Tsunade, Female Naruto, Female Haku and Female Kyuubi are in the Harem. Female Naruto is not the base of this story but does come into play I don't want to give it away so I won't say more.

Female Sarutobi Is in with a couple of bloodlines. Refer to further down for choices of second bloodline trait.

yugito 10

Shizune 4

yugaggo 6

Fem Itachi 11

Fem deidara 5

Fem Hidan 5

Suzumebachi (bee girl) 1

Fem Gaara 8

Temari 6

Hinata (very low possibility of happening) 4

Tenten (higher then hinata but still low) 2

Anko 10

Kurenai 9

Isarabi (someone tell me the episode she appears in please?) 5

Sasame 6

Kin 4

Tayuya 5

Tsunami 5

Etna 3

Flonne 3

Fem. Laharal 4

Fem Madaara (chances are Then Pein will become fem and join to I have a scene all planned out with this happening.) 6

All female demons (Bijuu) 11

All containers (female) 11

Hana 5

Samui (killer bee's student I think) 3

Tou (one of the twelve guardian ninja) 1

Koyuki 5

Haruna 3

Nibi 2

Shion 5

Fem Sasuke (If it gets enough votes it will happen I have a way to do it too.) 2

Fu (seven tailed jinchuuriki) 1

Kushina (possible) 8

Fuka (episode 60 where they are after sora) 1

Yakumo 2

Ino 1

Mikoto 1

Tsume 1

Seven tails 1

Konan 1

Fem Adell


Fem Kami (will be explained if voted for)

Fem shingami (same as above)

Inner Sakura (possible but still don't like very much more than regular)

If Disgaea characters get in should they get bloodlines?



What are Narami's Bloodline's?





Spider bloodline (sound four)







Allows manipulation of all forms of water allowing for transformation from solid to liquid to gas instantaneously. Holder of kekai genkai is immune to cold or freezing temperatures and slightly immune to heat. Can form an armor of ice almost impossible to break.

Haku's bloodline

Name one and give a brief description and I will put it up to be voted on.

Her father is Minato obviously. But who do yo want o be her mother? Or should the mother just be left unnamed but known to have a bloodline?

Should this be crossed over with something else as well like DBZ or something?

Yes (What crossed with?)


One of Hikari's bloodlines will be


Allows for immunity to fire jutsu or anything extremely hot. Gives ability to turn skin to scales and grow wings the scales will provide immunity to all low level jutsu and some high level e-c with some A and B. allows user to breath dragon fire and shape it anyway they want such as into a clone or into a dragon not illusionary it actually takes the form of what the user wants although with the added bonus that if it is destroyed with out the user doing it causes the release of a medium amount of dragon flames. Noticeable use is the eyes will glow gold and gain a slit pupil.

Vote for another it can be whatever you want here are some examples





Spider bloodline (sound four)






Saiyan blood

Name one and give a brief description and I will put it up to be voted on.

Should Haku have another bloodline?



If so what?

For choices look through Hikari's or Narami's.


Naruto is not who he seems he even says so. Kyuubi hasn't spoken to naruto.

These are two foreshadows of things to come that will bear a gigantic impact on this story.

I do not like sakura in cannon she was a bitch to naruto constanly smacked upside the head and constantly turned him. She is the reason he almost died fighting sasuke. If it wasn't for his promise to sakura he might have been able to do it going all out instead of holding back. she is weak and could have gotten him killed easily. there is so much wrong with I will stop here.

Kakashi while he doesn't beat naruto or anything he does worse he ignores both sakura and naruto for sasuke. Shouldn't have been considered sensei cause he doesn't even teach sakura or naruto anything. some of you my say well Oh what about tree climbing what about it most if not all genin should have been taught that as soon as they got out of the acadamey or in the academy. then when naruto has a very tough fight comming he blows naruto off for sasuke and teaches him an assassination techinque that he later uses to almost kill his teammate.

Thank you for at least looking at this and I am sorry if any of this offended you I have others I would like to rant about to but will stop here.