I blinked away the flash of light and ascertained my surroundings. I was in a bathtub. The bathtub was the size of a small pond with a shape to match. It was filled with lukewarm water and I was wearing a bathing suit I didn't recognize. I sighed. I didn't know where I was or where I was supposed to be, but it was nice here. I did feel this thought nagging at the back of my mind though. It seemed important that I remember it, but I couldn't quite grasp it. It was quite peculiar. Before I could ponder it any further though, a dull throbbing began, like a steady drumbeat, in the front of my forehead.

"Ow." I mumbled, surprised at the suddenness of the pain. At that moment, there two figures I hadn't noticed before were standing on either side of me just outside the tub. They were tall and dressed in magnificent, earthy garb. They were wearing suits of armor made of intricately twined twigs as well as bark-laden vests. They wore leafy green boots that looked durable, yet unimaginably soft. They had on helmets that looked like hollowed out acorns (if they were acorns the size of heads) and on top of the helmets was brilliant red feathers, all sticking up in a straight row that started at the crowns of their heads and arced all the way down to the napes of their necks. They were absolutely beautiful.

"Terabithians…" I breathed in wonder. I had caught their attention earlier when I groaned, and now that they saw I was aware of them too, they instantly folded themselves into elegant bows.

"My queen" one (obviously of a slightly higher rank than the other) replied. They straightened up and extended their arms toward me, so I let them help me out of the shallow pool. The first one spoke again.

"Welcome, my queen," he began. "I'm Amos, sub-commander of the Terabithian defenders and this is my first knight" The other stuck out his hand. "I'm Eli", he smiled.

"It's nice to meet you." I say to both of them. And it is, but I have that nagging feeling again and I remember that there is something I need to, well, remember. When, all of a sudden, my head starts throbbing again.

"Ow," I repeat. This time, Amos and Eli help lower me so I am lying on the ground. I close my eyes and breathe.

"Take this, my queen" I hear Amos say and I feel something cold and smooth being pressed against my head. "It's called Ice Stone" he says. "It freezes the pain" Eli said. But I barely heard him, because he was right, and I was starting to fall asleep again.