gaze.

"He was also thinking that you might want a mate," whispers Edward. It sounded like he wanted to blush and when I looked up at him he looked like he was, but without the red in his cheeks.

"I apologize, but I'm not interested in a mate right now, but I promise to be nicer to you. I should have given you a chance, Edward, you seem like a nice guy, even for a blood craved newborn," I say with a grin causing Edward to chuckle.

That was the first time I took the time to actually notice Edward, and I was glad that I had. He was a great friend to have, and we were inseparable for long time. Until Edward went on one of his rebellious phases that is. He'd asked me to go with him, and experience what a vampire was supposed to be like, but I hadn't wanted that. So I told him that I'd be with Carlisle and Esme when he came to his senses and decided to come home.

"You don't know what you're missing though," insists Edward as he threw a shirt in a bag.

"And I don't want to know, Edward. I like this life, and I don't want to go hunting down humans. What are Esme and Carlisle going to think?" I ask.

"They told me to come home whenever I wanted, but they'd miss me," says Edward tossing some pants into the bag with the shirt.

"I'll miss you Edward, and you don't have to do this. You're a good guy with a conscience, I don't want to see you feeling guilty for killing humans," I say.

"I won't," insists Edward. I sigh heavily and toss him a jacket.

"Well I'll be here. Come home when you decide you've had enough," I say. For some reason it broke my heart that Edward was going to leave. I didn't want to see him go, but I wasn't going to watch him slaughter innocent humans either.

"The world could use less bad humans, and I'm going to do just that," says Edward.

"Hunt the bad humans?" I ask incredulously.

"I can read their minds. I'll pick out the criminals and only go after them. Then I won't feel so guilty when I hunt them down," says Edward as he put the jacket on.

"That's ridiculous. Criminals or not they're still human and you're going to feel guilty. Maybe not for killing them, but for going against everything Carlisle has taught you," I say causing Edward to snort.

"I doubt it," says Edward as he zips up his bag.

"Well I don't. I know you, Edward, and you're going to feel guilty," I say before walking out of Edward's room and going to my own. As I was sitting on my sofa reading a book there's a light knock on my door. "Come in."

Edward walks in carrying his bag. "I'm going now," whispers Edward.

"Okay," I say as I close my book and sit it on the couch next to me. Edward walks over to me and lays his bag down on the floor before grabbing my hand and pulling me into his arms.

"I'll miss you, Bella," whispers Edward. I suddenly wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

"I'll still be here to welcome you back. So don't be gone long, and keep in touch," I whisper brokenly.

"I will," whispers Edward before kissing my cheek and picking up his bag. And then he was gone and I was left standing in my room feeling more lonely than ever before.

With a shock I realize that the empty feeling I had felt whenever I was away from Edward was because I loved him, and I always had. Just as the realization hit I heard the doorbell ring. "Edward! Welcome!" says Tanya cheerfully.

Without really thinking about it I ran down the stairs to the front room, where Kate and Irina were standing watching the doorway where Edward and Tanya would be entering. I look over at Kate who catches my eye and grins before winking. I was never so happy in all of my life that vampires couldn't blush.

Then Tanya and Edward did walk into the room and my breathing hitched. If my heart had been beating I'm sure it would have been trying to escape my chest. I had never been so happy to see Edward in all my life.

"Hey Edward," says Irina.

"Hey Edward, where's everyone else?" asks Kate with a grin.

"My family is still home. They wanted me to come and see if I couldn't get Bella to come home," says Edward looking at me. I wasn't sure what to say so I kept my mouth shut.

Then Tanya walked up to Edward and wrapped her arms around his waist causing me to stiffen. "Why don't you stay for a little while first?" suggests Tanya.

"Of course, I came to see you all as well," says Edward. I knew he wasn't oblivious to her flirting, but damn it he could at least step away from Tanya and tell her to back off!

"You should visit more often," murmurs Tanya suggestively. "You could share my room."

I couldn't take it anymore! Tanya was always flirting with Edward and she knew he wasn't interested, but Edward was also too much of a gentleman to tell her off properly. In my anger I go back up to my room and slam the door hard enough to shake the house, but not hurt the door. I needed it to work after all and Carlisle wouldn't want to buy them a new door.

I wasn't going to come out until Edward got up the nerve to tell Tanya how he felt.

End Chapter

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