Albus Severus Potter settled on his four poster bed und looked at the book he lent from the library.
"Modern History of the Wizarding World: from Grindelwald to Voldemort"
Albus didn't need to look for his family, they told him, his siblings and cousins what they did in the war.
No, Albus Potter was not interested in the entrys concerning the Potters or Weasleys. He wanted to know something of his namesake, the late Severus Snape.

Snape, Severus Tobias
(Jan 1960 - Mai 1998)
Specialties: Master of Potions, Legilimens, Occlumens, Animagus, Creator of Spells, DADA, Experimental Potions
Alignment in the war: Double-Spy for both the Order of Phoenix and the Deatheaters
in Hogwarts: Head of Slytherin, Master of Potions, DADA-Intructor, Headmaster of Hogwarts
in the Order of Phoenix: Double-Spy for the Order of Phoenix, Right Hand of Albus Dumbledore
with the Death Eaters:Double-Spy for the Deatheaters, Inner Circle, Right Hand of Lord Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle
Born to a mother of an old neutral Pureblooded family and a muggle father, the motive for Severus Snape joining the Death Eaters is not known. The Death Eaters recruited him because of his natural talent in Potions and Dark Magic and his brillant and logical mind. He was part of the inner circle and considered the right hand of Voldemort in the second Voldemort War.
Shortly after joining the Deaths Eaters in the first war Snape realised what he had done and seeked help with the Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore. He was recruited as a spy and sent back to the Death Eaters. When there was a opening in the teaching staff Snape was more than qualified for he went there under the pretense of spying on the Headmaster for Voldemort (See: Academic Achievments). For that service he was spared Azkaban after the first war.
The time between the first and the second war Snape stayed with his teaching in Hogwarts, cared for the connections of the other Death Eaters, knowing Voldemort would come back and his position as order spy would be needed.
In that time he also designed a number of medical potions and spells now used in Aurory (See: The lost Spells for combat situations; A guide to modern Aurory; Medical Potions for the versed Potioneer; Complicated Potions the easy way: the Snape Modifications (all posthumously published according to his extensive notes)).
In the second war he took his prior position for both his employers...

Albus scanned the rest of the long entry and shut the book when he came to the academical articles and books written by Snape and the ones about Snape himself.
What would he need to prioritize for his history project and what aspects were really interesting?
He wanted his project not only to be the best it could be, he wanted it to be brillant. When Binns had given them the Assignment to make a project out of one of the persons of the war, independent from the side of the war, everybody assumed he would do something about his father.
Albus let them assume.
Then he had the idea. Snape had been a Headmaster, to be precise: the youngest Headmaster in the History of Hogwarts. He died in that position. There had to be a Portrait of him in the Headmistress office.
Albus left his dungeon home. He had to talk to a portrait.