My eyes closed and I felt the cold take me over. Splatters of water dropped to my face, soaked my body, and just made me feel like falling apart.

I was invisible, everyone ignored me. I didn't and don't exist. Because no matter how much I wish and hope, I have no one. No one that cares for me, no one that talks to me, and no one to cry on.

My emotions mostly stay bottled up, I don't show weakness. But sometimes on those rare occasions I just let it all out.

I really don't understand how it's possible not to have at least one friend. I mean there is always someone out there that will except you...except me. But I guess it's not enough.

Nothing pleases anyone.

I don't please myself.

This is just all wrong, everything is.

What did I ever do to deserve this? Huh? The only thing I've ever done is get average grades, do what my parents tell me...and then watch them die. They left me and what did I do then?

I ran away.

I was only thirteen, but an orphanage took me in. I found a new family with an old widow who just wanted company. I live with her still, but really I don't ever pay any attention. She can't talk, she has cancer, and will probably die soon. But I'm the only one who will care, because like me she is invisible.