It was me. I broke the first seal. At first I didn't really believe it. I'd been torturing Alastair after all, and he'd say anything to get in my head. But Cas confirmed it, also dropping the bomb that I'm the only one who can end it. Lucifer. The apocolypse. All of it. He doesn't know how, just that fate dictates that I must.

Fate. God, do I HATE that word. It's had it's deathgrip on Sammy since he was six months old. And with what I've been seeing with him lately, I'm losing that tug of war. If I can't even save him, my brother, how the hell am I supposed to save the whole freakin' human race?

I flat out told Cas that I can't do it. I know I can't do it. Not anymore. Not since...not since hell. And you know what else? I think for once that Sammy agrees with me. Oh, he didn't tell me way. But his eyes?

Sammy's eyes give him away every time.