"Well, that takes care of them, un." Deidara smiled as he looked around. There were six dead ninja lying around him, the rest having been blown to smithereens by his art.

Sasori looked around as well, a frown on his face. "These lousy brats have put us behind schedule. We'll have to hurry if we want to get to the next village on time." He had already turned around and was walking down the road.

Deidara laughed, stepping over the bodies to catch up to Sasori. "Chill, danna. We're not that far behind, and it won't kill us if we're a little late, un."

Sasori shot him a quick glare over his shoulder. "This is your fault anyways."

Deidara rolled his eyes. "How exactly is this my fault, danna? You're the one who wanted to stay on the main road, un! We were practically begging for an attack, un!"

"The main road would get us there the fastest. And it's your fault because you had to set off one of your stupid little bombs!"

"It's not stupid, it's art, un!"

Here we go again.

"No brat, it's not art. Art is eternal, something that is preserved for time, like my puppets."

"No danna, art is something that's brief! Instantaneous! Un!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"For the last time, ART. IS. ETERNAL. End of discussion."

"No, it isn't, danna! Art is-"

"We're here."

Deidara glared at Sasori, angry that his argument had been cut short. His partner quickly checked them in, and they headed upstairs to their room. Deidara threw his bag onto the one bed in the room, not sure if the clerk had thought he was a girl, or if Sasori had purposely booked them a one-bed room. Either way, it didn't matter. Deidara pulled out some of his clay, molding small animals before squishing it into a new shape. Sasori slowly unpacked his things. "Are you hungry, brat?"

Deidara stiffened. "Don't call me that, un."

Sasori smirked. "You're pouting, so I don't see why I shouldn't. Brat." Deidara stuffed the clay back into his bag and rose to his feet. "Where are you going?"

"To take a bath, un!" Deidara yelled, slamming the door behind him. Sasori sighed. Great, he'd managed to make the sculptor mad at him again. He hated having Deidara mad at him. It absolutely ate him from the inside out. Now, what should he do to apologize? An evil idea came to him. Sasori grinned wickedly and rose to his feet.

Deidara finished filling the tub and slid into the hot water. Ahh, nothing like a hot bath to relax you. The only thing that kept this from being perfect was the thought of Sasori. Dammit, why did the puppet have to be so stubborn?! It wasn't like Deidara liked making him mad, his views on art were just wrong. Deidara shut his eyes and sighed. "I'll apologize for snapping at him." He decided. "AFTER I finish my bath…" Deidara was so relaxed he didn't even notice the door open. It was only when he heard the sloshing of water that his eyes opened. Sasori had gotten into the bath with him.

"Eek!" Deidara shot to the other side of the tub. "Danna, what the hell, un?!"

Sasori shrugged. "I wanted to take a bath."

"You couldn't have waited until I got out, un?!"


Deidara turned around, his anger returning. "Fine. But I'm not talking to you, danna." He turned away from Sasori, doing his best to ignore his partner. This became extremely difficult when Sasori slipped an arm around his waist, pulling him onto the red head's lap.

"Come on Dei. Don't be angry." Sasori purred into the blonde's ear. He smirked as he felt Deidara shudder. "Actually, I can in here to apologize." He gently trailed down kisses the sculptor's neck.

Deidara was doing his best not to lose himself. "Do not give in, do NOT give in!" Sasori moved his hands onto the sculptor's chest, teasing his nipples. Deidara moaned. "Don't you dare! Think about what he did! Remember that you're mad!" But the sculptor knew he couldn't take much more. Suddenly, he stiffened. When he spoke, his tone was very different. "So, you want to apologize?"

Sasori froze. Deidara spun around and pushed Sasori back against the tub wall. There was an evil smirk on the blonde's face. "What if I say I'm still mad at you?" He leaned forward and nibbled at Sasori's neck, hand sliding down the red head's chest. Sasori inhaled as he felt something brush him down below. Deidara's handmouth was nipping at his length.

Sasori moaned as the tongue flicked out and licked his hardening member. "This is punishment for being a jerk earlier, un." Deidara whispered into his ear. His other hand slid down to Sasori's waist, pulling the red head onto his lap.

Sasori raised a brow. What was Deidara-the blonde slipped the hand away from Sasori's waist and in between his legs. Sasori's eyes widened and he yelped as he felt one of Deidara's fingers slide into him.

"You need to relax, Sasori, un." His eyes widened further as Deidara addressed him without adding 'danna'. Crap.

He opened his mouth to protest, but Deidara captured his lips in a lustful kiss, slipping in another finger as he did so. He moved his hand on Sasori's length to the back of his neck, gently nipping at the skin. With Sasori distracted, he slid in the third finger.

Sasori began panting. The pain he had originally felt was slowly disappearing, and was actually turning into pleasure. Deidara noticed this and smirked. "It's not so bad being uke, now is it, un?" Sasori glared and the blonde slid his fingers out. A moment later his cock was at Sasori's entrance. "Ready, un?" a quick nod from the red head, and Deidara thrust in.

Sasori inhaled sharply, clinging to the only thing he could; Deidara. The blonde slowly slid out and thrust back in sharply, causing Sasori to dig his nails into the sculptor's back. Deidara soon built up a rhythm, Sasori panting and moaning at the sensation. He cried out whenever Deidara hit his sweet spot. God, he couldn't hold out much longer, he was getting so tight- "DEIDARA!" He came all over their stomachs, collapsing weakly against the blonde. Deidara smirked and came deep within Sasori a moment later. He sat back against the side of the tub, Sasori still on his lap, panting heavily. When he finally caught his breath, he slid out of the tub and grabbed towels for both of them. After drying off, they headed into the bedroom.

"So that's how it feels to be seme." Deidara was hit in the face by a pillow. Sasori pulled the covers over himself and shut out the lights. "Oh, come on, danna!" So, now he was danna again? "Don't be a sore uke, un! Even though you will be pretty sore tomorrow." Sasori rolled over, facing away from Deidara. "Please, danna?" Deidara tugged at his sleeve.

Sasori sighed. "Give me one reason to, Deidara."

He shivered as heard that creepy tone return to Deidara's voice. "Because if you don't, you won't be seme next time, un."

He rolled over to face Deidara. "That's a fairly good reason."

"YAY, un!" Deidara cried, his voice back to normal. He quickly snuggled up to Sasori, burying his face in the crook of Sasori's neck. "Night, danna. Love you, un."

Sasori smiled and silently ran his fingers through Deidara's hair, already plotting his 'revenge'…..