I spent the next two weeks with Maria. She had shown me around, and promptly left me to myself, unless there was something we needed to discuss, which wasn't much. I was fine with that, really. I didn't want to get to know this woman.

I hunted, only because I knew that Jasper would want me to take care of myself, and that he would do the same only for me. For the most part, I tried to hold myself together, tried not to think of him too much, but hated not to.

I was torturing both of us. But surely it was worth it, to save my Jasper. To protect him.

I would rather die than have him destroyed, or even hurt in any way. But I was hurting him anyway.

It was the lesser of two evils.

I was doing the right thing.


Anyway, I could not bear to be separated from him forever. I understood now why Edward had tried to kill himself when he had thought Bella dead. To go on living when the person you loved most was gone-

I couldn't imagine it. I didn't want to.

I went on, aching, wondering what to do next. I could see nothing; I had no guidance in that area. I was fumbling around blindly in the dark.

It frightened me.

At the beginning of the third week, I was taken by surprise as my sight clouded, and my vision blurred and rearranged itself.

They were going after Nessie. And Edward.

I saw them attacking the house.

I watched as Emmett approached the attackers and fell screaming as Jane grinned at him.

I saw Rosalie snarl and lunge at her, only to be intercepted by another vampire.

I watched as Alec incapacitated Bella, then Edward.

Demetri and another vampire ripped Jasper to pieces, and Esme was fighting with Conner.

Carlisle stood before Nessie and faced off against Sheba, his expression fierce, a snarl tearing from his throat.

Jacob was dead.

This would happen tomorrow night. I gasped, and shouted a hurried farewell and thank you to Maria, and began to run. I had to get home.

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