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Haruhi cleared her throat loudly, getting the smirking Hitachiin's attention.

"Hikaru-sama," she stated as sharp as she could, "I-"

"Your name," the redhead stated, rather than asked. A small smug smile still lingered on his face as he casually interrupted her, as if she wasn't speaking at all.

"-was told to come wake you up…" Haruhi's right eyebrow twitched, a little annoyed by getting rudely interrupted. Then, remembering her master's question, she answered stoically, "Fujioka Haruhi." She made sure not to veal her annoyance.

"Hm. Fujioka Ha-ruhi." Hikaru spoke, rolling the word out. "Haruhi, huh… Weren't you surprised by the centipede?" he asked mockingly, changing the topic as he yanked the black thing out from under his covers swiftly, sticking it into the brunette's face. It was a little too close to comfort and Haruhi involuntarily flinched and took a step backwards. Hikaru grinned widely, well, here's someone I can tease… heh heh heh. She can be a quite entertaining toy…

"I'm not scared of this thing!"

He was surprised when he felt his slick black toy snatched out of his hands. He blinked and noticed Haruhi holding it and examining it. She seemed quite interested in it, as if she was trying to figure out how it operated and such. Her brows were furrowed in thought as her eyes raked over the figure.

Hikaru smirked to himself as he pressed a button on the fake bug's mini remote control that was hiding in his pocket. The centipede started to wiggle, more ferociously this time, and a surprised brunette dropped it with a startled gasp.

She glared daggers at the boy that was pounding his fist on the ground, laughing. She resisted the urge to just slam her foot against the other's ribs as her face grew flushed. Somehow, this boy just stepped on her nerves. She really didn't usually get mad or indignant so fast, but yeah, it's kind of weird. But as she had promised herself before, she'll do well on this job. It's the key to her future, in a way. That thought in mind, she calmed herself and simply waited for the laughter to die out. The brunette can see now that the rumors about this Hikaru Hitachiin were absolutely true.

However, she needed to find out the details of her job, and Yuzuha-san had told her to ask Hikaru; so here she was.

When the Hitachiin had finally stopped laughing, the brunette asked as politely as she could, "So, what do you want me to do? For my job, I mean."

Hikaru's eyes widened slightly in surprise. This girl standing before him sure was different from all his previous maids. They were all either too shy or too stiff for his liking, but here was her, talking casually to him. His face hardened a little.

Isn't she aware that I'm technically her employer? The redhead thought, if she is, why is she acting so… normal?

"Well, mom never hired a 'playmate' for me before…" Hikaru started, a weird glint in his golden eyes, "I guess I'll have to make a set of rules for you to follow sometime today."

"Rules?" Haruhi asked cautiously, not liking the sound of that at all.

"Yeah," Hikaru grinned evilly, "Like for example, doing all my homework after school days-"

"WHAT!?" the brunette blurted out, "Me do your homework?"

The redhead lifted an eyebrow. He also never had a servant that talked back before…

"Yeah, anything wrong with that? You're gonna be in my class, so just letting me copy your answers is fine-"

"You've got to be kidding me! Why should I let you copy my answers?!!" Haruhi exploded indignantly. The nerve of this guy, asking her to do a thing like that so casually, rich people are so hard to understand, she thought. She added, "Isn't that cheating?"

"Oh? This is interesting; I believe you weren't hired to express your opinions." Hikaru stated coldly.

Haruhi flinched. Once again she had forgotten the fact that this guy is her employer.

"If you want to keep your job and your pitiful chance at a brighter future, I suggest you obey me." The redhead mentally winced; that came out harsher that he meant to. But it's too late to take it back. He regretted it a little when he saw the brief shock and pain that flickered in the brunette's milky brown eyes.

Haruhi gritted her teeth, just because he has lived a better, easier life that me, even if he has much more power than me, even if he has more money than me, that doesn't justify him taunting and mocking me. But on the outside, she quickly put on her stoic expression and bowed. "Gomenasai. But you're breakfast is ready downstairs."

"Sure…leave the room." Hikaru stated, making his way to the closet.


"So I can change, dummy, I'm still in my pj's," the redhead stated, smirking at the girl as he started to pull his shirt off. "But you can stay if you like…" Hikaru sauntered closer to the surprised brunette and whispered into her ear huskily, "I don't mind…"

"I'll just turn around as you change," Haruhi said flatly, took a few steps backwards and turned around.

Hikaru's eyebrows arched up. Most girls would swoon or at blush or something…this girl sure is different, maybe 'cause she's a commoner…yeah that's it, he thought. He shrugged, deciding to just drop it, and quickly changed out of his silky white pajamas.

This guy… weird, she thought, shaking her head slightly.

"Hey, are you coming or not?" She lifted her head up, seeing that her master's already done changing into a dark blue and black shirt and a pair of tan cargo pants. A pair of white socks covered his previously bare feet. He was impatiently standing by the door, a hand on the handle.


"Breakfast, of course." Hikaru rolled his eyes and smirked teasingly at the brunette.

"O-oh, yeah…but I've already had breakfast before coming here- Ack what are you doing!?" Haruhi spluttered as a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward.

"Come on, the rich have awesome food for breakfast, unlike you poor deprived commoners."

Haruhi let herself get yanked along down the stairs. A vein threatened to pop above her temple. Stupid rich bastards…she thought bitterly. But she couldn't help but be interested in the promised food. I wonder if they have ootoro…

"You want…ootoro?" Hikaru asked amusedly, pausing in their pace to look at the brunette.

Oops, did I think that out loud..? Ah well. "I've heard of it, but I've never had the chance to try any…" she said plainly, shrugging.

To her surprise, she was glomped by Hikaru. "Aw you poor poor thing…" Hikaru muttered, crying fake tears.

Haruhi sweatdropped and pried the Hitachiin off of her. But the redhead just grinned and continued to drag her along.

"I can walk too!" The brunette argued, trying futilely to release herself from the vice-like grip. She was ignored. After a few more tries she gave up.

"We're here!" Hikaru declared cheerfully and waved his hand in a majestic gesture towards the food laden table.

Haruhi gawked. The giant table is filled with food of all different kinds! Some of the stuff she had never seen before! She unconsciously took a step forward, lured by the delicious scents wafting into her sensitive nostrils. "W-wow…" she managed to mutter.

Hikaru grinned and gave the stoned brunette a nudge in the ribs, "Dig in, otherwise it's gonna get cold. I'll be right back." He left the room briskly.

Haruhi pulled out a chair uncertainly and sat down. Her eyes raked across the broad table, examining the contents. She didn't know what to start with. Instead, she just picked up the closest thing near her and bit into it.

The Hitachiin returned only to find a starry eyed brunette with half a French croissant sticking out of her mouth.

Cute… he thought, wait wait wait, I do not find this puny commoner girl cute, not at all. He cleared his throat loudly, bringing Haruhi back to earth.

"The chef's preparing some ootoro, they'll bring it down here soon." He said casually as he pulled out a chair and sat down opposite to the brunette across the table.

"Eh!? Mu dun aff doo! (You don't have to)" Haruhi exclaimed quickly, forgetting that her mouth was still full. She blushed in embarrassment and quickly swallowed her food. She dabbed her mouth with her napkin.

"Excuse me," she muttered.

"Huh…so commoners don't have manners?" Hikaru mocked playfully and poured himself a cup of milk. "Just kidding, just kidding," he quickly said as he noticed that his maid was glaring intensely at him.

For the next few moments, the dining table was rather silent.

"…This stuff is really good," Haruhi commented and popped a purple concord grape into her mouth.

"Hm…what do you usually have for breakfast?" Hikaru asked, trying to start a conversation. He never did like silence.

"Well, I always make my own breakfast, since my dad leaves for work really early," the brunette started, "Sometimes I would just finish up last night's leftovers, but I usually have some cereal with strawberry yogurt, and maybe a slice of bread with butter…"

Wow, it would suck to be a commoner, Hikaru thought sympathetically.

"It really isn't that bad though, so don't feel sorry for me." She finished, looking at the Hitachiin.

Did she just… read my mind? …Naw, Hikaru nodded and wiped his face clean of crumbs with his white napkin.

"Excuse me, young masters, but the ootoro that you ordered is here now," a maid stated as she walked in and placed a plate down on the table. She smiled at them briefly and excused herself.

Haruhi arched an eyebrow. 'Young masters?...masters?' She looked around, me?

"There you are, Haruhi, ootoro. Go ahead," Hikaru stated, snapping the girl back from her thoughts, and picked a piece of the fatty tuna off the silverware.

The brunette uncertainly plucked one also and brought it up to her mouth. She scrutinized the food carefully. It looked pretty normal, a piece of pink tuna over rice. She popped it into her mouth.

Waves of buttery flavors assaulted her taste buds as the delicate tuna meat melted in her mouth, causing her eyes to widen at the rich exotic taste. She downed it with one gulp.

"How was it?" The Hitachiin asked with an amused smirk on his face as he observed Haruhi's changing facial expressions.

"It's…It's awesome…" the brunette mumbled and eagerly grabbed another piece, cramming it into her mouth. "Mmmm…yummy…" Soon the plate was completely emptied, and a stuffed Haruhi leaned back on her chair, patted her stomach contently, and sighed happily. So this is high class fatty tuna, never thought that it'd be this delicious… she thought.

"…I'm leaving," Hikaru stated matter-of-factly and got up; if you looked close, you could see a light pink tinting his cheeks.

Before Haruhi can say anything, he disappeared up the stairs. After staring at the staircase for five seconds, Haruhi shrugged and started to gather the dirty dishes. She piled them onto her arms and headed to the kitchen.

She stumbled into the cooking room and carefully placed the dirty plates on the counter, the clattering noise alerting the previously oblivious cook. He gasped.

"Oh no Fujioka-sama you don't have to do that! That's a maid's job!" he rushed over to stop the girl from starting to rinse the dishes.

"H-huh? B-but I am a maid!" Haruhi argued, slightly confused as she stared up at the bulky man.

"No no, you're a Hikaru-sama's personal maid! We've been instructed to treat you like Hikaru-sama! You shouldn't dirty your hands with these chores!" the chubby cook insisted, all seriousness in his brown eyes.

"Oh, but it's alright. I enjoy doing regular household chores, so please let me take care of these dishes and you can go resume…whatever you were doing," the brunette smiled at the man and turned on the tap.

"W-well, if you insist, Fujioka-sama," the chef bowed hesitantly and left the persistent girl alone to do the dishes.

Hikaru climbed up the stairs and made his way into his room. He settled down in front of his dark blue laptop and opened Microsoft Word.

While he waited for the program to load, he thought back to how he treated the other girl.

She is definitely different from all the other maids… she doesn't seem charmed or intimidated by me. What makes her so different? What about her makes me feel so …strange? Nah, it's probably nothing.

He quickly cleared his head and focused himself to the task of making his personal maid's schedule. His eyes narrowed as he grinned evilly.

Rule Number One: Obey your master always refer to him as Hikaru-sama.

Rule Number Two: Wake your master up with singing.

Rule Number Three: Remember to-

Hikaru paused in his typing and remembered something, something vital to the torture of his new maid. He cackled gleefully and picked up the phone. After his call is connected, he ordered, "Install the devices that I had purchased into the personal maid's bedroom, please."

Haruhi wandered around the mansion, a cheerful smile on her face. All the servants around here are really nice, she thought. Since she had nothing to do, she had helped the maids do the laundry, sweep the floors, dust off the library books, and all kinds of little household chores. She had easily dismissed their protests and aided them voluntarily with their jobs, so she unconsciously won some of their respect. And she was just attending to her own hobbies; household work was always enjoyable to her.

What to do now…she pondered, I suppose I'll go to my room and take a shower.

Forty minutes later, the brunette panted loudly outside of her bedroom door, finally arriving at her destination. Why do rich people have to have such frickin' large mansions!? she thought, a little ticked. Her hand curled around the door handle and twisted the knob. She strode in and flopped down on her bed. She yawned.

"Haruhi! Get over here!" Haruhi's eyebrow twitched as she opened her eyes, expecting to see her annoying employer. But to her surprise, he was no where in sight. She frowned, I could've sworn that I heard his taunting voice just now…

"You heard me." Brown milky orbs scanned around, eyes finally falling on the slick black speaker suspended from the ceiling. Was that there before? Haruhi thought as she groaned, reluctantly untangling herself from her soft silky sheets. Does he really find it necessary to install a speaker to my room, what am I, a slave to be ordered around? The brunette thought indignantly while making her way down to the Hitachiin's room.

She knocked on the door, out of politeness, and received a muffled "Come in." She stepped calmly into the room and found Hikaru retrieving something from the printer.

The redhaired Hitachiin walked up to Haruhi with a paper in hand and a smirk on his face. Haruhi gulped.

"Here's your schedule, Haruhiii," Hikaru purred, the kind of feral purr of a cat circling its prey, handing the piece of paper to Haruhi. Then he counted in his head:







"Are you kidding me!? Am I some kind of a slave!?" The brunette finally exploded, crumpling up the sheet and throwing the paper wad at the smirking redhead's face, unable to keep her annoyance bottled up any longer.

Hikaru caught the incoming projectile and stated matter-of-factly, "Well, you're not my slave, but you're my toy."

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