"Should I write these in my Palm Pilot or crochet them on pillows?"
Kate Todd. Yankee White.

Ziva: "Just to be clear, are there any more of these rules I should be aware of?"
Gibbs: "About 50 of them."
Ziva: "And I don't suppose they're written down anywhere that I could..."
Gibbs: "No."
Ziva: "Then how am I supposed to.."
Gibbs: "My job is to teach them to you."
Ziva David and Jethro Gibbs. Switch.

Abby's Apartment.

It is a few days after a hitman tried to kill Abby and the business with Mikel Mawher. McGee has come around to check on her as even though they are no longer together he still feels very protective of her. After a low key evening of computer games, NCIS gossip (would Tony and Ziva ever realise their feelings for each other, what happened between Gibbs and the Director in Paris), pizza and a couple of bottles of beer Tim finally asks the question that has been bothering him for several days.

"There's something I'd like to know Abby."
"Yes, Timmy?" Good McGee thinks. If she's calling me Timmy she must be fairly relaxed.
"I understand why you didn't tell Gibbs about Mikel but why didn't you tell anyone else? Tony, Ziva, Ducky, me - you know we'd have found a way to help if you'd come to us. You should've known it wasn't right to keep a secret from the team."
"I thought about telling you guys Tim. I really did but...."
"You or Ducky would've told me to go to Gibbs. Tony might've tried to take care of it himself and then he would've told me to"
"Go to Gibbs."
"Now you're catching on" she says smiling. "And Ziva. Well Ziva would've...."
"Killed him" they finish the sentence together grinning.
"So in the end I confided in the only one I knew would keep the secret and let me handle things my way."
Tim thinks a moment but has no idea who she is referring to. Jimmy would've told her to tell the team and surely her nuns would've encouraged her to do the same.
"O.K. Abby I give up. Who'd you tell?"
"Bert" she replies and starts to laugh. Joining in McGee thinks to himself. How typical! Confiding in a hippo and taking care of herself. Independent and tough. That was Abby all the way through.

Rule 4 - The best way to keep a secret. Keep it to yourself.
Second best. Tell one other person - if you must.
There is no third best. Blowback.