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As I shifted the truck into park, I grabbed my bag to sling it over my shoulder just before stepping out of the rusty old truck. It was snowing, but by the time it even hit the floor it was rain, which most girls in the parking lot were gasping and running about because it was ruining their perfect hair. As for me, I just put my hood up and began walking towards the entrance of the school, feeling a small bump against my shoulder with a shrill voice that screamed "Bella!" I quickly turned around to see Alice, a smile from ear to ear which made me cringe on the fact that she was always so happy.

"Are you okay? I heard about everything!" She screamed in my ear, causing me to shiver. I nodded slightly to give her the indication that I was all right, but she put her hand on my shoulder, hoping for words.

"I'm fine. I think it was just all a misunderstanding." I choked, nodding my head as I began walking through the hallways with her.

"Oh." She muttered, I'm sure, too pre-occupied with other things.

"Isabella!" I heard, Alice and I both spinning around to see the Principle, Mr. Stuart, gesturing for me to come to him. I looked back to Alice, smiling weakly as I rolled my eyes.

"Good luck." She said as the last bell had rung, everyone running off to their class. I walked down the almost empty hallway and towards the office.

"Hello, Isabella." Mr. Stuart said, holding the door open for me. He was very kind and gracious, but I didn't want to deal with this today. Not after what happened yesterday. I don't even want to hear it being mentioned, but undoubtedly whatever Mr. Stuart wanted was probably related to the problem.

"Bella," I corrected shortly, squeezing my way past him and into the office. My eyes widened as I saw none other than Edward sitting on the chair in the waiting area, right next to Carlisle. He didn't look up at me, and instead stared down at the ground. I felt a twinge of guilt spread through my body, which quickly erupted, spreading across from the tips of my fingers all the way down to the tips of my toes. He was in trouble. Not far from where Edward and Carlisle were sitting was Mike Newton, and a lady I presumed to be his mother.

"This way, Bella." Mr. Stuart corrected himself, and I could see Edward's face pop up. His glare stared intently at me as I walked past him, and I knew the blood under my cheeks was boiling, "Have a seat, please." Mr. Stuart said as we walked into his office. He shut the door behind him, and I could smell the scent of leather and roast beef itching at my nose as I rubbed it quickly. I sat down across from his desk, grabbing my book bag before I sat down to put it on my lap; letting out a soft sigh as I tried to distract myself while Mr. Stuart went through papers, "I see you engaged in some kind of riff yesterday at the tutoring session?"

"I wouldn't exactly call it a riff, but yes." I muttered quietly, running my fingers nervously through the tips of my hair.

"Is it true Edward Cullen punched Michael Newton in the face?" Mr. Stuart asked, looking down to his papers and back up at me as I stayed silent.

"Yes…" I finally whispered, but quickly corrected myself, "But he was just trying to protect me. Mike was getting too close. And Edward just told him to back off."

"And did Michael back off?" Mr. Stuart's eyebrow rose, and I twitched slightly at his gray hairs, running my fingers back through my own.

"No. That's why Edward punched him." I said a-matter-of-factly. Mr. Stuart looked at me quizzically, as if he suspected I was just covering for Edward. In any other case, I would be but this was true, Edward truly did save me. It's odd, looking at it from that point of view, but the truth is the truth and there is no way around it.

"And nothing else happened?" He looked at me with one gray eyebrow raised. I nodded my head quickly, pushing my back pack closer to my chest as I felt I was being interrogated. It was heinous. I've never felt this way before, and he was treating me as if I was actually lying. I guess it comes with being raised to always tell the truth, so no one ever had problems with me lying. Considering I was new here, and Mr. Stuart didn't know me as well as my last principle could be the case on why I feel so incredibly insecure.

"All right, but if anything else comes to your mind, please let me know." Mr. Stuart said, calming my nerves. My muscles relaxed, but still I tensed at the thought of what may or may not happen to Edward.

"Mr. Stuart, if you don't mind my asking, where does this put Edward?" I asked, biting onto my bottom lip nervously as my hands connected together, against my book bag.

"Its official school business, but I can assure you, you're savior will not be prosecuted." He smiled brightly, easing some of the nerves, but not all.

"He'll still get in trouble, won't he?" I asked quietly, slouching in my chair, "Please, Mr. Stuart, you have to understand…" I began rambling, but I couldn't help it. I didn't want Edward to get in trouble for saving me, "He was merely just helping me, really. He doesn't deserve to be punished. If anything, put the punishment on me. I'd rather take it then him."

Mr. Stuart grazed the small gray hairs on his chin with his fingers, looking at me with his hazel eyes. He knew I was troubled, and let out a soft blow of breath, "Miss. Swan, Edward Cullen has a reputation around here. It's nothing against you, and it's not that we can't take your word for it, but this isn't the first time Mr. Cullen has done something like this. And since we have no seeable proof, he'll have to take some time out." I nodded, glancing down to my bitten fingernails just before standing up from the chair my hand setting on the knob of the door, "It'll only be a week, Miss. Swan." He murmured.

I stared down at the doorknob and decided not to say anything else. I twisted the doorknob, opening the door and walking out, not taking a look back to Edward as I passed the different seats, setting my hand on the doorknob of the office to the hallway. It opened before I twisted it, my mouth producing a loud gasp as I saw Esme in front of me, "I'm so sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to startle you." She smiled, setting her hand to my back.

"No, it's all right." I gasped, pressing my hand to my chest to reconcile myself. Esme looked over my shoulder, I'm sure to see Edward and Carlisle, but instead of moving out of my way, she took my hand and dragged me to the hallway, glancing over my shoulder once again and then back at me.

"Bella, I have a favor to ask of you. And if it's too much, please don't feel obligated to accept it." She said, and I kept quiet, looking up to her brown eyes as she stared down at me, "Though Edward is suspended for two weeks…"

"A week." I corrected her quickly, watching as her eyes slightly widened.

"A week?" She questioned, looking a bit stunned, "I could have sworn Mr. Stuart said two weeks."

"I was just talking to him. Gave him my side of the story," I whispered softly, shrugging my shoulders, "It's just one week."

Esme had a giant smile on her face, her breathing slightly easing up as she set her hand onto my shoulder, "You are one of a kind, Bella. Really. I'm sure Edward would appreciate that." She smiled brightly, and I returned it, it being slightly weaker though, "I was hoping you could come over to Carlisle's tonight, to still tutor Edward. And since he'll be missing the whole week, you'll be able to catch him up. Remember – You don't have to do it. I understand if you wouldn't."

I contemplated her offer for a moment, taking in a deep breath as I looked her dead in the eye. I finally looked behind me and through the open door where Edward stared straight down on the ground. I looked back to her with a nod, "I'll do it."

"Thank you so much, Isabella." Esme cheered. I was going to correct her, but what's the point now? I just shrugged my shoulders, smiling at her as a 'you're welcome' and went about it my way.


I heard that unfaithful door swing open, my eyes squinting as I moved uncomfortably in the chair, "Mr. Cullen." His voice was like fucking nails on a chalk board. Who knew what Bella said to Mr. Stuart, maybe just to save her own ass? Carlisle tapped my shoulder, and I stood up with him, walking into the office that I was too well-known with. I sat uncomfortably in the chair, dipping my fingers into my hair to ease my nerves. Esme told me I'd only get one week the other day, but when Mr. Stuart examined the whole situation he was planning on giving me a month's worth just like Newton. Carlisle told me if I got a month's worth, my life would go down the fucking drain. I'd be grounded for even longer than being suspended. Stupid prick.

Mr. Stuart looked through his papers, as if he was trying to act like he knew what he was fucking doing. Why couldn't he just tell me my punishment like every other fucking principle and that'd be it? Must he linger around this tortured moment? Just tell me, so I can get the fuck out of here and start my year long grounding, "Going under the circumstances of what really happened," Mr. Stuart began, and then stopping as he gazed to the paper work. Get on with it you fucking douche, "You will be getting…" He paused again to just fucking make me go insane.

"Just tell me. A f—," I quickly stopped myself, trying to avoid cursing for Carlisle's sake, "A month. I already know it!" I finally couldn't take it anymore, and didn't even mind the fact that Carlisle was grabbing my arm to make me stop.

"One week." Mr. Stuart said as Carlisle and I sat in front of him in the grain-feeling like chair. My eyes slightly widened, remembering that just last night Esme had a long conversation with Mr. S on the phone, describing my punishment and I was supposed to be suspended for two weeks. The sudden change just flew over my fucking head, but still I was grateful, but I couldn't seem to help but wonder why there was a sudden change.

"I thought it was—" I began, but the fucking prick cut me off.

"Don't question it, Mr. Cullen. I've been feeling nice lately." He said through his tight, cracked lips. I scowled at him angrily, gritting my teeth as I shook my head. What a fucking ass, "But if you must know, Miss. Swan's sincerity really helped your case out. And to be honest her pleading was quite agitating, I felt that you didn't deserve to be punished. At least for a month. A week will get your head back in the game, don't you think?" He tapped his pen against the desk, and I sat against the chair, completely dumbfounded. She pleaded for me? It wasn't a surprise, to be honest but the fact that she didn't want to see me in trouble just stunned me. She fucking pleaded. For me. And I have been nothing but an asshole to her, what are the odds?

"Well, thank you Mr. Stuart." Carlisle said, rubbing his knees as he looked to me, "Edward," He said, gesturing for me to stand up. I ran my fingers through my greasy locks, standing up as I just nodded to Mr. Stuart. The prick didn't deserve a thank you from me. Carlisle and I walked out to the Mercedes, considering I couldn't be anywhere near a fucking hundred feet to the school. The car drive was silent, which didn't surprise me the least bit. Carlisle was a man of little words, 'cept if he was with Esme then he talks non-stop, it's rather fucking annoying if you ask me. But the two of us were just too fucking stunned to even say anything right now. He was stunned that I got out of a month's worth of suspension; I was stunned that Bella was the one who got me out.

No matter how much of a fucking douche I am to that girl, she seems to be getting closer to me.


I strummed against the strings of my guitar, groaning as I couldn't get the right note because of this fucking cast. I wanted to just rip it off, not even caring that my bones would probably be completely fucked if I did so. I carefully, but still forcefully put my guitar to the side, groaning as I looked up to the blank ceiling. I heard a knock at my door, and I grunted as a ticket to come in. It was Emmett, all sweaty and dripping on my floor. Fucking disgusting.

"What do you want?" I growled under my breath, glancing back at the ceiling to continue to glare at it.

"Bella is here." He said simply, as if it was fucking part of his everyday vocabulary. I shot up from my bed, jumping off like a fucking firecracker. He moved out of the way as I ran down the stairs, stopping just before turning the corner to see Bella set up at the table. Esme was talking to her about non-sense and Bella seemed only semi-interested.

"I'll see if he is ready, sweetie." Esme smiled, patting her back as she turned around to walk towards my direction. I then popped from the corner, smiling smugly as Esme's smile turned hard, "She is here to tutor you."

"Yeah, I can see that." I whispered, watching as Esme's eyes went dull.

"Be nice. And don't forget to thank her." She said quickly, her eyes quickly turning solid to make sure that I knew who she was talking to, but of course I'd be a fucking douche.

"For what?" Of course I'll be fucking thanking her. I'll get on my knees and kiss her feet if I have to. But, I know I actually wouldn't say that because I was a douchebag, and douchebags never put down their fence for anybody. Especially someone who was as nice as Bella.

"Edward." Esme retorted, opening her mouth to say something else but stopped herself. She grumbled under her breath and walked away, probably too agitated with me. Hey, at least she doesn't have to be me. Now that's a fucking challenge. As Esme climbed the stairs, I slowly turned around to see Bella at the marble table her back towards me. My feet wanted to move, but I felt like I was planted there. And to be fucking honest, I felt guilty for letting her sit there, waiting for me. I felt guilty for getting her into trouble, and troubling her life even though I've only fucking known her for a few weeks. But I don't think I could apologize, because I was too much of an asshole, and I hated myself for it.

I quickly turned around to move back upstairs, but something stood in my way and I bounced off of it, "And where do you think your going?" Carlisle retorted, looking down at me with his arms crossed over his chest. What a fucking prick. He knew I'd be too chicken shit to apologize, and I needed a push. That's what he was here for, even if I hated it, "Go. And while you're at it, you better thank her." He said, pointing towards the dining room. I rolled my eyes, shoving my fingers into my back pockets as I walked further into the dining table. My head dipped down, as I sulked to the table, watching as her body tensed slightly as she could hear me coming closer. I grabbed the chair next to hers, pulling it out to watch as she looked up at me with a very weak and dull smile. I didn't react to it, and instead sat down next to her.

It was severely fucking awkward at first as we sat silently at the table. I looked to the corner of my eye, seeing Carlisle finally walking away and I felt myself letting out a deep breath. I wanted to thank her, I wanted to kiss her hands and tell her I'd do anything for her for helping me get out of a month's worth of suspension, but it wouldn't come out. It was like the words were there, but I was some fucking mute or something. I growled under my breath, shaking my head as I finally looked up into the chocolate brown eyes.

She was waiting patiently, perfectly. But underneath those big brown beautiful eyes, I knew she wasn't at all that perfect. She was broken. Sort of like me. No, a lot like fucking me. Angela told me why she was broken, and she had every right to be. And she is nothing but the sweetest girl, and I was nothing but a douche who couldn't thank her. I gulped dryly, shaking my head as I ran my fingers through my hair. She got the picture, grabbing the books in front of her as she past one to me, "Let's continue on the Boston Tea Party." She muttered quietly, painfully. I was such a fucking asshole.

Through out the whole hour she was here, I couldn't keep my fucking eyes off her. Like she was some refrigerator and I was the magnets, attracted to the metal. It was fucking stupid, ridiculous, and quite embarrassing. Bella would never look up to me, and continued reading about the after-math of the Boston tea party, as if I was actually listening. I let out a painful sigh, hearing that she stopped for a moment to turn the page.

She had me do a worksheet on it, and I did it obediently because I owed her that much. And as I worked on the sheet, I noticed that she was looking around the dining room, I'm sure, amazed by its great beauty. I felt like I needed to say something as she looked around, and then up at the giant crystal chandelier. Her eyes gaped open, and I could see the reflection of the crystals in her eyes, making them sparkle just slightly. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, plus her fucking adorable reaction to how big it truly was. I looked up as well, letting out a soft snicker to break her trance. Her cheeks went red as she found out she was caught, as her hand dipped under her chin.

"You like this old ancient shit?" I asked, looking around the different objects of the house. Carlisle was into shit from Greece and all way back in the day with Gods and Goddesses and all those fucking weird ass philosophers. When I was invited to stay with Carlisle, along with Emmett, the both of us were completely stunned by the beautiful house, but after awhile it get pretty tedious. This entire ancient shit gets too old, and the marble floors, tables; countertops get pretty dull after awhile.

"Yeah." She muttered softly, her fucking hair hiding her face again. So she was interested in ancient shit? She'd get along with Carlisle perfectly.

"Done." I said, shoving the paper to her. A ringing came from her watch, and she turned it off slowly, grabbing my paper, setting it into her book as she closed it. She began packing up her things, and finally stood up to look down at me. She smiled weakly at me, shrugging her shoulders to indicate that the hour was up.

"I'll see you later." She said, grabbing her book bag to sling it over her shoulder as she turned away. And the pit in my stomach was gnawing at my fucking existence, encouraging—no—forcing me to do something, to say anything. That gnawing caused me to stand from the chair my fists clenched tight to my side as my mouth opened.

"Bella!" I screamed, watching as her hair flipped over as she turned around to look at me, her lips staying still but her chocolate brown eyes waiting for me to say something. To say anything. She stood still, in her blue sweater which made her skin look even softer than before, and all I wanted to do was just fucking touch it. I quickly shook my head, letting out a soft groan as I gritted my teeth, "Thanks…for the pie." I said, acknowledging her making the pie for me the other night.

I could see the smile play on her face, it knocking back and fourth between her lips and it caused this kind of feeling in my stomach. It was uneasy, but it felt somewhat good. She bit down onto her tender bottom lip, causing me to shake slightly as I watched, "You're welcome." She said sweetly just before turning around. She knew that I meant thanks for everything; I could just tell she knew. And she also knew how hard it was for me to let my guard down like the way I did. She appreciated it, and didn't question it.

No matter how many flaws it may seem like she has, she was perfect in my eyes.