I felt tears sting at my eyes as I ran full tilt down the road. "I hate you Jesse Aarons. I hate you!" I thought to myself. I knew he had a crush on Ms. Edmunds, but I really thought he was starting to like me, like I like him. "Of course not," I thought angrily. Angry at myself for thinking such stupid, hopeful things, and angry that he was still choosing her over me. But as more hot tears started to fall, I knew that what I was feeling was more than just anger; it was heartbreak. The anger was shallower though and it helped to keep the other, stronger emotions at bay. Who needed him anyway? I had plenty of friends. Heck, I had a whole kingdom. Terabithia. That's it. I would go to Terabithia and take my anger out on some Scroegers. Then maybe I could talk Janice the troll until I felt better. Finally, I was approaching the rope. I didn't stop to build up a good swing; I just leapt at the rope knowing that it was enough force to swing me all the way across. Or at least, it would have been. Up above my head, I heard a sickening snap. There was about a millisecond where it felt like everything had frozen. And then, the last thing I heard was my own scream as I plunged to the rushing creek below me.