I stiffened as the vision began to overtake me. In the bed beside me, Jasper was instantly aware of the change. I could feel his arms wrap around me, feel his breath on the back of my neck. It was his way of reminding me he was still there, even when the visions overcame my senses and I could no longer see or hear him.

Everything was cloudy, hazy, as my visions usually were nowadays, with Jacob and Nessie present. Not that I would trade either of them to have my visions clear again. Through the haze, I caught glimpses of something terrible.

I could see Jasper, screaming and cursing. He was fighting, struggling. He was being ripped apart by other vampires, ones I did not recognize.

I could see Bella, lying on the ground, her eyes vacant, empty. Dead. I could hear Edward shouting, flinging curses and insults.

I could see Carlisle, poised as if to attack, a growl in his throat and a sneer on his face, though his eyes were regretful. Not reluctant, just full of regret. He was protecting someone behind him, someone I could not see.

That was all I saw, then the room came back into focus.

The vision faded, leaving me in bed, with Jasper safe beside me. His arms were still wrapped around me, holding me close. His breath was still on my neck. Jasper was here, still, alive and well.

"What did you see?" He asked. I shook my head mutely, my mind racing to decipher what I had seen. "Too hazy?" He asked. Most of my visions were now.

I nodded. "Yeah." I said. "I couldn't really get a fix on much of anything." I needed to find out, though, what I had seen.

Jasper and I could leave early to hunt, and I would look to see if I could learn more before we returned to the house. Jasper would have no objections.

Another vision hit me. Jasper was in this one as well. Again he was fighting, again he was shouting. Again, he was dying. I didn't know how I knew the female struggling to restrain him was killing him, but I knew it all the same.

"You can't have her!" He snarled, but his voice, though furious, was shaky.

They were after me, then, whoever they were, and they were close. I would have to leave this place, and I would have to leave my family behind, especially Jasper. I couldn't let this happen.

The vision changed to the family gathered in the living room. They were hurt, devastated, because I had left. I watched as Jasper sank to his knees, his eyes anguished. But he was alive.

"Jasper?" I asked, still blind from this most recent vision, blind to the world around me.

"Yes?" I felt as well as heard his reply as his breath continued to fall on my neck.

"About tonight." I had to do this. I had to leave him behind. There was no alternative.

"Yes?" He said again, patiently, though I could hear the concern in his voice. He was picking up on my emotions, of course.

"Do you mind waiting and going with one of the others later?" I asked, resisting the urge to wince.

He was quick. "You mean both of us waiting, or just me while you go on alone?" He asked. I could feel his worry now. He projected his own emotions to me, freely, automatically, as if I were merely an extension of himself. In some ways I was, as he was to me.

"Just you." I said softly. I felt his slight disappointment, softened by the knowledge that I must have a reason. I felt him waiting me to say more, or choose not to.

"If you ask it." He replied. Not "If you want." He knew better than that.

"Thank you." I said. "I'm going to leave early." I added.

He realized I wasn't going to explain. "Okay." He agreed. "How soon?"

"When I get up." I replied. He understood. I needed to go soon, but wasn't quite ready to get up yet.

He pulled me closer. I breathed in his scent, wrapped my own arms around him. We lay together, this way, for some time.

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