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"We should arrange a marriage between her and Uchia-sama." The others quickly calmed and thought about it.

"All in favor?" asked the civilian leader. All of the civilian side the two elders and Danzo's representative raised their hands.

"All opposed?" The shinobi side of the council raised their hands. But seeing as how there were fewer shinobi the civilian council won. They were about to draft a marriage contract when Sarutobi cleared his throat. They turned to him.

"What?" they asked in unison. Sarutobi glared at them and then spoke his peace.

"I vote that this is not allowed." Sarutobi said the civilians smirked and said. "We have majority Hokage-san we win the contract will go through."

"Insolent fools, you will not proceed you see this handy dandy contract allows me to overrule you." Sarutobi smirked.

"As a matter of fact I put to a vote that this council be disbanded and the shinobi side be reformed of clan heads from every clan in Konoha." Sarutobi smirked at the civilian's horror stricken faces. The clan heads smirked. 'No more meddlesome civilians being prejudiced against their clans, plus now we can dictate the prices to make them fair for everyone and not more pricey for the shinobi.'

The civilians had decided since the shinobi brought in the money that they were entitled to it and so had changed the prices for shinobi.

"All in favor?" Sarutobi asked happily. The shinobi raised their hands and the Hokage smirked. "You don't matter." Said the Hokage to the civilians. "I hear by disband this council and will have all clan heads meet so that I may give them the terms upon which this council will run. Good Afternoon" Sarutobi said smirking and waking out of the chambers while whistling a merry little tune.

Naruto's Appartment

Kakshi and team had finally gotten tired of waiting and Sakura tried to take down Naruto's apartment door. As soon as her fist landed on the door she was shocked with 100 volts of electricity and passed out on the ground. Sasuke and Kakashi looked at each other and Kakashi sighed. "One of us needs to take her to the hospital." Sasuke looked at him and glared Kakashi sighed picked the girl up bridal style and rushed her to the hospital to tend her injuries. Sasuke looked at the door stoically and then noticed the doorbell to the side of the door and promptly face faulted with a giant sweat drop on his head. 'How could Kakashi miss the damn doorbell I mean its right there. Sakura is freaking retarded who the hell goes and tries to breakdown someone's door and even if you do what the heel makes you think the person on the other side won't just kill you thinking you an intruder. Idiot's the both of them.' Sasuke got up and hit the doorbell after a few minutes he heard footsteps when the door opened there stood Naruto clad in long black pants tied with tape near his black ninja sandals and a black and dark silver shirt that had on the back in gold an oni mask with the words Onikami the inside of the apartment was well kept even if the paint was pealing and the walls were cracked in places and a few other not to noticeable problems (genjutsu to cover the real stuff up). He knew this because Naruto turned his back to him for a second to move something. Naruto invited Sasuke in for a minute Sasuke declined and told him to remember to come to the training grounds for tomorrow. Naruto asked where Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan were with much venom. Sasuke stared at him for a bit then warily told him that Sakura had tried to break down his door and because of it was knocked unconscious. Naruto snickered at this and Sasuke again stared. He then told him that Kakashi got stuck with taking her to the hospital. Naruto laughed so hard that he fell to the ground and was wheezing about his ribs hurting. Sasuke once again stared at him only this time longer than before.

"What's the matter Sasuke-kun see something you like" Sasuke snapped out of it and flushed, Naruto just lauhed uproariously in his mind at the "poor" Uchiha.

"What the hell do you mean dobe?" Naruto snickered the insult was too petty for him to care. He smiled told Sasuke that he would be there and then shut the door. Allowing the Uchiha to seethe in front of the door to his apartment meanwhile laughing all the way to his baedroom.

Council Meeting Room

Sarutobi strode into the council chambers and sat behind the large desk. The clan heads tickled in until all were seated. Sarutobi smiled a slightly evil smile and the clan heads shivered slightly.

"Now that everyone is here lets begin. I will reform the council both sides actually however there are a few stipulations you will all will agree to before I give you any power at all I will write this on a scroll just incase and have you all sign it. First neither the shinobi council nor the civilian council interfere in any shinobi or child of shinobi's life the Hokage will pass the judgement and if there is no Hokage at the time then the oldest clan head will pass down judgement. Second no laws will be allowed pertaining to any civilian or Shinobi's right to marry or have children. Third each clan head other than the founding clans shall have two votes. The founding clans will have three. However as stated in the contract signed by the council as a whole the Hokage will have final say unless there is no current Hokage in which case it will be turned to the oldest clan head." Surprised at the low amount of things to go through they readily agreed and signed the scroll. Sarutobi then told them he was going to reform the civilian council but with people he trusted. "Then it's off to visit my grand niece and make sure she isn't scaring the crap out of my family too much." The council was surprised they had no idea sarutobi had a grand niece. Then rightly concluded that she wasn't mentioned before because the previous council members would have tried to force her into marriage.

Next Day Konoha Southern Gate

Four people were approaching the gate when the guards got a look at them they almost weren't able to hold back a nosebleed that would send them into the wall and nock them out luckily they were able to remain conscious even if they were dizzy from the blood loss. The first woman all the way to the left was a tall red head with a slender figure, long legs, curves in all the right places, big red eyes that if they were used in a puppy dog look would make any man or even woman give in, CC to D cup breast and her skin was lightly tanned. Next to her was a tall man with a giant sword strapped to his back a facemask on the lower part of his face and dressed in anbu gear with his short brown hair standing up slightly. Next to him was Haku and next to her was Narami Namikaze. When they reached the gate the guards stuttered a halt and asked for name and papers. Kyuubi stepped forward and said in a voice commanding voice.

"We are here for the chunin exams we are from onigakure. This is Zabuza." The man smirked behind his mask when the guards looked at him in fear.

"This is Haku Yukigumo." The girl bowed to them and the guards gave her a perverted stare, which immediately stopped when they heard a growl from Zabuza.

"This is Narami Namikaze." The two looked at the orange haired girl she gave them a slight wave and they bowed to her.

"I am temporary OniKami as our village calls it's leader." The two bowed to her as well and she presented their papers. They were about to leave when the guards stopped them once more.

"Hey wait. Where is your third participant?" they smirked.

"Well actually the Hokage-san has her at the moment. Her name is Hikari Saruryu and she is a relative of his that returned to the village sometime in the last few days or so." The guards paled at the news and started to shake. They were afraid for the genin that were going to join the exams. The four stepped into the village and Kyuubi headed to the Hokage tower while the others left to look around.

Hokage's Office in the Tower

Kyuubi made her way to the Hokage's and when she attempted to go past the waiting area the receptionist stepped in front of her.

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama is expecting a very important person from onigakure." Kyuubi stared at the woman. The woman flushed slightly and then Kyuubi used her looks to get by and the receptionist cracked and allowed her to pass. (Ultimate puppy dog jutsu you cannot resist) Kyuubi walked into the Hokages office and the Hokage was surrounded by the jonin and Kakashi was just going to vote his team.

"Team 7 consisting of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Although Naruto is the worst on the team I believe they are ready for the exam." Iruka was about to comment when Kyuubi cleared her throat. Everyone turned to her and the jonin then turned back to the Hokage questions on their face. The Hokage smiled genially and motioned them all to leave the new person and himself alone. After they had all left Kyuubi made a gesture in front of the Hokages desk and a very tasteful yet comfortable armchair appeared. The Hokage gaped at her before she sat down the Hokage looked to want to ask a question but Kyuubi interrupted him.

"I believe that we are here to discuss the allowance of my villages ninja along with your grand niece." Was curtly said and Sarutobi nodded agreeing.

"Well Onikami-san I think it is a great idea the kazekage and my student Jiraya will be coming and it would be great to have what is considered a kage in you country among us." Kyuubi smiled at the unknowing third and nodded her head with a snap of her fingers a Kage hat appeared with the kanji for oni on it.

"Well Hokage-san I am told to speak for Onikami-sama and act as him for this little excursion. He is engaged in more important matters at the moment and as such he has asked for me to take his place. Now I'm not as strong as Onikami-sama as he is a god but I am close enough to help out. I look forward to seeing if you grandniece can keep up with my Genin." Kyuubi said standing up and shaking the old Hokage's hand. She then asked if he would like to go get some lunch he agreed and they walked off to a close by restaurant.

Koankuro and Konohamaru's Confrontation

Naruto rushed around the corner and saw what he thinks is a guy but isn't sure in a cat suit and make up on his/her face scowling at the little boy konohamaru. He then noticed the beautiful blond Kunoichi next to the boy/girl in make up. Sakura was in was just behind konohamaru asking the person to let him go.

"Come on Kankuro let the boy go what if she sees us?" Temari asked looking around nervously kankuro looked over his/her shoulder and just gave Temari an annoyed look.

"Well she's not here right now and what she doesn't know won't hurt her." Temari looked at kankuro in shock apparently either his/her bravery or stupidity knew no bounds and those there were willing to bet on stupidity. Naruto was about to go knock some sense into the visiting ninja when a girl with brown hair came around the corner spotted Kankuro and rushed up to him/her and demanded the release of her nephew. Kankuro was again about to say something when to new arrivals appeared from around the corner Haku and Narami looked around spotted Naruto squealed like fan girls and jumped him. Every guy was looking at Naruto in and thinking 'lucky bastard' while a good portion of women had tick marks and were leaking a little bit of killing intent at the two girls who were oblivious to it as they continued touching their prize and feeling up the muscles hidden under that jumpsuit.

"What the hell is going on here?" Everyone looked to see Sasuke had just turned the corner wit a rock in his hand that if thrown would have caused Kankuro to release his/her grip on konohamaru. Everyone but Naruto and the two girls stopped and turned to the Uchiha. Their was a high tension in the air when they heard something that would make them all the girls blush and some of the guys jealous.

"So big" Haku said with a sexy slash lusty tone of voice. Narami looked at what Kau was touching and grabbed a hold as well. Naruto moaned and pleaded with them not to do that in public or he was going to have to punish them. More than a few men were out with nosebleeds and a few women were drooling and had a bit of blood dripping from their noses all of the people suddenly had to leave and there was quite a bit more moaning but not from Naruto or the girls. When Naruto was finally able to get up the Genins were looking at him except Haku and Narami who were still groping him while casting glares at each other every few minutes.

"Girls can you please stop its very distracting." Reluctantly the two girls stopped and finally notice the other girls leering at their Naruto and glared at them. "Well you in the tree you can come out." Sand appeared next to Temari and Kankuro. When the sand fell there was a girl with red hair and dark circles under her eyes. The most surprising thing was the blood dripping from her nose. Kankuro and Temari stared at her then smiled slightly their eyes slightly wide in shock. She looked at them noticed their looks.

"What?" The two were startled out of their amusement by her glare they just point at their nose and then to her. She brought a hand up to her nose and wiped under it and then put her hand in front of her nose. What happened next caused Temari and Kankuro to fall on their ass and laughed. Gaara looked at the blood on her hand and blushed brightly and suddenly she was wrapped up in sand and disappeared. The others were confused through the whole ordeal and decided to leave Naruto being the slightly nice person he was walked over to the two an helped them get up asked them their names and kissed the back of Temari's hand before he told them they would meet again. If he had stayed a bit longer he would have seen Temari's bright red blush.

Hotel Sand-nin Are Staying In

Gaara is in front of a mirror wiping the blood away from her nose not really understanding all-that well what the hell happened to her. As she went over what happened again more blood spurted from her nose. She also felt hot and flushed and in between her thighs was aching. Not really understanding what was going on she rubbed herself trying to ease the aching. Needless to say when Temari and the others got back they couldn't sleep and it didn't help that Temari's voice joined in.


Naruto and his team arrived they walked up the stairs and saw a bunch of Genin crowded around a door that said 301 and two "Genin" outside of the door not allowing the others to pass. A girl with her hair in buns that made Naruto think of pandas walked up to the genin.

"Please let us in we trained so hard to get here." She pleaded her eyes big and round in a puppy dog jutsu that caused many of the guys there to instantly want to grant her every wish. The Genin almost succumbed to the awesome might of the jutsu but in the end just backhanded her away from them. Sasuke then was about to walk up t them and say something stupid like "dispel the genjutsu" when Naruto grabbed him and bodily tossed him down the hall towards the stairs subtly lying down a genjutsu to detract attention from them. Sakura came in to punch him for hurting her "Sasuke-kun" when he grabbed her arm and twisted a sickening crack was heard to the three and Naruto tossed her after the Uchiha. When he got there he saw Sakura crying like the weak hypocrite she is and got angry smacked her and told her if she tried to punch him again he would break another bone before he healed her arm. Seeing that he wasn't joking they walked in front of him while Naruto savored their fear of him and the silence gained from attacking the fan girl back. 'Why I never did that before I have no clue. Hmm so it seems after so long my attitude is changing back. Hmm well nothing to worry about for now.' Lee appears and kicks the stuck up Uchiha's ass and when said Uchiha demands Naruto heal him he snaps a bone and then heals it. Sakura is looking angry and ready to attack when Naruto turns to her and glares she instantly shrinks back as she remembers what happened last time she tried to attack him. Inner Sakura is just thinking things like "wow what a man" and more perverted things if the drool and blood is anything to go by.

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