Sunset Confession

Zakuro Mitsukai had a crush on a guy who had bad luck. This guy's name was Sakura Kusakabe and he had an angel with him. An angel who killed him 5x a day and this angel was Zakuro. Zakuro was jealous of her sister because her sister was also in love with Sakura and he paid more attention to her sister than Zakuro. One day she decided to do something about it.

" Hi Sakura," said Zakuro.

" Hi Zakuro," he said.

" I wanted to ask you something?" she asked kinda nervous.

" Yes what it is?" he asked.

" I wanted to know if you would like to go to the movies?" she asked.

" Sure it's not like I have anything else to do," he said.

" Yay lets go!" she yelled.

10 min.

" Are you ready to go?" he asked.

" Yes I'm coming," she said.

" Okay lets go," he said.

2 hrs. later

" That was a great movie," she said while holding his hand and blushing slightly.

" Yeah I guess it was," he said also blushing.

" Do you want to do something else?" he asked.

" Can we go to the waterfall?" she asked. ( You know from ep.1 from the second season)

" Sure," he said.

At the waterfall

It was just know sunset making the scenery around the waterfall look amazing and giving Zakuro thr perfect time to ask him what she wanted to ask him the entire time they were out.

" Sakura do you have someone you like?" she asked now blushing even more than normal.

" What?!" he asked while yelling slightly.

" I just wanted to know because I know someone who likes you," Zakuro said.

" Really who?!" he asked.

" I'll tell you if answer my question," she said.

" Well I did, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me," he said slightly sad.

" I'm sorry," she said feeling kinda sad asking him that question.

" So..." he started.

" Yes," she said.

" Who likes me?" Sakura asked.

" I-I do," she muttered quietly.

" What?" he asked.


" You like me?" he asked kinda surprised.

" Yes I do, but all you ever do is pay attention to Dokuro," she said kinda sad and hurt.

" I'm sorry," he said.

" Well lets go home," she said putting on a fake smile.

" Wait!" he yelled.

" Yes?" she asked.

" I haven't answered," he said getting closer to her.

" Answer what?" she asked.

" Your confession I havent answered to your confession," he said.

" Well what is your answer," she said looking like she already knows the answer.

" I love you too," he said pulling her into an embrace.

" WHAT!!!" she yelled.

" I love you," he said," I'm sorry for ignoring you and I only think of Dokuro as a friend and since my first love doesn't love me you were my second."

" I-I-I-I don't know what to say," she said with tears of happiness in her eyes.

" How about I answer for you," he said and then kissed her on the lips.

" I love you Sakura-kun!" she yelled happily and then they kissed each other again.

They sat there watching the sunset in each others warm embrace and they know that they would never leave each other in their life.