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'Demonic thought inner voice'

'Place change or time'

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"Normal speech"


Last time

"Well he's in the hospital." They said you could hear the sadness and anger in their voice.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi where surprised. They thought the Hokage was invulnerable. (Idiot's did they forget how old Sarutobi is. I mean he trained the Sannin and they are at least fifty years old) "Do you know what room he is in?" Naruto asked.

Room 01

Sarutobi's body was on his bed and he was hooked up to an IV among other things. Naruto walked into the room saw the old man hooked up to the machines. He hugged the old man and said.

"I know you can't hear me but thanks for all the stuff you did for me. It's the reason you were given an offer." Naruto chuckled as Sarutobi's face showed a surprised expression. Millions of thoughts were racing through his mind.

'How does he know about the offer? What does he mean all the stuff I did for him was the reason I was given the offer? I wonder if I should just take the offer to find out how he knows about this offer?'

Naruto smiled. "I can see you have a lot on your mind. So I'll just leave you to your thoughts." Naruto chuckled as Sarutobi's eyes begged for him to come back and tell him what he knew. As he was walking from the room he threw the third a bone. "I know some people and you're lucky I do." Then loud enough for the Third to just barely hear he said. "Wonder what you would look like as a girl?"

Sarutobi's expression was hilarious he had wide eyes and was trying to use them to motion Naruto back into the room also his mouth in an O his eyebrows in his hairline.

Sarutobi pondered on Shinigami's offer. Finally he came to a conclusion and then decided to wait for Shinigami to show itself again.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto walked to the door of his three story building it looked like it was going to fall to everyone else and those with thought of burning the place would feel the need to be elsewhere. Those that did overcome that feeling when they stepped onto his property would get a nasty surprise. He opened the door to his apartment and walked into a foyer that was gilded with gold and silver the walls were a dark red the floor was a nice redwood paneling and smooth to the touch. The furniture while looking stuffy and high class was actually very, very comfortable.

The second floor contained bedrooms and bathrooms all in different styles the master bedroom where Naruto slept had black walls and gold molding The bed was a giant four poster with red sheets and black drapes that could be pulled for privacy. The bathroom floor was a nice off white tile a shower in one corner with the tile sloping and a drain in the middle it also had plastic walls that you could darken by adding some chakra too. There was a gigantic tub/spa that took up half of half of the room it was nice and inviting it had dispensers built into it that allowed you to chose if you wanted a bubble bath and what types of soap shampoo or conditioner you wanted to use they was also the choice of scented or unscented. The sink looked delicate as though it would break with a touch and the toilet was fit for a king. The bedroom aside from having an elegant dresser and nightstands, there was a bookcase and very large rack full of scrolls and books. Most of the rooms were modeled after the master suite.

On the third floor was a training area that had seals so you could practice jutsu's and no screw things up to much as the seals would absorb the chakra that came from the attack and use it to repair any damage. There was also a seal that worked like a battery and you could charge chakra into to fix things if the amount you used in your attack wasn't enough. There was also a weapons room that had all kind of swords, axes, staves, fist weapons, spears, bows, and guns. The last room on this floor was locked unless Naruto charged some chakra and yokai into it. The reason it was locked is because it had a dimension gate that anyone could use if they knew it was here it took him straight to his castle.

On the roof of the apartment was an out door Onsen and it had a garden surrounding it and you could have it split or communal depending on who was there. Naruto sighed tiredly and walked to a door with numbers above it he pushed the button to the side of the doors and stepped in cheesy music was play and he pushed the two. He tiredly walked to his bed and slowly took of his clothes exposing his muscled chest and legs then he slipped into bed and fell asleep.


Naruto stifled a yawn as he looked at the clock upon his nightstand. It read 5:30. Naruto groaned and decided to go visit Haku and the others. He walked to the third floor and put his hand on the door. He was about to channel some chakra and yokai into the door when he heard a knock on the door. (1) Sighing heavily he walked to the elevator and went down to the first floor. He then walked to the front door and opened it. On the other side was Kakashi and he looked as lazy as usual and was reading his porn he then spoke up.

"Team meeting in an hour" Kakashi said lazily. (big surprise) Then left in a swirl of leaves before Naruto could get a word in.

Sighing heavily Naruto walked into his house closed the door and went back to the door he was at earlier. He then channeled some chakra and yokai into the door. It swung open and in the middle of the room was a Dimensional gate and off to the side is a computer. Naruto walks over to the computer and boots it up. When he flips the switch the dimensional gate flares a little brighter. Naruto pulls up a diagnostic on the gate and looks over the results. He smiles seeing that everything is well and keyed in a sequence the gate flashed and he walked over and added some mana, chakra and yokai and then in a flash he was gone.

One hour Later

Kakashi arrived on time. Sakura and Sasuke immediately threw kunai at him asking. "Who are you? There's no way you are Kakashi-sensei." Kakashi sweat dropped and hung his head a little. "Am I that bad?" he asked. They nodded and surprisingly enough a couple teams that were passing by also said. "Yes, you are."

Kakashi hung his head in shame then suddenly noticed something. "Where's Naruto?" the other two looked around and noticed he was missing. They shrugged, Kakashi sighed.

"Let's go get him then."

"You know where Naruto-baka lives Kakashi-sensei?"

"Yes I do Sakura I know where all of my students live." He said with pride. Not wondering why Sakura Naruto's teammate had no idea where he lived. Sasuke was quiet. 'I bet the dobe lives in a dump.' He had no idea how wrong he was.

Sarutobi's hospital room

Sarutobi was relaxing and calmly waiting until shingami came to see him. All of the sudden the room became dark and a silvery mist drifted into the room and in the center of the mist a voice spoke.

"Sarutobi have you made your decision?" Sarutobi instantly recognized the voice of Shinigami and would have sat straight if he could have.

'Yes I have" he thought to the being unable to speak.

" And? What is your choice?" Shinigami said emerging from the mist.

"I choose….."

Naruto's apartment

Sasuke started to feel bad for the Dobe. Sakura was angry and was ready to beat the door to his apartment to bits. Kakashi just read his porn but inside he was annoyed. They had knocked on the door twice and still got no answer.

Naruto's Castle in Underworld one hour earlier

As soon as Naruto came out of the dimensional gate he walked to the dining hall and sat down at the head table and with a shout of "prinnes" a veritable feast appeared on the table. Haku, Zabuza and one other smelled the food and came drifting into the room she sat on his right. She had grown a bit coming to a nice 5"6' her hair was always let down and cascaded past her shoulders down her back stopping just above her round shapely ass. Her face if possible became even more beautiful her chocolate eyes that used to be only mildly filled with life looked to be full to the brim. Her neck was elegant and just the right length her breast size had gone from C to D. She put on a little more weight, which mostly became muscle. No longer could she pass for a boy. Zabuza looked better as well his muscles became more defined. His eyebrows had grown back. (2) He had on a black shirt with the kanji bad written on the back in white. He no longer wore a Kiri headband and he had gotten a black mask. He got rid of the bandages he thought he looked better without them. The last person to set down was another woman she appeared to be Naruto and Haku's age she has short orange hair that if it weren't in a ponytail would reach her shoulders. She has a round face and an average nose. She has deep blue eyes that were big and doe like they seemed to be able to see through you and right to your soul. She has a cute whisker marks on each of her cheeks. She has full lips that were pink when no lipstick was applied right now they were green. She has C cup breasts a smooth stomach and nice shapely rear and long legs. She was slightly tanned all over. When they were finished eating Haku and the other girl finally noticed Naruto seated at the head seat and jumped in his lap. Naruto chuckled warmly oblivious of the glare the girls were giving each other.

'Hussy' they each thought about the other fire in their eyes. Meanwhile Zabuza was muttering about dam lucky blonds getting all the girls.

"Girl's" he said warmly the girls looked at him waiting for him to continue. "How would you like to participate in the chunin exams for Konoha?" He asked. Seeing their eyes light up he knew the answer. Then they became down cast. Knowing what they were thinking Naruto spoke.

"Ah I see you remember that you need a three man team with a jonin-sensei. Have no fear your other team member is in the hospital with the Old man she will be told shortly as to you jonin-sensei its Zabuza." Zabuza Glared at the blond be he just ignored it and chuckled at Zabuza's expense. The two women danced around the table childishly.

"Now if you will excuse me I must go look after the others and then must go see to other important matters."

Room 01

"Very well Sarutobi now this might hurt just a bit." Shingami said with a wicked smile that made him sweat.

Sarutobi was in agony. He felt his soul being pulled from his body and then suddenly his soul was beside his body and he noticed a thread of blue linking them together. 'That must be the mental link Shinigami-san was talking about.'

Suddenly a girl's body about Naruto's age appeared next to the third's spirit. The girl was 5"5' had blue hair a nice face breasts that wereat least double C possible D a nice tight ass, long legs and a creamy skin complexion. 'Dam' Sarutobi thought 'My new body is Hot!!!' He suddenly felt his soul being pushed into the body. The girl opened her eyes looked down at herself. "Thank you Shinigami-san I appreciate this." She said in a meleodious voice.

"You are welcome." He turned and the mist started to fade but he said something in that last moment that would change Sarutobi forever. "Old man hmm perhaps it should be pretty girl now though." Sarutobi blushed and thought what's wrong with me. "I see you have noticed well to let you know you will keep all your previous knowledge and your memories of being Sarutobi Hizuren will only last until your original body dies like it will. On a more cruel note you will note be able to think like a man anymore. Well ta old man oh I left a note for you to look at on your desk please do read it in a timely fashion." Shinigami smirked as he disappeared in a swirl of silver smoke. The room lightened up to show a girl with a shocked expression and a Human puppet standing. Suddenly the "puppet" said.

"Well grand niece what's your name going to be?"

"Well I was thinking Hikari Saruryu?" She asked questioningly as though the third was the third and not just a shell.

Sarutobi took out a pipe put some tobacco in it and lit it took a few puffs and sighed thoughtfully.

"Acceptable I like it a perfect balance of your old last name and blending of one of your bloodlines." Sarutobi said smiling. The newly named Hikari smiled as well and then said.

"I'm going to meet the relatives Old man." She giggled, as he looked angry and frustrated. Then he chuckled and said.

"Very well Hikari-Chan scare them a little for me as well." He smiled and shook his head feeling odd talking to what he knew as his old self as though she really wasn't him. 'Ah oh well at least it won't be suspicious. Hmm wonder of Shingami-san did something as far as this goes too? Oh well back to the evil known as paperwork.' Both Hikari and Sarutobi shivered at that thought then Hikari laughed as she remembered she didn't have to do paperwork anymore. Brightening up very much she skipped out of the hospital a giant smile threatening to split her face in two present.

Sarutobi groaned and figured he might as well go see about the note that Shinigami-san had left. He left the hospital in a swirl of leaves.

Hokage's office

He appeared in front of the desk and noticed a scroll with an oni mask as the seal he picked it up and the fangs of the oni mask lengthened and cut his thumb causing it to bleed. What happened next cause Sarutobi's jaw to drop. The oni mask's tongue came out and licked the fangs clean of his blood then it seemed to swirl its mouth around as if tasting it. It nodded and the scroll opened. Sarutobi wondered what would have happened if someone not of his blood tried to open it. Little did he know that Danzo's clone had tried and it was killed and Danzo would not be able to walk for weaks was how much power was behind the little seal. The note said this.

Dear, Sarutobi Hizuren

I am delighted to inform you that I know of a team that would like to participate in the exams however they are one person short I hope that Hikari will agree to take this spot. If so there is a headband in the seal at the bottom her teammates will be Zabuza Momochi as jounin-sensei, Haku Yukigumo, and Narami Namikaze. Yes, Yes I know Minato's daughter well eventually my master will make himself known or maybe Narami will tell you what happened anyway see you soon.

Have fun telling the council Sarutobi


Sarutobi sat heavily in his seat. He quickly conferred with Hikari who was as surprised as he but told him to let them compete and to bring her the headband when he came home. Still reeling from the information that was presented to him. Then he smirked thinking about how to get back at the council with this information. Thinking quickly he called an emergency council meeting.

Council chambers

Sarutobi walked and the council was seated he smirked when he saw that Danzo was gone but frowned when he saw a Root in his place. Then he smiled a malicious grin that even made some of the clan heads shiver. Hiashi didn't because the Hyuuga don't shiver. Instead his hands shook a little.

"Now I know something that has to deal with the fourth Hokage and if you want to know then you will have to give the Hokage absolute final say on all decisions. I'll even write it up as a contract for you all to sign."

"Why would we want to do this?" Shouted one arrogant civilian councilman. Again they were treated to a wicked looking smile and a glint in the Third's eyes that clear stated I have you and you just don't know it yet. Hiashi actually shivered this time and even Danzo's Root could barely suppress the shiver he wanted to give.

"Because as some of you may or may not have known the Fourth and his wife both had a bloodline that could have been passed on if they had children." Many were confused as to what this would mean.

"Now if you will all sign this document then I will tell you some most joyful news and you will be very happy to hear it." They all got up quite interested to hear what this news was that could make the Hokage so sure that they would sign this. The Root had to think for a bit Danzo had given him the power to speak as if he was Danzo himself he was even given a seal to stamp if he thought Danzo should approve something. The Root made his decision and stepped forward he said in an emotionless voice as all root are trained to do.

"Danzo-Sama has given me this seal to stamp if I think he would agree to something." He stamped the seal into some ink and then pressed it to the paper. The Hokage laughed evilly and everyone shivered. The Hokage then rolled the scroll up and put some seals on it.

"Very well if you must know then Narami Namikaze is heir to the Namikaze fortune and although I don't remember her mothers name I do remember Minato said she had a bloodline and that his bloodline was so much cooler than hers. It also turns out that she will be present for the chunin exams." He didn't bother to tell them that she would be fighting for a different village. He snickered at the thought of their faces when they heard. So immersed in his thoughts was he that he didn't notice the chaos his statement had caused. He heard one of the council members say.

"We should arrange a marriage between her and Uchia-sama." The others quickly calmed and thought about it.

"All in favor?" asked the civilian leader. All of the civilian side the two elders and Danzo's representative raised their hands.

"All opposed?" The shinobi side of the council raised their hands. But seeing as how there were fewer shinobi the civilian council won. They were about to draft a marriage contract when Sarutobi cleared his throat. They turned to him.

"What?" they asked in unison. Sarutobi glared at them and then spoke his peace.

"I vote that this is not allowed." Sarutobi said the civilians smirked and said. "We have majority Hokage-san we win the contract will go through."

"Insolent fools, you will not proceed you see this handy dandy contract allows me to overrule you." Sarutobi smirked.

"As a matter of fact I put to a vote that this council be disbanded and the shinobi side be reformed of clan heads from every clan in Konoha." Sarutobi smirked at the civilian's horror stricken faces. The clan heads smirked. 'No more meddlesome civilians being prejudiced against their clans, plus now we can dictate the prices to make them fair for everyone and not more pricey for the shinobi.'

The civilians had decided since the shinobi brought in the money that they were entitled to it and so had changed the prices for shinobi.

"All in favor?" Sarutobi asked happily. The shinobi raised their hands and the Hokage smirked. "You don't matter." Said the Hokage to the civilians. "I hear by disband this council and will have all clan heads meet so that I may give them the terms upon which this council will run. Good Afternoon" Sarutobi said smirking and waking out of the chambers while whistling a merry little tune.

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He has a seal on it that duplicates the sound and then searches for his chakra signature and yokai and then projects the sound to him. Unless he isn't there.

He accidentally burned them off