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Chapter 1: Problems with Uchiha Sasuke

Haruno Sakura sat in Tsunade's office. Once again she has gotten herself in an argument with her rival Wasabi (couldn't think of a last name XD). Karin was basically the school whore and had to take away everything that Sakura cared about… her friend Takahashi Sai and now her best friend and ex lover Uchiha Sasuke.

"Haruno Sakura, Wasabi Karin… Tsunade-sama would like to see you now". Shizune, Tsunade's secretary said.

You could here Tsunade mumbling a couple of curse words through the door. Sakura flinched. Tsunade was going to flip. This was Sakura's second time in her office in two days because of Karin. Karin looked at Sakura and gave her an icy glare. Sakura just glared back. She looked at Karin's outfit. Honestly, she was wearing a black shirt that came of the shoulders, showed her stomach and some daisy duke shorts and hooker boots. Her fire red hair was up in a pony with her bangs on the side. She also had some silvers hoops and lots of make-up on.

How the hell did she not get caught by the school administrator for dress code violations… oh yeah that's right the administrator was no other than Jiraiya.

Karin got up and walked into the principal Tsunade's office. Sakura followed.

Tsunade was sitting at her desk with paperwork everywhere.

"Wasabi Karin… dress cut. That's the 11th one this year". Tsunade said writing some stuff done on a piece of paper. "You do know you would have been kicked out of college for dressing … inappropriately".

"Humph. Whatever. I'll just tell my dad and he'll get me into a decent college. You know he's filthy rich AND I'm his one and only daughter, so I can get whatever I want!"

"You spoiled brat". Sakura said under her breath.

Karin turned to her, obviously hearing it.

"What did you say pink headed freak?"

"I didn't say anything."

"Sure you didn't you little bitch".

Sakura just took a seat at the empty chair in front of Tsunade's desk. She pretended to be a good girl, which was working. All those years of being on Tsunade's good side and training to be a nurse in training was paying off.

"Okay girls, enough!" Tsunade motioned to Karin to take a seat besides Sakura.

"So there seems to be some kind of situation going on between you too girls for a very long time now. Mind telling me what is going on, so we can settle this feud and you two girls can stop coming into my office?"

"Alright!" Karin jumped out of her seat. "All I know is this pink haired freak is trying to hook up with my boyfriend, when I'M clearly going out with him. So if you can tell her to back off we can get back to our lives!"

"Ahem… alright Sakura you may go now".

"Arigatou Tsunade-sama… well it's obvious that Sasuke-kun doesn't like Karin. I mean he has been saying that he likes her and me! This is causing us to hate each other and fight over him!!!"

"Uchiha? He's the cause of all of this?"



Moments later a boy with spiky raven hair wearing some blue jeans, an Alesana shirt and some black and white checkered vans walked in.

"Sasuke-kun!!" Karin ran up to Sasuke and hugged her boyfriend.

"Karin… get off me."

Karin listened to him and sat down back in her chair. Sasuke pulled up a chair in the middle of the two girls.


"Seems like theirs a problem concerning you Sasuke… not the first time am I right?"

"Hn. What problem?" Sasuke said folding his arms over his chest and leaning back.

"Your little love affair."

"It's not my problem… It's between Karin and Sakura. Not me…"

"I don't care whose problem it is! Just solve it now, so I can go enjoy some sake".

Sakura sighed… this was going to be tougher than she thought if no one was going to talk. Sakura looked at the two, who weren't going to say a single word, judging by their face.

"Alright! Fine I'll tell the story from the beginning if I have to! Way before I met Karin!"

(A/N: Alright it's going to get confusing starting here… Basically the rest of the story is going to be told in flashback mode… you know Sakura's past with Sasuke. You're going to see what happened to them! Okay if you have questions, feel free to ask me! I'll answer them and clear things up for you!)

xX Flashback Xx

Location: Konohagakure Fire Middle School; Year 7

Haruno Sakura and her best friend Yamanaka Ino strolled along the halls of their middle school. Sakura at the time had long pink hair and her bright emerald eyes were always bright. Yamanaka Ino was a peppy girl that had long platinum blond hair in a high pony.

They both turned into their homeroom class and walked to their desk.

"Ne, Sakura-chan? Want to go to the mall with me and Sai-kun on Friday?" Ino said taking a seat next to Sakura.

"Hmm… I don't know maybe… wait are you going to drag me to one of your 5 hour shopping sprees… because if so im sooo not going!"

Ino laughed nervously.

"Haha… what makes yo think that I would do that?!"

"Ino…" Sakura looked at Ino who was giving Sakura her puppy pout face. "…FINE I'll go…"

Ino jumped in excitement.

"YES!!! I knew you would!! That's why you're my BFFL!! Maybe we can even get you a super hot outfit for a very hot guy". Ino said pointing to the guy in front of her.

Sakura looked at Ino like she was crazy… why would she fall for a guy like … Uchiha Sasuke. From the thing she heard about him, like how a total player he was and how he would dump a girl in less than three days. She wasn't about to let her heart take another heartbreak. She looked at Sasuke who was sitting right in front of her. He was wearing a black shirt that had the Senses Fail logo in the front in grey. He had a pair of grey jeans and a pair of converses. His hair how it usually was, long in the front with his bangs hanging on each side of his face and his hair spiked up in the back.

"Ino… you are so crazy in the head its not even funny." Sakura let out a laugh.

"Sakura! I'm dead serious!! We totally should hook you two up! Naruto probably could help us out!"

With that Sakura looked at the empty seat next to Sasuke. Where was Naruto anyway?

"That's weird… Naruto isn't here! No wonder it's so quiet". Ino said with her head leaning against the palm of her hand.

"I wonder if he's alright…" Sakura said worried.

Sakura tapped Sasuke on the shoulder.

"Hey… where's Naruto?"

Sasuke looked at her.

"Sick… he has food poisoning from ramen".

"Figured that much" Sakura giggled. "Well thanks and sorry I bothered you".

Sasuke looked at Sakura. He raised a brow.


"You look familiar… do you live around me or something?"

Sakura glared at him… was he seriously asking her that… she was best friends with Naruto HIS best friend and they all lived in the same area, but apparently he couldn't remember.

"Yes… you baka. We live like a couple of houses away from each other!"

"Kami-sama… what the hell is your problem pinky?"

Sakura was about to blow. She hated being called pinky. The only person that was allowed to call her that was Ino. Ino who was enjoying every moment of the two's conversation finally joined in.

"Tsk Tsk Sasuke-kun… you should know not to mess with a girl and their hair. It causes problems especially when it comes to my dear Sakura-chan". Ino laughed. "Prepare to feel the wrath of Haruno Sakura".


Sakura too mad to function got up and left her desk leaving many students around them clueless about the argument. Sasuke fangirls on the other hand, furious that Sakura had just told off Sasuke.

At lunch, Sakura ate lunch with Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, and Suzuki Tenten. They were talking about what they were going to do over the weekend. The girls giggling and enjoying their lunch. Hinata who was reading a issue of AP started freaking out.


The girls turned to Hinata and questioned her loud outburst, which caught the attention of Sasuke and his group of friends.


"AHHH!!!" the girls screamed together.

"Really!! Oh my god! We soo need to go see them!! Who else is coming?" Sakura questioned.

Tenten grabbed the magazine out of Hinata's hand and started reading. Ino who was looking at the table with Sasuke's group looked confused.

"Ino what's up?"

"Um… is Mr. Sasuke Sexy Uchiha suppose to be coming to our table?"

"HELL NO!!" Sakura screamed.


"Hey Pinky."

"Chicken ass…"

Sasuke took a seat next to Sakura at the lunch table. Sakura just glared at him.

"What do you want? We're kind of busy planning things".



"Sweetness! How much are tickets?"

"Um… that's the thing… there kind of expensive…"

"like?" Ino said hoping it was in her budget. She could not go shopping for a couple of weeks right?

"125 bucks…"

"DAMNIT!!" Sakura yelled. "NO! I HAVE to get these tickets! It's my favorite bands and John! Ugh! C'mon girls think! That's 500 bucks with all of us, maybe we can wash cars or something for the money?"

Sasuke who was listening to the girls freak out about their concert smirked.

"What are you smirking about Uchiha?"

"What would you say if I can get you the tickets free AND meet and greet passes?"

Sakura started screaming in her head.

"I'd say I love you if you can! Just thinking about it makes me want to get up and dance around!"

"So?" Sasuke said waiting for an answer.

"I guess so. I mean it's THE MAINE… I'll do anything to see them and meet them!" Sakura said daydreaming about meeting the lead singer and possible getting a kiss on the cheek and an autograph.

"Really now? I'll give you it on one condition."

"Oh no… I have a bad feeling about this".

End of Chapter 1!!!

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