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SUMMERY: On their way back from a mission, Team Seven encounter Itachi and Kisame. In the fight that follows, Naruto is kidnapped, and his memories erased. When told that his friend's are his enemies, will Naruto trust what he's been told or go with his feelings? Will Konoha get their knucklehead back, or is the Naruto they know lost forever?



Chapter One – Far From Myself.


Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were on their way back from their first mission since the Tsunade had come to the village. Kakashi was reading Icha Icha as usual. Sakura was trying to get Sasuke to go out with her. He was refusing and remaining stoic. Naruto, however, was strangely silent. Kakashi looked at the blond knucklehead and closed his book. "Naruto, are you alright?" Kakashi asked. Naruto blinked a few times, like he'd been thinking about something. Naruto looked around furtively then made his way over to Kakashi. "I think we're being followed Kakashi-Sensei." Naruto said softly. He seemed serious, and obviously didn't want a potential enemy to hear him. "How long?" Kakashi asked. "Since we left that farm." Naruto replied. Kakashi couldn't sense a thing. "I don't think so Naruto. I would've noticed by now." Kakashi stated.

"Would you really Kakashi?" Kakashi turned to look in the direction of the voice. He recognised it straight away. "It's not a good thing if you can't take your students seriously. Or is it just poor Naruto-Kun that you ignore?" Itachi stated. Naruto bit on his lip for a moment. He looked at Sakura and Sasuke. He knew Sasuke wanted to fight badly, his fists were clenching together so tightly, that Naruto was sure his fingers would snap. Sakura on the other hand, Naruto noticed, had fear in her eyes. Kakashi was already ready to fight. Naruto got into a fighting stance then realised something. "Hey you have a partner. That Kisame dude. Where is he?" Naruto asked. Kakashi looked at Naruto and his eyes widened. "Naruto move!" Kakashi yelled. Too late for Naruto, as he turned, saw a glimpse of the black cloak with red clouds, and felt a blinding pain on the side of his head. The last thing he heard as he felt his brain slip into unconsciousness was Sakura screaming his name.


"Hey you have a partner. That Kisame dude. Where is he?" Kakashi heard Naruto say. "Wait he's right. Where the hell is the other one?" Kakashi thought. "Damn it, their target is Naruto!" Kakashi thought as he turned to look at Naruto, his fears were confirmed as he saw Kisame behind the blond. "Naruto move!" Kakashi yelled. He knew it was too late before the words even left him. Kisame whacked Naruto around the side of his head with Samehade. Luckily for Naruto Kisame wasn't trying to shave his head or Naruto's brain would be all over the floor. Kakashi saw Naruto slump to the ground in a heap, without a single sound. "NARUTO!" Sakura yelled frantically at the hyperactive boy. Naruto, however, didn't move. Kakashi's eyes widened, as he saw a pool of blood under the boys head, getting wider by the second. "Head wounds usually bleed a lot. I can't afford to panic now. I need to save all of them." Kakashi thought to himself. "The only way I can fight them is if I have help." Kakashi added in his thoughts. He looked at Sasuke, and knew the dark-haired boy was itching to fight his older brother. But Kakashi knew how that would end if he allowed that to happen. Itachi would just tear Sasuke to pieces. He'd already done it once. Kakashi looked at Sakura, who was absolutely terrified. She ran to Naruto's side, not even taking note of Kisame, and tried to wake Naruto. "Naruto! Naruto get up!" Sakura called out frantically. Kakashi could understand her fear. Naruto was, after all, never one to go down so easily. For some reason, the wound on his head didn't seem to be healing fast at all.

Kakashi glared at his two opponents. "Sasuke run back to the village and get help." Kakashi said stoically. Naruto's condition was precarious at best and Kakashi didn't want to risk their lives in this fight. He also knew that asking Sakura to move would be completely pointless, she was obviously too shocked to even hear what he was saying properly. "I'm not leaving." Sasuke hissed. "Sasuke, that's an order. Naruto needs help, moving him would be dangerous without a medic, he's losing blood, and he's unconscious. If we don't get help Itachi will overpower me, Sakura and you, then he and Kisame will take Naruto away with them. Do you really want that Sasuke? Could you live with that? This isn't about your revenge this is about the survival of your comrades." Kakashi hissed back. Sakura was sobbing, trying to get Naruto to wake up and bandaging his head as best she could with her ninja med kit. Kakashi pulled his own kit out of his shuriken pouch and threw it to Sakura. "Use the bandages in there too Sakura. I doubt Naruto carries any bandages." Kakashi stated. Sakura seemed in a daze, as she pick up her Sensei's med kit, and started bandaging Naruto's head wound further. Kakashi knew Sakura wasn't going to be much help. She was barely taking in what was happening around her. "Sasuke you're the fastest runner, go and get help!" Kakashi yelled.


Sasuke looked at Naruto. His best friend, though he'd never admit it, was lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from a large head wound. Sasuke clenched his fists and looked at Itachi, who seemed emotionless as usual. "Sasuke, you're the fastest runner, go and get help!" Sasuke heard Kakashi yell at him. Sasuke couldn't move. As the pool of blood got thicker around Naruto, he didn't see his blond teammate anymore. He saw his parents, dead on the floor of their front room, blood everywhere. He tried to focus, but leaving Naruto seemed an impossible option to him. "I can't." Sasuke said sadly. "This isn't about your revenge!" Kakashi yelled at him. It'd be the second time he had. "No it's about Naruto! I can't just leave him!" Sasuke heard himself yell back. He saw Kisame swing Samehade towards Sakura, ready to finish her off, and he ran to block it. Sakura hadn't even moved. Sasuke knew if he didn't get there she would die. He dived and pushed Sakura out of the way of the deadly weapon. They skidded along the ground a few feet and stopped. That was when Sasuke realised that Naruto was now unprotected. "NO!" Sasuke heard Sakura yell next to him. That was when he looked at Kisame, to see he'd picked Naruto up and tossed the blond over his shoulder.


Sakura, when she saw Naruto hit the ground, couldn't help but think this was all a nightmare. Naruto never fell down. Naruto was the enthusiastic one. He was always cheerful, and if someone hit him on the head he usually whined a little and rubbed his head, then carried on. Sakura had never seen him slump to the ground and stay there. She'd never seen Naruto still for a moment. She was actually frightened for her blond teammate. She wasn't really registering what was happening around her, she felt this overwhelming urge to help Naruto, as much as she could. She ran to his side, and knelt next to her fallen comrade. "There's so much blood." Sakura thought as she pulled out her med kit. Sakura removed Naruto's headband, at least, what was left of it? The cloth was shredded, but the metal plate, with the leaf insignia, was still intact. She pulled out bandages and tried to figure out where the wound was exactly. She grabbed her water bottle, and poured some over the wound. Enough blood was washed away for Sakura to see where the wound actually was.

She started bandaging it quickly, and praying that Naruto's head would stop bleeding. Naruto bleeding was not a sight Sakura was accustomed to. She had only ever seen him bleed more than a few drops on their mission to wave country. Even then, he had put a kunai in his hand himself, and he had been conscious. She wasn't sure how to react. She just knew she wanted Naruto to wake up. "If Naruto wakes up, everything will be fine. Sasuke and Kakashi-Sensei would fight off those creeps, Naruto will join in with all his energy, and then we'll go back to Konoha, and Naruto will continue trying to ask me out on a date. Things will be fine. I just need to wake Naruto up." Sakura was thinking inside her mind. Somehow, her efforts weren't working. She didn't even listen to the battle going on around her. She didn't hear a word of what anyone said. She heard Kakashi as though he were at the other end of a large tunnel. "Use the bandages in there too Sakura. I doubt Naruto carries any bandages." Sakura looked to see her Sensei's med kit, and picked it up. She began unrolling them and wrapping them around Naruto's head. She couldn't even think about what was happening around her.

"Naruto, wake up. We need you to wake up Naruto." Sakura sobbed. She didn't know when she'd started crying. She didn't really care. She heard the swish of something next to her, and she felt someone push her out of the way. She blinked, as though in a trance, and saw Sasuke above her. She sat up, along with Sasuke, and saw Kisame pick Naruto up. "NO!" Sakura yelled. "Put him down bastard!" Sakura heard Sasuke hiss next to her. "Sorry kiddies, but we're gonna be taking your little friend. Maybe your Sensei should've listened to him when the kid told him you were being followed. You might not be so unprepared. You might've had a small chance." Kisame said. He chuckled darkly and Sasuke stood up, kunais at hand. "You're not taking him anywhere!" Sakura heard Sasuke yell. "Why do you want to take Naruto away from us?" Sakura heard herself say. "It's not about you, kid. It's about the creature inside the brat. The nine-tailed fox sealed inside him when he was just a newborn." Kisame said. "What?" Sakura asked. She was completely confused. Hadn't the nine-tailed fox been killed by the Yondaime Hokage? She looked at the shark-like man with confusion all over her face. She looked at Sasuke, to see the same look on his face also. "I see no one told you Genins the real story. Well you can't kill demons. So your beloved Yondaime Hokage sealed the Kyubi within a newborn infant. That infant was your comrade, Naruto Uzumaki, which is why he has value to our organisation." Kisame said.

Sakura glared at Kisame. She thought for a moment. It would explain a lot of things. Like the extra chakra that Naruto used in the Chunin exams against Neji, and even against Haku, in the valley of Waves. How Naruto usually healed so quickly. Sakura looked at Sasuke, then at her unconscious friend. Her friend that contained a demon. Therein was her answer. Her friend was not a demon. He just carried one. He was her comrade, more than that, her friend. Just by looking at Sasuke, Sakura could tell he was thinking the same thing as her. They wouldn't abandon him to these criminals if they could help it. Sakura clutched the forehead protector tightly in her hand.


Kakashi growled angrily at Kisame. That piece of information was forbidden. No child knew it. "Even if it what you said is true, why should it make a difference?" Sakura said. Kakashi blinked. "Naruto isn't some demon. He's a person." Sasuke added. "He's our friend." Sakura continued, standing up next to Sasuke. She looked angry. "You're not taking him anywhere." Sakura and Sasuke said at the same time. Within moments, Kakashi saw Itachi disappear from in front of him, and reappear next to Kisame. "You do not have a choice in the matter. Come Kisame. We have what we came for. The others are of no importance." Itachi said stoically. With that, the two Akatsuki members were gone, and with them, so was Naruto.

Kakashi saw Sakura look around frantically. Sasuke joined in, but Kakashi knew they wouldn't find anything. Kakashi felt like a failure. "We need to report this to the Hokage." Kakashi said softly. "We can't just run away and abandon Naruto. He's injured. Those creeps are gonna end up killing him Kakashi-Sensei!" Sakura yelled. "Sakura we're not going to be able to track Naruto down without help. You two are too young and inexperienced to be fighting S class criminals." Kakashi stated. "So you want us to leave? Naruto's too young to fight them too! So we should just abandon him?" Sakura yelled. Kakashi felt his heart crack a little more at the tears he saw streaming down Sakura's face. "Of course we're not abandoning Naruto. I want the two of you to go back to the village. I'm going to send one of my nin dogs with you. You'll tell Tsunade-Sama what happened, and she will decide a team to follow after me." Kakashi said.

"What do you mean after you Sensei?" Sakura asked. Sasuke glared. "He means, he wants us to go back to the village, while he tracks down Naruto, even though he can't take on the two of them himself." Sasuke said angrily. "I'm your Sensei for a reason. I train you, and you need to follow my orders. Sasuke is right to a certain extent. I'm going to track Naruto down. If you two go back, you'll be able to tell Tsunade-Sama what has happened, and she will decide the best team for the job. She'll send people after me. You don't need to worry, we'll get Naruto back." Kakashi reassured them. He knew he shouldn't be guaranteeing anything. By the time he found them, they may already have killed Naruto. In fact he might already be dead, but there was a chance, it wasn't a big chance, but still a chance that Naruto was alive.

"If you came with me, I would have to worry about your safety, as well as getting Naruto back, and it'll mean we have less chance of saving Naruto." Kakashi said softly. Sakura and Sasuke didn't look too happy with this information, but they seemed to understand. Kakashi summoned his nin dogs. Pakkun, as usual, was with them. "Pakkun, I need all of you but one to spread out and search for Naruto's scent. I need one of you to go with Sasuke and Sakura back to the village. When the Hokage has decided a team to send after me, I need that one to track my scent to find me." Kakashi stated. "What happened to Naruto?" Pakkun asked. "He's been captured by Itachi and Kisame." Kakashi replied quickly. Pakkun seemed to understand, when Sakura and Sasuke didn't. "Okay, spread out." Kakashi ordered. All the dogs, except one, spread out. Pakkun had gone to track Naruto's scent. "Why did they want Naruto?" Sakura asked. Kakashi looked at his students. They knew about Kyubi now, but it wasn't his decision to tell them the rest of the story. They didn't want to leave until Kakashi did obviously. It seemed to be taking an awfully long time to track down Naruto's scent. It had been at least twenty minutes. The tracking shouldn't have taken that long. Kakashi knew something was wrong. "You two need to get going." Kakashi stated. That was when Pakkun appeared. "There is no scent, Kakashi. We've searched for it everywhere. Itachi and Kisame seemed to have somehow masked their scent. All I can smell now is genjutsu. I fear the trail is already cold." Pakkun stated sadly.

Sakura shook her head. "Naruto was bleeding. He was hurt. How can there be no trace?" Sakura asked. Sasuke put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. Neither of them could quite believe it. Kakashi noticed that Sakura was holding Naruto's headband. "We need to take a new course of action. The Hokage needs to know what's going on, and get the trackers on to the trail as soon as possible." Kakashi thought. "We have to go back to the village. We'll get Naruto back somehow." Kakashi said to his two remaining students. They both looked crestfallen. Sasuke's, normally emotionless, face showed a deep sadness. Sakura had tears streaming down her cheeks and her whole body was trembling. This was having a bad effect on her. He couldn't blame them for reacting like this. "Come on you two. I know this is hard. But if we don't go back to the village, we can't do anymore to help Naruto." Kakashi said softly. Sasuke nodded reluctantly, and Sakura was just completely still. Kakashi led the girl away, by placing a hand on her shoulder and gently pushing her to move. The sad group headed back to Konoha to tell of their loss.


Tsunade was sat in her office waiting to hear bad news. Shizune had informed her that, somehow, she'd won a jackpot raffle prize. That was usually a bad omen for her. Something bad always happened if she ever had a winning streak, gambling. Jiraiya had arrived and was sat with on her windowsill. "Tsunade, you should really try to look on the positive side. It may just be that you get more paperwork today." Jiraiya stated calmly. "I don't think so. I have a bad feeling about today. Kakashi's team hasn't come back. They were only on a D rank mission. It should have been completed and the team should've been back by now." Tsunade stated. "Isn't Naruto on Kakashi's team?" Jiraiya asked. That was when Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura barged into her office.

"Naruto's gone!" Sakura yelled. Tsunade could see the girl's tears, still fresh on her cheeks. Sasuke stood next to her, looking angry. Kakashi looked rather subdued. "What?" Tsunade asked, shocked at the idea of such a revelation. "He was taken by Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki." Kakashi said softly. He carried on reporting the events as quickly and clearly as possible, not leaving out a single detail. Tsunade wasn't happy that the two Genin had been given such dangerous information. But Kakashi had already told her that the two Genin hadn't taken it badly. In fact they had still wanted to save their comrade.

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya once Kakashi had finished his report. He knew without her saying anything what she was trying to say. Something bad had definitely happened this day. "Jiraiya, go and tell Shizune to find as many Jounin as she can that aren't on a mission. She'll be heading out with them. Naruto is injured, and I need a medic I can trust there, to heal him. Also, I want to see the rookies, and Gai's team here, along with Iruka." Tsunade said softly. "Why would there be a need for everyone to be here?" Sakura asked. She still sounded dazed. "You're all his friends. You all have the right to know Naruto is missing." Tsunade stated sadly.

"I need to request to go with any retrieval squad that is going to look for Naruto." Kakashi said. "Please let me go too Hokage-Sama." Sakura asked. "Sakura Haruno, there is no way you or any rookie is going on a mission of this level. It's far too dangerous for rookies to be attempting." Tsunade said harshly. Sakura bit her lip and Tsunade regretted her harsh tone. "Sakura, you and Sasuke are not experienced enough to take on a group like this. I'm going to send as many Shinobi as I can. What with the shortage that we have at the moment, it's going to be difficult, but I'll do all in my power to bring Naruto back to this village safely." Tsunade said softly. Sasuke looked down at the ground. "I'm surprised that you aren't insisting on going yourself, Sasuke." Tsunade said softly. "I know you won't allow it. There's no point in wasting my breath." Sasuke stated coldly. Sakura looked at Tsunade, hoping for reassurance, but Tsunade couldn't give it. Not at this time. "You should both sit down." Tsunade said to the two Genins. Sakura looked shell-shocked, and Sasuke just guided her to a seat, then sat down beside her. It was then that Tsunade noticed that Sakura was clutching a forehead protector in her hand. "Is that Naruto's?" Tsunade asked. Sasuke nodded. "She's been holding it, since she tried to stop Naruto's head wound from bleeding." Sasuke replied.


Kisame and Itachi had travelled as far as they could get without stopping to tend to Naruto's bleeding. After all, it wouldn't help them if he dropped dead before they got to their destination. Itachi had been getting rid of their trail since they had left, and knew no one was following them. Itachi was now sat in a cave, waiting for Naruto to wake up. His head wound had stopped bleeding. After a while it had anyway. They were near a small village called Kokuruko. Itachi had sent Kisame into the town, to find some clothing for Naruto. When asked why, Itachi had simply stated that the orange jumpsuit, stood out far too much. Kisame had shrugged and gone off to do as he was asked. None of this had really bothered Itachi. Using the boy to get what he needed wasn't something he was unaccustomed to. Naruto's quiet form was slightly unnerving. After all, if the boy died, he'd have to explain to their leader why the boy had died. Telling him that Kisame had whacked the brat too hard wouldn't really cut it as an explanation.

Kisame came back with some clothing. An azure blue shirt that matched the boy's eyes, black pants, and ninja sandals, and a black jacket. "The brat awake yet?" Kisame asked. Before Itachi could answer, they heard a groan. "Great he's gonna start being annoying now. He probably won't change into the damn clothing just to be difficult." Kisame hissed. They watched as Naruto sat up, he looked disorientated, and his eyes were struggling to focus. After a few moments this changed and Naruto was staring at them in complete and utter confusion. "Who are you guys?" Naruto asked quietly. He looked frightened. Itachi smirked. "Well I'm your older brother Itachi. We were quite worried about you." Itachi said. His voice sounded almost kind, and Naruto cocked his head to the side as he stared at Itachi. "If we're brothers why don't we look the same?" Naruto asked. "You look like your father." Itachi replied. "Don't we have the same father if we're brothers?" Naruto asked. "No." Itachi replied. Naruto looked confused. "It seems that the blow to the head you got from those Konoha ninja has given you amnesia. Do you remember anything at all?" Itachi asked. "I remember a girl calling me even if I couldn't hear what she was saying. I remember pink and black and silver. I'm not sure about anything else." Naruto replied. "How do you know she was calling you?" Itachi asked. "I don't know it's just a feeling I have. I wish I remembered my own name......" Naruto seemed even more confused. "Your name is Kaito. Don't worry. Here, put some fresh clothes on. There's a stream outside where you can wash. You need to hurry up we're going to be late." Itachi said. Again, the hint of kindness came through in his voice. Naruto looked at his own clothing. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Naruto asked. "It is a prison uniform Kaito. You don't want to be seen in it, or everyone will know where we just came from when we walk along the streets." Itachi stated. Naruto blinked. "Plus there's blood all over it." Itachi added. Naruto then noticed the blood all over the jacket. "Why is there blood all over me?" Naruto asked. "It's your blood Kaito-Kun. After those Konoha ninja attacked, you took a bad blow to the head. The wound only stopped bleeding an hour ago." Itachi answered. Naruto blinked and walked out of the cave to the stream where he could wash.

"Are you sure this is a wise idea Itachi?" Kisame asked worriedly. "Of course. He can't remember who he is. We can train him into the perfect weapon. A weapon that hates Konoha. If he thinks he'll be in danger if he goes there, he'll never attempt to go. If he never goes, he is unlikely to meet anyone he knew before. He's a blank slate at the moment Kisame. Think of the things the brat can be taught. After all, if I can keep him under control, there will not be a problem. If I lose control of him, I'm sure Leader-Sama will either take control himself, or we'll just perform the extraction, and Naruto will be dead. Either way is a win win situation." Itachi stated. Kisame nodded. "I still have a bad feeling that this is going to come back and bite us in the ass. Literally." Kisame stated. "Just make sure you send a message to Akatsuki letting them know what the situation is. Tell them I've given Naruto the name Kaito. We don't want him suspecting anything. Once he's at the base, he won't be found by any Konoha ninja. After all, Amekagure is not somewhere Konoha nins enter." Itachi said softly.

At that moment, Naruto walked back into the cave. His blonde, spiky, hair was all over the place, as usual. The new clothing seemed to suit him. There were two things Itachi noticed. One was that Naruto's leaf headband was missing. That didn't surprise him, after the whack Kisame had given Naruto, he was surprised the boy's head hadn't cracked open. Secondly, he noticed a necklace around Naruto's neck. Naruto seemed to notice Itachi staring at it. "I was wondering if you could tell me where I got it from Aniki. After all, you're my brother." Naruto stated happily. "How do you think you got it Kaito?" Itachi asked. Naruto seemed to ponder it for a moment. "I think I got it from someone important. I also think it's important to me. I don't want to take it off. Was it from my father?" Naruto asked. "Yes. That's exactly who it was from." Itachi replied. Naruto grinned happily. "Okay, where are we heading?" Naruto stated. "We're heading towards Amekagure. Don't worry too much though, Ototou, I'll be sure to look after you. Don't wonder off from me. That's how you got captured and attacked by those evil Konoha ninja before." Itachi stated. Naruto nodded vigorously and walked outside the cave. "Where did you leave those clothes?" Itachi asked. "Under a bush near the stream. They're useless aren't they? There's no point in keeping them." Naruto stated happily. Itachi smirked. "He'll never remember anything if he just believes everything I tell him. That's a good thing for Akatsuki." Itachi thought to himself as they started out. Naruto standing right by Itachi's side. Where Itachi intended to keep him.


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