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'Demonic thought inner voice'

'Place change or time'

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Last time

"What do you two want?" he growled out.

"Naruto where are Zabuza and Haku?" Kakahi asked.

"They left" he said. 'Damn now I'll never get the bounty on Zabuza's head and the village won't be able to get another bloodline to breed."

Naruto was getting angry. He didn't need to read mind's to see what Kakashi was thinking though he could and what he could see disgusted him.

Anyway the three went back to Tazuna's home. When the entered Tazuna's house Naruto went over to Tazuna and gave him a slip of paper with an account number and a pin on it and whispered. "Here for wave to get back on its feet. There's about 2 billion yen in there along with all the deeds he acquired from your village." Tazuna got to his feet and hugged the blond boy tears were streaming down his face. Tsunami came over and asked her father what was the matter when her father said what Naruto had done she went over and gave him a kiss on the lips. Everyone was shocked except Naruto who was taking advantage of the opportunity and kissing her back with vigor. She moaned slightly then he pulled back as if nothing had happened and her face was redder than a tomato.

'Dam he's good wonder how many women will be after him'

'That was hot cha'

'Sasuke-kun is still hotter though'

'Yay looks like I might get a new daddy soon'

'Dam kid is to young for my Tsunami-chan'

"Well we should probably go pack so we can leave for the leaf. Even though we don't have to escort a civilian its still a long way back." The others nodded in agreement with Naruto. They went to the respective rooms to pack.

"Gotta say that kids got guts. Good taste too." Tazuna said with a smile on his face.

"What do you mean Daddy?" Tsunami asked an expression of confusion on her face.

"I mean Tsunami-Chan that you are and always will be beautiful. Why that bastard you called a husband left and left his kid with you I will never know." He said getting angry at Tsunami's late husband who had left as soon as they were married and took most of her and her father's savings with him. Tsunami had kept Inari and raised him as though he was her own child.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi felt it he knew his time was close he was old. He was sitting in his desk drinking his coffee when he started spluttering and coughing. He just swallowed some poison but because he was the Hokage he managed to get a good portion of it out of his system through spit and chakra sticking to the poison and being spit from his mouth. However he was already weak suddenly out of the wall came Orochimaru.

"Well Sarutobi-Sensei looks like I finally get to kill you." He smiled sadistically his fangs and cross-shaped pupils making him look very creepy. He then took out a kunai added a little paralysis poison to it and shoved it in his heart.

It was at this point that the Anbu came Orochimaru realizing that his job was done suddenly melted in to a pile of mud with an exploding tag in the middle of the goop. The Anbu seeing the tag grabbed Sarutobi and ran to the hospital

He was given to the doctors and they took him for surgery to remove the poison from his heart. What they didn't know was that he was poisoned before hand as such the mixing of the two created a new one that instead of paralyzed or killed it became a poison that put people into coma's. The doctor's came out and told the Anbu the situation. The Anbu hung their heads in shame at failing to protect their leader.

Sarutobi's Mind During His Coma

Sarutobi was sitting there in his house which was a resplendent two story affair had a wonderful front porch and was on a nice sized piece of property. He was with his wonderful wife and their children. The fourth was alive and had to take care of the Hokage junk and the evil known as paperwork while Sarutobi got to sit back and relax. His pupils were in the village helping out even Orochimaru when Sarutobi had first caught him he had stopped his experiments on people and started to create things for others instead of causing problems. Naruto was doing fine and was playing with his mother and father all was well with the world Sarutobi knew this was all a dream but he couldn't be happier.

"It is wonderful isn't it this ideal world. Perfect beautiful peaceful but that's the problem with a world like this its to perfect nothing interesting ever happens." Said a deep demonic voice behind Sarutobi.

Sarutobi turned around hoping that it was not who he thought it was. The bad news it was who he thought it was. The good news is that he was doing anything more threatening then studying Sarutobi.

"Why are you here? Am I dead?" He asked somewhat nervously.

"I am here to offer you a deal. You were going to die soon but this happened now while you are not dead you would have been if I hadn't done anything to help you stay alive."

"What deal? And what did you do that saved me? Shinigama-sama" Sarutobi asked generally concerned and intrigued by this offer Shinigami was going to give him.

"Hmm I suppose I shall explain what I did first. I combined a bit of the paralysis poison with the remnants of the poison that would have killed you so that they could remove the paralysis poison now you might think well why didn't they just get both at the same time well the answer is short and simple none of them knew that you had two poison's in your system they were busy trying to get rid of the paralysis poison and keep your heart going Orochimaru stabbed you there and that is where the poison was strongest so they didn't notice me pumping some of your blood to the other poison and by the time they would have noticed the other poison you would be dead." He said chuckling a little while smiling which sent a feeling of ice being poured down his spine to Sarutobi.

"Well okay but what about this deal. And why did you save me if I am supposed to die soon?"

Shinigami chuckled to himself. "Two reasons. One I like you." He said surprising Sarutobi as well as shocking him. "The second being that this does not come without a price but the benefits outweigh the cost. The cost is that you will no longer be male and your thought pattern will change to that of a female you will also have to make a third team and you put someone as the sensei and you Naruto and I person I will send once you have a teacher decided will become a team. The benefits however are that you will retain your memories. You will be young again and I will unlock the bloodlines that lie dormant in your genetics. Not to mention I will give you a hot body. Furthermore while you will not be able to inhabit this body I will allow you to control it basically like a half sentient puppet except you have a mental link with it. In other words anything important it has to do will be transmitted to you while it waits on what you want it to do."

"Wow that is nice and did you say bloodlines? Why hasn't someone else in my family got them then." Sarutobi asked intrigued about the bloodlines and concerned as to why no other family member had gotten them before.

"The reason no one in your family has gotten them is that they are suppressed by many years of breeding with no inclusion of the bloodlines blood has caused it to become weak and almost recessive like the first Hokage's bloodline Tsunade is a prime example she has parents that both carry historic bloodlines but because her parents had such a small portion of the bloodlines in them she got passed over and just gained minor parts of the bloodline. Enough history I will now ask you to choose I will let you have all the time you want but remember the longer you take the more stuff will happen right now because of your absence the shionbi council has full power but that doesn't mean that the civilian council wont try and upset the balance."

"Thank you for the offer Shingami-sama I will let you know the answer sometime soon." Sarutobi said respectfully. Shinigami nodded and faded away while Sarutobi sat on the porch of his house and considered the Shinigami's offer.

Wave Country

The group had just crossed over the land of wave. Naruto heard Tsunami ask her father what they were going to name the bridge.

"How about the Super Naruto Bridge?" he asked Tsunami smacked him up side the head.

"How about the Great Naruto Bridge?" Inari asked everyone shouted their approval for the name. Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari smiled.

As they were on their way to Konoha Sasuke came up to Naruto and demanded. "Where did you get that power it should be my power it belongs to the Uchiha clan give it to me."

Naruto smirked maliciously and held out his hand it was glowing with red power and as soon as the greedy Uchiha set eyes on it he grabbed for the power. Only to let out a pain filled scream that sounded like the screeching of tiers and a wounded animal. "There you go Teme I gave you the power you didn't say how you wanted or even that you wanted to keep it so there." He laughed. Sakura went to punch him only for him to grab her arm and say. "Haruno if you try that again I will break your arm."

"Maa, Maa Naruto don't you think that's a bit to mean?" Kakashi questioned a little anger in his voice and a little hatred in his visible eye. 'That power should belong to Sasuke he needs it to beat his brother.'

Naruto sneered as he saw the man's thoughts. "No it's not Kakashi-sensei I warned Her nothing more until it happens so as long as she doesn't push me nothing will happen to her. Then there is the Uchiha don't even get me started on him!" he finished anger lacing his voice and sarcasm when he said sensei.

"Naruto-baka you can't talk about Sasuke-kun like that." She screeched.

"Try screaming louder I'm not sure they can hear you yet in the corners of earth wind and lighting." He said being sarcastic while completely truthful.

Raikage's office

'God what the hell was that I sounded like it came from wave country. I better send some shinobi to investigate. I could almost swear it sounded like a demon. Another jinchuuriki for us yes.' He got up and punched the air with his fist accidentally sending some lighting chakra into the ceiling and a small spark hit the paperwork on his desk burning up all the paperwork. He laughed at his own luck of burning papers.

"Raikage-Sama is everything okay in there I smell something burning in there." His secretary said through the door.

"Nope just that dam paperwork getting burned to pieces." he said.

"Umm sir that was a mix of requests for pay and calculations of how much you would make by selling some of the ore in the mountains and ways to make the sale the most profitable sir."

The Raikge paled. Then shivered and started trying to put the papers back together he knew that even though he was strong there were a lot of ninja that would beat him up for not paying them and then the council would have his nut's for losing the papers. He loved his gigantic stash of almonds only one thought was going through his mind. 'Must Save Almonds'

Kazekage's Office

'God what the hell was that I sounded like it came from wave country. It woke me from my nap' He yawned and stretched. 'I better send some shinobi to investigate. I could almost swear it sounded like a demon. Another jinchuuriki for us yes.' He jumped out of his seat and started dancing on his desk spilling paperwork everywhere. Everyone in Wind country suddenly heard a loud "Nnnnoooooooooo".

A blond and a red headed looked at each other and simultaneously thought. 'Great Tou-san got over excited and started dancing on his desk again.' They sighed. "When will he learn?" They said at the same time and looked at each other then bust up laughing.

Meanwhile with Naruto

Naruto was picking his ear trying to get rid of the ringing. 'Dam this shit is annoying. Next time I am bringing ear plugs.' He looked to Kakashi and suddenly was angry. The reason being that Kakashi had ear plugs in so he had probably heard none of Naruto's rant oh he was going to pay no ifs, ands or buts about it. A very familiar evil grin crossed Naruto's face one that screams "your going to get it". He chuckled evilly under his breath but Sasuke caught some of it and shuddered. Even he didn't want to get caught in one of Naruto's pranks and he felt sorry for the poor bastard that was Kakashi cause what ever Naruto was going to do was going to be down right evil to the man.

When they neared the gates to Konoha they noticed to chunin guarding the gates.

"Halt state your name and business with Konoha." Said Kotetsu and Izumo.

"Hey what's up Kotetsu? Izumo?" Naruto asked.

"Not much Naruto do anything good lately?" Izumo asked.

"Well I did get to fight an army I beat the hell out of them too." He chuckled and smiled a genuine smile at Izumo and Kotetsu. "How's the Old man?" He asked.

"Well he's in the hospital." They said you could hear the sadness and anger in their voice.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi where surprised. They thought the Hokage was invulnerable. (Idiot's did they forget how old Sarutobi is. I mean he trained the Sannin and they are at least fifty years old) "Do you know what room he is in?" Naruto asked.

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