Note: My friend and I wrote this one together. I think it's ideal for an opening sketch, one that doesn't have too much meaning or make too much sense, and then you hear the bass come in for the themesong. Just picture it. .

Kevin is out jogging in the park when he notices a soda vending machine, lit up and working. He thinks this quite odd, but he's very exhausted, so he slows down to a stop to get something from it. He's soaked with sweat. Checking the price, he sees it says "50 cents" so he takes out two quarters. He's about to insert them into the machine when he notices the sign:

"Accepts Pennies Only."

He thinks this quite odd as well, but he now has his mind set on that soda. Suddenly he hears someone yelling across the park.

"Pennies! Get your pennies here!" Dave yells from his small vendor cart at the other end of the park, dressed in an adoreable little hot-dog vendor - type out-fit.

Kevin jogs over, and hears Dave more clearly.

"Get your pennies! 50 pennies for just one dollar! Wow whatta bargain!"

By this time Kevin has reached the cart. Astonished at the whole scenario, he shakes his head in disbelief. However, he turns around to look again at the tempting picture of the Coke bottle on the vending machine. He hands Dave the dollar, and Dave hands him a bag of pennies, and smiles with a cheerful "Thank you, sir!!"

Kevin jogs half way to the vending machine, and walks the other half. Completely warn out he sighs and begins taking the pennies out and putting them in the machine, one at a time.

He turns around to see Dave and Mark(dressed in the same out-fit as Dave), giggling to themselves. Kevin sighs again but continues putting in the pennies.

--- cue theme song ---