My first class was English, my teacher is so annoying. She drones on and on about the concepts of writing. Don't we know that already? Do we need to know that? I don't know but it gets on my nerves.

Next I go to algebra, math + me = straight D's.

I am not good at math, I'm not good with any number what so ever. I never have been truthfully, but it's worse now.

Now that I don't have my parents helping me.

Ever since that night.

I hated that night...I still hate that man.

My next class wasn't any better and neither was my next.

I just don't get how anyone can be, I don't know.


I don't eat lunch in the cafeteria anymore, I was sick of it. So now I eat lunch in the library, secretly of course. No food is allowed, but rules are meant to be broken...only if your good at breaking them.

Finally! The last period. Almost time to go home, almost time to escape this place.

Almost time.

"Class." Mr. Han began. "Tomorrow we will be having a new student, so I expect all of you to be nice."

A new student.

Another new student.


Tuesdays were like new student days at our school. Every month or so we would get a new kid, it was in th middle of the year. But this school sucked why would anyone want to go here?

I don't know, but thats my opinion.