The chapters of this will be short and there will be exactly 26 of them because the point of this story is to do one 100 word drabble (I follow the Open on Sunday drabble rule) for each letter of the alphabet. Prompts were chosen randomly, brainstormed by family and friends. The prompt will be stated as the title of each chapter. Enjoy!


He was late to their first crime scene and did not apologize, so she immediately labeled him as arrogant. Moments later, he did the same to her as he watched her boss around the entire FBI tech team. Every time they met, they each reaffirmed their belief that the other was vain and self-important. Then he was right about Mrs. Masruk's affair and she was right about Farid and suddenly arrogant wasn't the sum definition of the partners.

Years later they are drinking margaritas (Angela's choice) and reminiscing and they all decide that they couldn't have started another way.