Naruto OniKami: Bloodline God

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'Place change or time'

"Super banshee screech"

"normal speech"


Before there was life before there was light there was god but the strangest thing about this God is he is a demon. So begins our story Naruto Uzumaki is in the land of waves in the middle of the fight against Haku and Zabuza.

"Why Sasuke?" said a blonde boy.

"Cause I hate you Dobe you will never be as good as me." Said a boy with black hair styled like a duck's ass.

"Teeemmmeee!!!!" yelled the blonde in a voice that caused everyone to stop what they were doing as it felt like someone had dropped ice cubes in their shirts and pants.

'Is that kyuubi's chakra it feels so malevolent' thought Kakashi 'I need to find a way to make him harness this power so the greatness of the leaf will increase tenfold. Then maybe once he has out lived his usefullness we can kill him and give kyuubi to Sasuke to make him stronger."

The blonde as if sensing Kakashis thoughts got even angrier and instead of the chakra being red it became black and gold.

'What the hell is he that isn't kyuubi's chakra.' Thought a certain retarded sensei.

"I'll kill you Teme. I'll rip out your heart and feast on it while chopping your body into pieces." Said the blonde and the amount of killing intent he was letting out was enough to nearly kill sakura and Sasuke on the spot.

Haku and Zabuza were shaking they could feel the intent and the rage litterally roiling around the blonde shinobi.

It is at this time the Gato decides to make himself known. (suffice to say he is so dead along with all of his mercenaries.)

"So then you failed eh Zabuza?" said a short man his voice laced with arrogance despite what was going on. "Guess I get to kill you and me and my men get to have some fun with that girl of yours."

"What the hell do you mean?" Zabuza shouts "She isn't related to me by blood."

"Oh dear I guess your little slut of a girlfriend in Kiri never told you." He then laughed Evilly "She is your daughter by blood Zabuza. Your girlfriend got pregnant just after you left."

"Haku-chan I am so sorry I didn't know forgive me." Said Zabuza

"Tou-san" Haku said running over and embracing him.

"awww how touching. I'm still going to kill you and rape you daughter though. Attack the one who brings me Zabuza's head gets first crack at his daughter." Said the ugly little bastard with a lusty tone.

Now you may ask what was our blonde hero doing. Well as soon as he heard Gato's words he paused and once Gato finished he cracked. Everyone froze as they heard a roar of primal fury instantly killing the bandits with pure killing intent alone. Naruto suddenly dissapeared and reappeared in front of Gato.

In a voice laced with malice and the promise of death should he not comply, He spat "account number and pin now."

Gato shakily took out a small pad of paper and scribbled down two numbers. Then folded it over and shakily handed it to Naruto. Who then pocketed it and turned around. Gato thinking he was safe ran away. Only when he was out of sight did he just disintegrate, as if he never was.

Naruto by the time he got back to Kakashi and the others was calm and collected.

Kakashi asked "Naruto what was that I know that it wasn't "it's" chakra?"

"Sorry Kakashi-sesnsei clan secret." Said Naruto as he laughed at his teacher's expreassion.

"Dobe I demand you teach me how to do that." (Guess who? lol)

"Teme why should I teach you when you were willing to kill me?" the blonde asked.

"Naruto-Baka teach Sasuke-kun how to do that."

"And if I don't Haruno" He said malice leaking into his voice once more.

"Then I'll never ever go on a date with you." She said smugly like she had won.

Naruto stared at her for a few minutes blinking. Then burst into laughter. "You think…. I….want to be….with you." He said in between laughs "that's rich Haruno so very hilarious." The cold and icy tone in which he spoke made everyone shiver.

Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi stood mouth's agape. 'I thought Naruto liked her/me' was going through their minds.

As if he read their minds he started laughing even harder. When he got his laughter under control he turned to Tazuna to say "I think we should get back to your place its getting kind of late."

"Right, what about them?" he said. Pointing to the hugging and crying figures of Zabuza and Haku.

"Ah yes them." said Naruto "They will be going elsewhere."

"Where?" Kakashi asked.

"Mind your own business Kakashi sensei." He said emphasizing the sarcasm on sensei.

Suddeny a cheery shout of "lets go" could be heard from Naruto.

As raced over to Haku, Zabuza and whispere in thier ear "meet me in the forest at midnight and I will send you somewhere no one will ever find you unless I tell them." They nodded thier heads to show that they undestood his words and got up to join the group.

The whole way to Tazuna's house they were silent. Each in thier own deep thoughts about a certain blonde who was just walking with his hands behind his head whistling innocently.


"Wonder whats taking the gaki." Zabuza said with a chuckle.

"Tou-san don't make fun of Naruto-kun." Haku said and then realized what she just said and her blush rivaled a tomato's coloring.

"Naruto-kun eh?" Zabuza said teasing his daughter.

They heard a deep chuckle "I love you to Haku-chan." he said. Haku turned a whole new color of red and fainted. As she was falling before Zabuza could even tink to catch her Naruto was already there.

Zabuza glared at the blonde. "If you hurt her I'll kill you." he said in a menacing tone.

"pfftt as if you could."he said confidently."But if I do love her the way I think I do then you have no problems." he said his tone soft as his fingers ran through her hair. As if rembering who he was with he suddenly straightened up and handed the unconcious girl to her father.

"Now to the reason I brought you out." he said in a serrious tone "I would like you two to live in my castle till I come back to it and no there is no need to clean cook or anything of that sort the prinnies will handle it for you."

"prinnes, castle, cook?" Zabuza asked confused.

"Yes I am not what I appear to be. But fear not you will have all the creature comforts and when I return to my castle you shall be given a choice."

"What choice is that?"

"you'll find out when I return. Now do you wish to live in my castle away from the shinobi world?"

Haku had passed from unconcious to asleep mumbled in a sexy voice(not sue how this works but okay) "mmm Narut-kun is so soft and sexy."

Said blondes blush could match a tomato. Zabuza looked from Haku to Naruto and back. The placed Haku leaning against a tree and as soon as that was done fell on the ground and laughed so hard he had to have Naruto heal his ribs because he broke them.

This caused Haku to wake up so Zabuza after getting his laughter under control filled her in and asked her oppion. Haku thought of all the pros and cons and decided.

She said " Okay Naruto-kun"

"Very well then. Just let me open a dimensional gate for you to go through." He siad with a wide smile that made Haku's knees weak. As he started channeling mana and a giant rune started to appear.

"Dimensional gate?" asked Zabuza uncertainly. Eyeing the gate with distrust.

"Oh right, well its sorta how demons get around in the netherworlds to get stronger." he said matter of factly."Oh if you want to go fight and get stronger Just aske the prinnes and my vassals what to do. One more thing if you want to come back I made a special 's exit it will lock on to my charka, yokai and mana to get an aproximation of where I am and no need to worry about teleporting in on me using the bathroom or taking a shower I made it so it won't work if I am." He then handed them a black and gold box."don't open it unless you want to comeback oh and time works different in makai then here one week here is like two or three months there. So you could become superpowerful and come back and oh I don't know say kill the Mizukage. I'll send a summon when the chunin exams start in Konoha." He smirked to Zabuza.

Haku breathed out a deep sigh of dissapoinment. Her eyes seemed a little downcast.

"What's the matter Haku-chan wanted to see something your not supposed to?" he teased with a hint of lust in a sexy tone of voice. Haku blushed as bad as last time and then had a nosebleed that knocked her out. 'And women say we're prev's' thought Naruto and Zabuza with sweetdrops on the back of thier heads. Zabuza took out a little orange book and read a few pages till Naruto spoke agian.

"Anyway you should get her and go if your going my "team and sensei" will be up soon" Zabuza noticed the emphasis on team and sensei "good luck gaki" he said.

"Later Zabuza Haku-chan" as he caressed her cheek and she shivered while unconscious. Then the rune flasheda bright white and Zabuza, Haku and the rune where gone.

Naruto heaved a sigh of relief then felt a familiar chakra signature comming his way. He then heaved a sigh of frustration as Kakashi and Sasuke landed in the clearing.

"What do you two want?" he growled out.

"Naruto where are Zabuza and Haku?" Kakahi asked.

"They left" he said. 'Damn now I'll never get the bounty on Zabuza's head and the village won't be able to get another bloodline to breed."

Naruto was getting angry. He didn't need to read mind's to see what Kakashi was thinking though he could and what he could see disgusted him.

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