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The Past

"Normal Talking"

---3:38 A.M. October 13, 1993 Yagato Hospital---

"Waaaaah!!" The shrill cry of a newborn's will to live broke the eerie silence of the hospital. Angered whispers and noises can be heard right out of one of the rooms. A door slammed open, the noise echoing endlessly into the unoccupied halls. A man dressed in a casual black silk suit and charcoal colored pants strode out, a small white bundle in his hands.

He ignored the pleading cries of his wife and swiftly walked out the deserted hospital. Even though the distant uncontrolled, pained sobs cut deeply into his heart, his mission had to be completed. He glanced down at the now sleeping orange haired baby and smiled sadly. For a brief moment, regret flashed across his brown orbs as he observed the peaceful new life.

He shook his head furiously. It has to be done, now. He assured himself and got into a jet black limo that was waiting for him. The vehicle took off into the dark dreary night.

Inside Yagato hospital Yuzuha cried sofly to herself, pain racking through her fragile body after her labored previous childbirth. The doctors didn't know what to do, so they quietly slipped out of the room, giving the troubled new mother some time to be alone.

"Why him, why our precious firstborn son?" Yuzuha muttered in calm anger, looking out the window, gazing down at the sleeping city. "What if it fails? What then? Mito?" She asked bitterly, "You can't agree to make him, our first born son, a guinea pig for some stupid government experiment…"

---Timeskip to the Present---

Hikaru sighed loudly and rubbed his throbbing head. He hated stressful pointless activities like sports. It's boring, a waste of time, and just plain bothersome. It was so easy to sink a basketball into a netted hoop that it was entertaining to some extent to watch his other classmates struggle fruitlessly with it, air ball after air ball. He didn't know why he had let them convince him to go the gym to shoot big orange bouncy balls into stupid hoops when he could've been at home playing video games. Now he really regretted his choice, feeling dead tired. Even if sports were easy, they're still energy draining. His entire body ached; he really needed to get out and exercise more…

Closing his bedroom door carelessly, he staggered forward and collapsed on his soft fluffy king sized bed.

At least school starts in a week, Hikaru thought, and then things should get more interesting….After all, pranking the butlers and the maids weren't exactly fun and worthwhile, since they never get angry or annoyed. And even if they do, they don't show it. Servants are there to serve their masters, not to disobey or disrespect.

The redhead rubbed his face ruefully into his pillow, drinking in the fresh smell of spearmint, as he recalled his mom's words just a few minutes ago. "Tomorrow you're new personal maid will be arriving, since your old one decided to quit her job…" There she stopped and shot a disapproving glare at her obnoxious son, "Anyways, the new girl is around your age, and she'll be in your class when school starts. Well, I guess you wouldn't really call her a maid; she'll be more like your 'playmate'. Yeah… here to keep you company." Hikaru had protested that he wasn't lonely or anything, but his mom was even more stubborn than him about it. So in the end he agreed.

Hikaru rolled his eyes under his closed eyelids and took in a deep breath. Like he needed company. Nobody needs his company, why should he want theirs'? He thought about his new "playmate".

What would she be like? Hopefully not another rich snobby I'm-better-than-you girl… then again, since she'll be taking a job, she might be a commoner! El gaspo! Hikaru mused, now that might be quite interesting… but what's the chance of that? He stifled a yawn and directed his gaze towards his little navy blue alarm clock. 11:15 already? That stupid basket-shit club, wasting so much of my time…

The Hitachiin moved to dangle his legs over the side of his bed and lifted his white polo shirt off slowly. He slipped out of his sports shorts and pulled shut his window shades. With another yawn, he lifted the covers and crawled into them. Tucking himself in, he quickly fell into a deep slumber, not giving another thought about the new maid, playmate, whatever…

---The Next Day, Hitachiin Mansion---

Haruhi stood in front of the glamorous Hitachiin mansion and gulped. She wondered where the heck her okama dad managed to snag this kind of a job for her. This is by far the strangest job she had ever had, and probably will ever have. I mean, it's not everyday you get a job that comes with a special bonus, like being able to enroll in the famed, rich kid only, Ouran Academy, the school for the elite. Not to mention that you get really, really good pay. It's almost more money than what her dad makes. Haruhi would do anything to get into the Academy, since that's her only source to fulfill her dream, becoming a great lawyer, just like her deceased mother.

She mustered up her courage, straightened her light pink casual shirt, and pressed the doorbell button. She was nervous, what if her new "master" didn't approve of her? If he should fire her, then all her dreams will be crushed. No, that won't happen, Haruhi Fujioka had vowed yesterday that she won't ruin this. She will do her best, and if her best isn't enough, she'll make it be enough. Nothing, absolutely nothing will ruin her only chance to go to Ouran.

The door slid open, and a young butler around the age of twenty-five greeted her warmly, "Ah, you must be Haruhi Fujioka-san, we've been expecting you." He quickly took the luggage effortlessly off of the girl's hands. She didn't bring much, just a small suitcase filled up with some of her personal belongings. They had informed her that everything will be prepared for her; she didn't have to bring trivial things like toothbrushes, pj's, hair clips, even clothes! It was weird, but the brunette went along with it. The owners of this mansion are obviously rich high-class people, so they should have no problems supplying her with anything, right? But then again, these are rich people, so… "Be on your guard Haruhi! You never know what to expect!" Father had said.

Haruhi smiled back and walked in cautiously, half expecting something to happen. After all, she had also heard from her concerned dad that this Hikaru Hitachiin is quite a prankster. His last maid worked here for only a day before she resigned. The previous personal maids had also resigned one by one. But, to her surprise, nothing happened.

The mansion's inside is even more breath-taking than the outside, as Haruhi discovered. A bright glass chandelier hung from the ceiling, bathing the massive living room with a warm golden light. Warm red wallpaper coated the sides, and exquisite paint twirls covered the roof. There were black leather couches, intricately designed carpet, a glowing glass coffee table, and other exotic antiquities that the brunette didn't have time to look at closely.

"This way, miss." The butler beckoned for her, heading towards the stairs. She nodded and quickly followed obediently, and presently they stopped in front of a mahogany door.

"Your room," The butler stated simply while he fished a small metal key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. They strode in.

Haruhi gasped, her eyes widening and her mouth dropping open; her lithe hand flew up to her mouth in an attempt to stifle her gasp, failing. Her new room was larger than her entire apartment! She thought, eyes scanning the new environment. I thought I was just supposed to be a maid! Do all the maids here have rooms like this!? She drank in the sight of the lavishly furnished room. There was a nice big queen sized be a rich burgundy mahogany study table, with a black leather chair. A large square 10 feet by 10 feet mirror hung opposite to the bed. Rich red carpeting with intriguing mosaic patterns covered up the floor. A spacious mahogany closet and a beautiful wide dresser were positioned close to the bed.

Wow…just…wow… lucky rich bastards…Haruhi concluded, in awe. …Am I like one now too?

The butler cleared his throat, getting the brunette's attention, and he said, "Yuzuha-sama will be here to speak with you shortly, meanwhile, feel free to do anything. After all, this is your room, so you should get used to it. And if there is anything unsatisfactory, don't hesitate to ask."

"Unsatisfactory!? No no, this is awesome! Arigatou!" Haruhi blurted out, finally unable to contain her excitement, and flew forward towards her new bed. "Uwaah! So soft!!" She exclaimed in ectasy as she flopped around on the comfy furniture.

The young servant smiled and excused himself politely, shutting the door soundlessly.

Haruhi sighed contently, and reluctantly got off of her bed. She started to explore the vast new universe known as her room. Walking up to the closet, she opened it with a grand gesture and gasped, eyes widening until they can't widen any further. All kinds of exotic, gorgeous and definitely expensive clothing hung off wooden clothe hangars. The brunette quickly shut the closet door, surely those clothes weren't meant for her to wear. Instead, she turned her attention to the dresser and opened the first drawer.

Hmm, this stuff is not too lavish for my tastes, Haruhi noted as she rummaged through the dresser, finding normal t-shirts, jeans, socks, and underwear, in different colors. Different slogans and graphics reflected off the clothes, each unique in their own way. Haruhi sighed, shutting the drawers completely, after neatly folding the clothes that she had shaken out and putting them back in. Spoiled rich people…

Loud rapping on her door jolted her from her thoughts. The brunette rushed to the door and opened it quickly. She found herself captured by bright golden orbs.

Yuzuha Hitachiin smiled and quickly enveloped a surprised Haruhi in a hug, exclaiming, "So you're Ranka-san's daughter! Pleasure to meet you!" She waltzed into her room and settled down on the bed after releasing a flustered brunette.

"H-hai, arigatou," Haruhi replied meekly, shutting the door gently, and turned around to face the mistress of the house. The other woman was wearing a sky blue open necked blouse, a white undershirt, and a dark lavender long skirt, elegantly draping over her slender legs.

"How do you like your room?" She asked casually, making small talk, gauging the girl in front of her with her calculating and observant eyes.

Haruhi gulped and straightened herself. She replied, "It's awesome, beautiful, really, I didn't really think that a maid's room would be so… elegant. I mean, this is the most beautiful room I've been in…"

Yuzuha smiled, well, she's quite honest… "No no, you're not quite a maid here; I really need you to be a companion for my son, Hikaru."

Haruhi nodded hesitantly.

"You'll go to Ouran Academy, and you'll be put in the same class as Hikaru, class 1-A. I've heard from your father that your grades are quite exemplary, yes?"

Haruhi nodded again in consent.

"You'll take the same classes as Hikaru, and you're free to do whatever you want at the academy. Don't think that you'll have to always be by him or something, there will be moments, guaranteed, when you'll want to avoid him." Yuzuha smiled dryly and continued.

"Well, it's enough 'business' talk for today, did you take a look at the clothes in the compartments yet?" She asked casually, changing the subject.

"Hai, those clothes are… amazing…" Haruhi replied, smiling back.

"Well good, I'm glad you like them, they're for you to wear."

Haruhi's mouth dropped open, they were seriously for me!?

"I designed them, so one of these days, model for me, 'k?" Yuzuha smiled and winked.

She…she designed them!? The brunette stood in shock as she observed the woman in a new light.

"Ara, Ranka-san didn't say anything about me?" the Hitachiin prodded, a grin on her face, "I'm hurt!" A mock expression flitted briefly across her visage.

Haruhi rolled her eyes and asked eagerly, "So, what do I do these last couple of days of summer vacation?"

"Hmm, well, you can start by getting used to Hikaru, I guess," Yuzuha answered thoughtfully, a finger under her chin. She glanced at her watch, "Oh my, look at the time! It's almost nine! You should go wake him up, that's what his previous maid did every morning; well, correction, just one morning. Heh. Then maybe you guys can chat and you know, get to know eachother or something." She said and got up to leave.

"I'll have to leave for work now, so, if you have any further questions; just ask Hikaru or some of the servants around, 'k? I'll be seeing around." She said and waved as she exited the room. Haruhi nodded and gave a little wave back.

The brunette also left her room a few moments later and headed for this Hikaru's room.

Wait… I don't even know where it is, better just ask around rather than exploring this big gigantic mansion…I would probably get lost, Haruhi thought and approached a maid who was cleaning the hallways.

"Excuse me…" She started, catching the maid's attention, "Where's Hikaru-san's room?" She asked politely. The maid smiled and replied, "Ah! You must be Hikaru-sama's new maid! Maybe you'll have better luck with him… Anyways, his room is right down the hall, the largest doors you'll see."

Haruhi thanked the girl briefly and walked down the hallway. She stopped at the double doors and hesitated, wondering if she should knock first. Deciding that it'll be polite to knock, she gave the wooden door three gentle raps.

Getting no reply, she sighed, mustered up her courage, and slowly turned the handle, surprised that it's unlocked. She gently pushed open the door and slipped in. The room was dimly lit; the shades were pulled shut, but several sunrays are leaking in. The little dust particles floating around could be seen if you squint.

Wow, this room is like twice the size of my room, Haruhi mused and took in the sight. She noticed a large portrait hanging on the wall. It was a young orange-reddish haired boy around the age of 12. A small smile dwindled on his face. His eyes reflected a golden topaz hue. He wore a sky-blue uniform, an Ouran uniform. Haruhi stepped closer to read the tag under the painting: Hitachiin Hikaru. So that's him…hmm…

A faint rustling noise caught her attention. She turned instinctively and found herself staring at the big white lump on the bed. Must be this Hikaru… She thought and walked up to the bed. She poked the lump hesitantly and said, "Hikaru-sama? Yuzuha-san had instructed me to come and wake you…"

She waited a couple of seconds, then, getting no response, she yanked the covers off bravely. Only to see… something long and black...

"Yaaaaaaaaaah!! … Oh, it's fake… phew." Haruhi sighed, placing a hand on her chest. She gazed down at the big man-sized fake bug intently. It really looked real, two long antennas protruded out of its black head, and legs jutted out from each black segment. She stared at it more, as if daring it to move. As if on cue, it wiggled.


That thing did not just wiggle.

She shook her head fiercely and forced herself to look at the thing on the bed again.

It wiggled again.

"YAAAAH!!!!" Haruhi screamed and instinctively did what she had always done whenever she got scared. Jump into the closest concealed place to be found; in this case, the tall mahogany closet nearby.

Yanking the door of the wardrobe open, she quickly darted into it, feeling safety against the soft fabric of the hanging clothes.

Upon hearing silence, she released air that she didn't even realize that she had held in with a loud sigh. A small relieved smile crept up her face, and she wiped some imaginary sweat on top of her eyebrows.


All of a sudden, Haruhi stared into a pair of golden orbs and in her panic and fear she again did what her instincts told her to do.




"Huff, huff…haa," Haruhi panted and slowly collected her senses back. Wait…she just slapped someone…who…? "Uh..."

"…Ouch, that smarts," A playful masculine voice spoke up from the darkness of the stuffy closet. Two arms planted themselves on either side of her; rustling sounds were heard as the person moved around.

Haruhi gasped and quickly opened the closet door, basking the mysterious prankster with the little light in the room. She found that the person leaning over her was none other than…Hitachiin Hikaru? Her mind clicked together: white lump in bed, centipede, closet, "Boo.", slap. Yeah.

When she was just about to yell at the boy, Hikaru stumbled out of the closet clumsily and started to roll on the floor, doubled over, roaring with laughter, releasing his long-contained merriment.

"Ahahahaaah! Y-you should've seen your face Hahahaha!! Precious oh man! Hahahahahaah!"

Haruhi's face lit up in embarrassment and anger as she too, stepped out of the furniture, intent on giving this … moron, a piece of her mind.

Then she paused, remembering that this person, lying on the ground having fun at her expense, was technically her employer.

She sighed and rubbed her head, This is gonna be a hard, troublesome job…and you're telling me that I've got to, like, respect this guy…and I'm gonna be around him all the time...groan.

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