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1 - Introduction

A very young little girl, only about two years old, sat quietly on the front porch of a yellow house that was basking in the mid-afternoon sun. She had light blonde hair that was in a little bob, with a salmon hair band on her head and was wearing a simple pink dress with tiny little sandals that were dangling off her feet as she casually swung her legs beneath her. Her blue eyes gazed into the distance, where the white fluffy clouds were rolling over the hills on the horizon as her right hand rested on a sleeping black and white puppy. She squinted at the clouds, trying to make pictures out of them, until her attention was drawn to three figures coming across the nearby hill along the dirt path that led to the yellow house. They appeared to be walking quickly and the girl's eyes narrowed to try and identify the figures as they rapidly drew closer. The tallest figure was a man with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail at the back of his head; untidy strands floating around his face as her ran. Clinging to his arm desperately was a woman whose stomach was incredibly round and large. As they got closer, the young girl could see that the woman was breathing deeply yet shallow, as beads of sweat clung tightly to her wet face. Her eyes were screwed in pain as she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other, her right arm pulling something along beside her. A little boy with thick shots of golden blond hair gave the woman worried looks as he tried to keep up with the fast pace the two adults were setting.

Suddenly nervous, the young girl stood up when she realised that the woman was heavily pregnant and had probably come to see the girl's parents, who were doctors. She turned on her heel as the little puppy barked at her feet as the trio came closer.

"Daddy?" she cried as she entered the house, her eyes adjusting slowly from the brightness outside.

A small woman walked into the room with a pipe in her mouth. "What is it dear?" she asked, peering at her though her small spectacles that were perched on her nose.

"People outside," she turned and glanced out of the door, counting under her breath. "Err, three peoples..." she said, slightly proud that her counting was becoming quicker.

The small woman peered through the door, and her pipe dropped from her mouth and fell to the dark wooden floor with a clatter. The little girl stared and picked it up in her small hands, examining it closely.

"Grandma, smoke thing fell," she said, looking up, only to find that her grandmother was nowhere in sight.

"Sara! It's the Elrics! Trisha looks like she is about to burst!" the young girl heard her grandmother shout somewhere in the house. She placed the pipe on the table and then stepped outside and went to the puppy who was barking madly on the step at the approaching family. She picked the pup up in her arms looked at the woman who was doubling over in pain. Her chestnut hair was greasy and wet as her breathing became quicker. When she approached the stairs holding on desperately to the man's arm, she let out a moan of pain.

The man turned to her and worry flashed in his eyes. The young girl felt concerned and looked for her parents who were standing at the door. They ushered the couple inside. The young girl and the young boy proceeded to follow until the little girl's father stood in the doorway.

"Winry; you and Edward stay you here, alright? Keep each other company while I help his parents," the young girl nodded, her big blue eyes fixed on him. The man leaned forward and ruffled her hair, a small smile on his face. "There's my girl," he said and went inside where a scream issued, so he closed the door tightly shut.

There was silence as the two children stood together on the porch. The puppy struggled in her arms, so she let him down. The young boy sighed and slumped down on the porch step in the exact same spot the girl had been sat previously. The puppy ran up to him and licked his right arm.

The boy laughed and stroked him. "Dog name?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the puppy that was enjoying the attention.

The girl smiled and sat down next him. "Den," she replied, patting the dog on the back.

They sat next to each other both in a companionable silence, stroking the dog whilst staring into the distance. A few muffled yells could be heard from the house inside, but the pair just sat quietly and enjoyed each other's silent company.

The blond boy sat up slightly. "What's metal stuff called?" he said, turning to her.

She frowned and turned to him. "Um, ato...atomal," she corrected.

He smiled a wide grin. "Attomal? You like attomal?" he asked, curiosity sparkling in his large amber eyes.

She nodded, a smile on her face. "Yes! Winry going to be atomal mechy. Like too?"

The boy frowned. "No. Edward alkemyst," he said proudly, banging a fist into his chest.

She scrunched her face up in confusion. "what's a...an...ak...myst?"

He laughed, making the young girl blush and her temper rise slightly. She placed her hands on her hips as he continued to laugh hysterically. "Not nice to laugh. You bad," she said, sticking her tongue out. He abruptly stopped laughing. They glared at each other for a few moments before they both looked away at the same time, sighing as the stared off into opposite directions.

It was the boy who broke the silence again. "Edward," he said, turning towards her again, holding out his hand.

The young girl stared down at it for some time and then slapped his hand away friendly and pointed to herself; "Winry," she smiled. They spoke little to each other as the sun began to descend into the valley, with Den being the centre of their attention. The children took it in turns to throw a stick for him to fetch, their minds distracted from what was occurring inside the house until a loud and high pitched cry issued.

They exchanged glances and ran towards the window, both standing on tiptoes, the girl being slightly taller than the boy. He glanced at her and noticed this, making something inside him anger slightly, however his attention focused back to what he could just about see through the window when he saw his mother sat in a chair with a bundle wrapped in her arms. The bundle moved slightly and began to wail that was silenced when the tall blond man approached and place his arms around the woman's shoulders.

"Happy..." Winry whispered into the glass, her breath leaving a mark on the window for a split second before the sun stole it away.

The front door suddenly opened and the children jumped down from the window, feeling guilty. Winry's parents stood there, with Mrs Rockbell wiping her forehead as she spoke to them. "Come on kids! You can come inside now. There's someone who wants to meet you..."

Edward and Winry walked next to each other, their shoulders touching as they entered the stuffy and fairly dark room.

"Edward! Come over here..." Trisha said, beckoning the children forward.

Edward and Winry approached and were shocked to see a sleeping little form in her arms. They were both surprised to see how small it was and the sandy coloured hair that was atop of his tiny head. Suddenly it opened its chestnut eyes and stared straight at Edward, not blinking.

The man leaned forward and smiled. "Edward, this is your new brother, Alphonse."

Trisha chuckled. "I think he is happy to see you," she said, looking at Winry who was peering over Edward's shoulder.

"Alphonse," they whispered together, amber and blue eyes sparkling in curiosity.


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