Chapter 14

Dear Albus

I was given your history project by a friend who thought I wanted to read it.
I have to say: she was right!
Could you imagine your old father sitting there reading a book cover to cover in one sitting? – You managed that.
It's unbelievable that nobody ever thought about asking the portrait of Professor Snape about the Death Eaters.
I'm very impressed with your work and am happy that you devote so much energy to your schoolwork (not like your parents).
How did you think about working with the Professor? Or, what did you say to get him to talk to you about the war?

Your (very proud) Dad

Albus let out a little sigh of relief.

He hadn't known what reaction to expect from his father. He knew what he could expect from uncle Ron. His parents weren't that predictable.

Madam Le Croix looked over her calculations and fiddled with the painted quill in her hand.

She had gone here in this portrait with the Unspeakables because it got to loud in the Headmistress office for her. She couldn't concentrate enough to calculate the sales channel of the illegal drug Fairy dust the unspeakables asked her for.

The other portraits knew not to disturb her at the moment, Wenning-Thorne, Lady Carlisle and Madam Hertz sat together drinking tea and talking quietly about the history department in the ministry.

The garden picture was always the place they all met, tea, fruits and crumpets always ready.

It wasn't the only picture they had for interaction or relaxation but it was the one they used the most.

No true english would ever disregard their tea and crumpets. Death didn't change that.

"The history department is debating a complete new procedure in obtaining information from the past. Portraits would be questioned about their time to get more details. This was always done, but this was the first time this was used for the presentation of a complete subculture."

Madam Hertz nodded in her tea. Possible futures went through her clairvoyant brain, letting the new information change everything accordingly.

Lady Carlisle settled her teacup in her hand and looked to Wenning-Thorne.

"Did Binns already said anything to the boy?"

"No, he planned that for tomorrow after reading it another time."