Alright, so, well, this is my first time writing anything out of the Pokemon section, so, you know, yays and all that. So, apologies for any stupid mistakes I make, since I've never played the games of a good chunk of the characters. I'm not going to say much else, really. So... enjoy, I guess. If you can! xD Also, I call the Pokemon Trainer "Red" due to a lot of reasons. It just seems a little more... practical.


Kirby rushed down the halls, navy eyes fixed on the exit at the far end of the long, forever stretch of white walls, screens, blue carpet and doors. The bell had rung all of two seconds ago, waking most of the inhabitants from their sleep, and Kirby had been out the moment it had. Thanks to the stupid room arrangements, the pink ball hero of Dreamland found that he lived in the very farthest corner of the living quarters, which was the worst place to be should there be a fire- which was very likely at Smash Palace. The only thing that could have been more of a tragedy would have been rooming Wario, and everyone was glad for ROB that he didn't have a sense of smell, or the poor guy would have wired himself to an unstable microwave circuit a long time ago.

But that was besides the point, because R.O.B didn't have to worry about what Kirby was fretting over. Even in a full sprint, Kirby calculated like he did every morning, it took thirteen seconds to get through the door, ten if it was a good day. But the chances of some conflict stepping into his path was high, so that dozen or so seconds always put the star warrior on edge. He was so edgy, in fact, that whatever was in his path, important or not, was second priority. He had to get to that door as fast as possible. And that was it.

So as he passed the seventh door, Kirby was pleased, because it had only been eight seconds, and he was two away from the door at most. He could hear the grumbles as he fellow fighters groggily got up and snapped at their roommates, but his one track mind only repeated the same thing over and over again. "Door, door, door, door, door, door, do- holy crap big Link!" He had been too busy repeating his mental mantra to realize that a tousle-haired hero of Hyrule had staggered from his door, groggily smoothing out the folds in his trademark hat to realize the pink blur that was racing towards him.

It's at the last moment when the most important of choices are made, choices that changed history and the world itself. Kirby found himself thinking of these two choices, weighing his options. Sure, he valued his friendship with everyone in Smash Palace, he was that sort of guy at heart, and he certainly valued Link's friendship quite a lot. However, he wasn't sure if the tall, blond hero could possibly compete with what laid behind the door at the end of the hall. So he was faced with two choices: choice A, stop and avoid a direct collision with Link and waste precious seconds, or choice B, bash him over the head with his giant mallet and apologize later.

As expected for the guy who thought with his stomach, Kirby chose B.

So as Link, hero of Hyrule, carrier of the Tripiece of Bravery turned his bleary blue eyes to look at the giant wooden hammer plummeting straight at him, he could only think of one thing.

"Knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning."

And then there was a flash of pain, followed by a sound thud as he collapsed onto the carpeted floor, giant bump forming on his skull. Link was in so much pain, he could barely manage a long stream of curses that would have made Kirby blink in confusion had he not already run past, throwing a "Sorry, Link! Sorry!" over his nonexistent shoulder. The hero knew one thing, he was going to kill that pink marshmallow one day. Until then, he could only hope he didn't die in the long stretch of hallway, or at least people not step on his body on the way out.

Meanwhile, Kirby had made it to the end of the hall, thrown open the door and burst into the room that had caused the entire conflict, breathing a giant sigh of relief and giving a giant grin. "I made it! I think I killed Link, but it was so worth it!" The hero of Dreamland exclaimed, before spinning around the kitchen. While the fact that they had just bashed one of their good friends over the head with a large mallet would have concerned most, Kirby and his terrible memory could only give a coo of happiness at several of the meals that had been laid out on the serving table. "Donuts! They have the jelly filled! Sweet!"

As he piled his plate high with as many donuts as he could, several of the other brawlers started filtering in, from the dismissive and indifferent Ike, to the cheery and kind Peach- who happened to be one of the few who looked perfectly groomed and orderly. Everyone else looked as if they had just rolled out of bed, which they had. Well, Mr. Game & Watch didn't, nor R.O.B, but that was obvious as to why.

"Kirby, man, how do you get here so early?" A voice rang out, and Kirby didn't even have to turn his gaze from his meal to know that it was Ness, the raven haired psychic of Smash Palace. Swallowing down two donuts in one gulp, the pink ball of Dreamland gave a light laugh.

"Oh, I just run really fast. And I have no morals when I'm hungry." He replied, before throwing three more donuts down his throat. Or maybe it was his stomach. Ah, who cared. Ness shook his head, glad that he hadn't been the victim of whoever had been the unfortunate one to get in Kirby's way, and the painful strike of his giant hammer. Wherever it came from. One of the many mysteries that all of the fighters had yet to solve.

"Aw, man..." Lucas suddenly chirped up, and Kirby and Ness jumped. Lucas had that strange ability to blend in and disappear, probably due to how quiet and timid he was. However, after hanging around with Ness and Kirby, who did nothing but joke around and play pranks, it was easy to warm up. "Kirby, how many of those have you eaten?"

"After this one..." Another donut disappeared into his mouth, never to see the light of day again. "twenty-three!" He threw his arms into the air, giving a cheer. "New record!"

"You probably could have gotten higher, too." Lucas noted, "If there were any donuts left." Indeed, Kirby had cleaned out all of them for the day, and several people were sending him death glares behind his back; but he was oblivious and failed to notice a thing. He did, however, notice a shadow that attempted to slip cunningly from the shadows and towards the exit, because he jumped up from his seat and gave a giant shout, oblivious grin plastered on his face.

"Meta Knight!"

Said fighter stopped cold in his tracks. "Damn..." He muttered, slowly turning around, masked golden eyes narrowed into slits. "What, Kirby?" He asked, tone patient in that not-so-patient-annoyed-not-worth-my-time way that he adopted whenever dealing with the pink ball of hyperness and overeating. Said person waved with his stubby arms to the table where Ness, Lucas and recently R.O.B were seated.

"Sit with your bestest friends in the world!" He replied loudly, and Meta Knight shuddered.

"Please keep me out of that categorization." R.O.B replied in that neutral, robotic tone he always kept. "It is quite depressing." Out of all of them, R.O.B was the most sane, and also the most honest. Maybe it was the programming or the wires or whatever was going on in his plastic cranium, but the guy was as tactful as a needle covered potato. And just as optimistic.

"Agreed." Meta Knight groaned, before seating himself down and giving a sigh. It was better to sit and bear the idiocy than to be chased around by Kirby, who would cry and pout and whine until someone shut him up one way or the next, if by sword or hammer or bomb depended on who. The same cheery guy was about to start one of his usual conversations about one pointless thing or the next in which everyone would have to suffer through when the doors exploded open with such force that they hit the walls with a clap that echoed through the entire room. Silence dominated the atmosphere. And then-


Kirby jumped up, bewildered. "Huh?"

"... not again..." Lucas muttered softly, shaking his head in tempo with Ness. Maybe it was the psychic thing or whatever, but they usually did that, and it unnerved a lot of the fighters. But no one was paying attention to that little detail, they were all focused on the tall, striding figure garbed in green that was making his way to Kirby's table. Pit followed behind, looking sheepish, and his wings folded and unfolded in that nervous habit of his.

"I hope the donuts were worth it!" Link wailed, tearing off his hat and exposing the bump on his head. In a last ditch effort, someone had put the every day band-aid over the injury, but it obviously didn't help. Even then, most people were surprised that the hero of Hyrule had even taken his hat off; even in battle it stayed put, and most had started to assume it had become one with his hair. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing, considering the company that lived in Smash Palace.

Kirby simply had the usual expression of confusion on his face, as if he honestly didn't understand the situation or recognize the person in front of him. Knowing Kirby, that was highly likely. "Look! You did that! For what? Donuts! What do you have to say for yourself?!" Link demanded.

There came a long pause, as if the hero of Dreamland was considering the scenario deeply.

"They were very good donuts." He finally chirped up, looking pleased.

While Pit held Link back from running the Master Sword through the marshmallow brawler, Kirby cheerily picked up his glass of orange juice and took a large gulp, once again heedless to the conflict that was occurring not even two feet away from him. "Don't, Link! Don't!" The angel pleaded, "Calm down! Do the right thing!"

"This is the right thing! Let me kill him! He's pure evil! Pure evil!" Link ranted, waving his blue-hilted sword above his head. "I have to kill him! The cute face is just a facade! He's evil! Must kill evil!" On the side line, Meta Knight realized that Link had hinted at what he had thought all along. Maybe behind the adorable, huge blue eyes and cheery smile there was an evil mastermind plotting the end of the world that was just waiting for the perfect moment...

... but then Kirby blew bubbles through his straw and laughed like it was the funniest thing ever, and Meta Knight quickly dismissed the idea. No one that stupid could even dominate a bowl of jello, let alone the world.

Finally, with the help of Ike, Marth and Samus, Link was dragged away, still yelling at the top of his lungs, and eventually the usual chatter took over again. The conflict was forgotten; after all, it happened all the time, people threatening to kill each other, explosions and other vendettas that were developed over the strangest things. No doubt another weird scenario would come to light in a little while, probably over pillows or trophies or stickers again.

"What'd I miss?" A drowsy voice asked, punctuated by a long yawn. Toon Link collapsed at the table, hair a mess of blond locks and hat lopsided on his head. His green eyes were still half shut from sleep, and he looked more like a zombie than his usual cheery self. He never had been a morning person, and as usual he was the last one to the kitchen. Ness shrugged.

"Oh, tall you got whacked over the head with a mallet by Kirby, and then Samus, Marth, Ike and Pit had to stop him from deflating him with the Master Sword." The psychic replied. The large-eyed, strangely proportioned hero perked, suddenly wide awake. Anything involving his taller, older, more serious and well, more defined counterpart always caught his attention, more so if it was public humiliation.

"Really?! And I wasn't here to see that?" A giant grin spread over his face. "Did anyone get a picture?"

Everyone shook their heads. Toon Link gave a sad sigh. "Aw, nuts. Another chance'll come, I suppose."

This time everyone nodded. No doubt about that.

Kirby was about to go for seconds, Meta Knight was about to disappear again, and R.O.B was about to, well, do nothing, really, when there came a crackle as the announcing device clicked on. Everyone, from Mario to Lucario, tensed. That was never a good sign. "What is it this time. Perhaps an announcement of foreclosure? A horrible disease? Large insects from another dimension?" R.O.B inquired, seeming almost amused by his vocab musings. Lucas shot him a scared look, rattled.

"Stop, R.O.B..." Ness sighed, "It's probably nothing. Geez..."

"This is Master Hand." The speakers boomed from all sides. "All brawlers must come to the auditorium immediately. That is all."

"See?" The psychic urged. "Just a meeting."

"Yes." The robot replied. "It is much more honest to announce such foreclosures due to disease ridden insects from another dimension in person, I suppose. You are very right."

"No, no, no." Ness said hastily, as it looked like Lucas was about to have a panic attack. "That's not what I meant..."

"Guys, guys, guys!" Somehow, while Ness had been trying to explain- pointlessly- to R.O.B the meaning of tact, Kirby had raced to the doors and was now hopping around impatiently. "Let's go, let's go, let's go! If there are giant insects from other dimensions..." He struck as much of a pose as a ball could. "I want to eat one!"

"That's disgusting." Meta Knight scowled. Nonetheless, they- as well as everyone else- reluctantly exited the dining room and traveled down the hall to certain doom.

There we are. That was actually really fun to write. Hopefully it wasn't miserable to read x3 SU out! (Ha! I can still say that!)