Our Destinies Revealed

A/N: This is the final sequel in a three part series. Part one: Learning to Live Again. Part two: Life's Many Gifts.

This story takes place 3 years after LMG, so please make sure to read both prequels before starting this story so you wont be lost. This story will be written in multiple points of view, revolving around Life, Love, Relationships and the final battle against the Volturi. Every child involved is now fully grown, their physical aging frozen at 18 forever. Please review as much as possible, because it helps me out so much and is greatly appreciated.


"Mom! Tell Charlie and Justin to give me my car keys because I'm going to be late!" my daughter Sarah yelled up to me as I put away laundry.

"Justin! Charlie! Give your sister her keys please!" I yelled down, shaking my head at my crazy kids.

Before I continue telling you my story, let me give you a run down of the last 14 years of my life. My name is Isabella Black, and I am 32 years old, but physically I stopped aging at 23. I married my soul mate, Jacob, in a beautiful beach ceremony 11 years ago this coming August. I found out that I come from a long line of powerful ancestors, each with a destiny to destroy an evil vampire empire called the Volturi. My ancient ancestors were all destroyed by them before they could fulfill their sacred duties, and I was the lucky one to have remained hidden from them so that one day, my family and I could destroy the Volturi and bring peace to the world. Jacob and I have 7 incredible children, all under the age of 10 but physically looking like they are all 18 years old. We know that each child will have unique gifts, either being a shape shifter like their father, or a powerful human like myself. Their names are Sarah, Josephine (aka Joey), Madison (aka Maddy), Charles, Justin, Logan and Joshua.

My family is an eclectic mix of werewolves, super humans, normal humans, and a family of vampires who are destined to fight along side us in the final battle. Carlisle Cullen, the father figure of the vampires, was able to isolate the genes within me and pass my gifts on to several of my friends and Imprints of the other Pack members.

Angela, who is Embry's Imprint, has several children with Embry, each one inheriting either the enhanced werewolf gene, or the powerful genes taken from me. Their names are Matthew, Elijah, Faith and Zoey.

Kim, who is Jared's Imprint, had 3 children, Emma, Brandon and Hayden. Rachel, who is Jacob's sister and also Paul's Imprint, had 4 children named Ian, Skylar, Cassidy and Tristan.

All of us live in La Push, along with my parents, Charlie and Renee, and my little brother Elliot, who was 14 now, but physically looked 20. Leah, the only female werewolf in the Pack, had imprinted on my brother when he was a baby and looked at him as she would a sibling, but now that he physically her age, they had tentatively begun a romantic relationship.

Sue, who was Leah's mother and also had a son named Seth, married Jacob's widowed father Billy and they live in a small red house on the other end of La Push. Sue and Renee owned a small boutique in town where they sold many different types of handmade art, like woodcarving, leather work, and oil paintings. Seth worked for Jake, Angela, Embry and I at our automotive garage just outside of La Push, and had Imprinted on my daughter Sarah. They had begun dating over the past Holidays, which resulted in a hysterical sit down with me, Jacob, Billy and Charlie in order to mess with him about certain rules that we wanted him to obey with our daughter. Seth didn't know we were mostly playing around with him, and was terrified to even hold Sarah's hand when we were around.

The Cullen family still lived in Forks, but kept an extremely low profile, along with us, because they didn't want to call attention to their lack of aging. There was Carlisle and his wife Esme, and their adopted 'children' Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Edward. I had dated Edward for a short while, but he had left me when I was injured on my 18th birthday when Jasper attacked me over a paper cut. He was terrified that either himself or one of his family members would try to kill me for my blood. He claimed that my blood 'sang' to him, let alone his heart loving me enough to let me go. My life had fallen apart for a few months, but everything changed when I resumed my childhood friendship with Jacob. Edward had gotten married to a sweet vampire named Amanda, but she had died a long time ago when Edward's inability to let me go drove her to try and kill me. I still had an occasional nightmare about that day, and I held onto the secret that was between Amanda and I to this day. I made everyone think that Amanda had come to warn us about the vampire attack, but the truth of the matter was that she was behind it. She wanted to use the vampires as a diversion so she could get me alone, but couldn't bring herself to kill me. She was attacked when a group of those vampires saw her weakness, and they tore her apart badly. I ended up neutralizing them, destroying Amanda's torn off limbs in the process. She wanted me to end her existence, because she didnt want to live eternity with only half a body. Edward tried to die along with her, but Amanda begged me to have Jacob hold him back when I let the concussive wall disintegrated her.

I think that's all, and I hope you wrote it all down because I still have a hard time keeping everything straight. Now, back to my story.

"Sarah, will you be home for dinner tonight?" I called down before she could run out the door to go play volleyball at the beach. Sarah was really athletic, excelling in baseball, soccer and volleyball, and was a real tomboy.

"Yeah mom! Is it ok if Seth eats with us?" she asked. I smiled to myself because they were really perfect together and Seth was a great kid. He was 6 foot 4, russet skinned with black hair like the rest of the La Push boys, and Sarah was an ideal fit for him, at 6 feet tall, long black hair and tan skin.

"Sure honey. Be home by 5pm, ok?" I asked. She yelled ok to me as she shut the door behind her.

I carried a bushel of clothes into Madison's room, finding her working on a paper that was due before she could graduate. Madison was my emotional one, quiet and reserved, always trying to help out and making sure you were ok. She was so different from my other children, with long, wavy light blonde hair, pale skin and gorgeous violet eyes. All the boys at her school were always trying to ask her out, but she had only dated 1 boy since starting high school.

"How's the paper going?" I asked as I set her clothes on her bed.

"It's ok. I'll be glad once school is done though. I really can't wait to take writing courses in college in the fall" she said as she got up to put her clothes away. She was my height, slender with defined muscles from her training with Jin. All of my kids, along with the Pack, their Imprints and children, have been training several days a week with a friend of Carlisle's from Japan. His real name was Hisao, which meant 'long lived man' in Japanese, but preferred to be called Jin. He was a peaceful vampire, like the Cullens, and was a master in several types of martial arts and other fighting types.

Once I was done putting the kids clothes on their beds, I went downstairs to see what the others were up to. Justin and Charles were in the den playing some video game against Emmett and Jasper. It was some live one where you could play against people all over the world, online. Joshua and Logan were sitting outside on the deck, our two dogs Maya and Bruno mooching the chips they were eating. Josephine was over at the Cullen house, working on some duet with Edward on the piano, but had called earlier to let me know she would be home for dinner. Joey was also quiet and reserved, but had a temper if you got her mad. She was a statuesque beauty, 5 feet 8 inches tall with porcelain skin, long jet black hair that reached her waist, and the most vivid green eyes I had ever seen. Alice loved playing dress up with her, taking her shopping all the time and picking out clothes that flattered her. Joey also had a lot of boys chasing her, but she was more interested in music and reading to notice them.

Where my daughters were diverse, my sons were a lot alike. All of them were outgoing, athletic and smart, just like their father. Charles looked almost exactly like Jacob, standing 6 foot 6 with russet skin, black hair and ebony eyes. Justin was tall as well, reaching 6 foot 4, with Jacob's skin tone and my eyes and hair. Joshua and Logan were identical twins, both 6 foot 5 with Jacob's hair and skin, and my chocolate brown eyes. Charlie, Joshua and Logan were going to go to the same Tech school that Jake had gone to, and both were currently doing an apprenticeship at our shop until school started up. Justin was so inspired by Carlisle that he decided to become a doctor and was set to start taking pre-med at Harvard in the fall.

I went out into the garage to pull several whole chickens from the freezer out there, and I saw Jacob finishing up washing our SUV's. He had his back turned to me, so I stealthily crept up behind him, wrapping my arms around his bare chest and laid my head on his back. He turned around, taking my face in his hands and pressing his lips to mine. I sighed, opening my mouth and meeting his tongue with mine. I felt my whole body flood with heat as our mouths continued to slide together, breaking away when we both needed air.

"Hi honey" he said as he wrapped his arms around me and held me against him. I inhaled his woodsy scent, feeling shivers running up my spine from my contact with him.

"Hi" I murmured as I rested my head against his chest, listening to his heart beating.

"I saw Sarah leave a few minutes ago, is she going to play volleyball with Seth?" he asked.

"Yeah. She's bringing Seth over for dinner tonight, so I was just pulling out some chicken to cook." I told him as he picked up the towels from the ground and threw them into a bucket.

"Good. Maybe I'll call your dad and borrow his shotgun just to mess with him a bit tonight" Jacob chuckled.

"Don't you dare! The poor kid was traumatized enough from the last time you guys messed with him. He's scared to death to even hold Sarah's hand for crying out loud" I scolded. Jacob held up his hands in surrender.

"OK, ok, I'll back off the kid, but it's so fun watching him turn pale! He's a great kid, though, and I know he will treat Sarah like a princess" he replied, taking my hand and walking with me.

He waited for me to pull 5 chickens from the freezer, grabbing 2 of them from me to help out. He opened the door to the kitchen, and we set the poultry down on the counter. He took the bucket of dirty towels to the laundry room, throwing them in the washer before running upstairs to take a shower.

The one thing everyone in this family had in common was the ability to eat huge amounts of food. All of us had a high metabolism, so we never gained weight from everything we consumed. I heard the door to the deck slide open, and I smiled at my two sons as they came inside. My smile quickly fell when I noticed that they didn't look so good.

"Hey mom, we're going to go lay down for a bit. I have a headache from hell and Logan feels dizzy. Wake us up for dinner, ok?" Joshua asked. I felt alarmed because the kids were never sick a day in their lives, all of them having enhanced immune systems that allowed them to heal just as fast as Jake and I did.

"Do you want me to call Carlisle and have him come over?" I asked as I felt their foreheads. Normally, they had a higher than normal temperature like me, steady at 103 degrees, but they were both burning up.

"No, we just want to lay down for a bit" Logan said, hugging me to calm my anxiety. I nodded my head, and watched them as they ran up the stairs to the bedroom they shared together. We had more than enough bedrooms so that each kid could have their own room, but Josh and Logan had such a unique bond and wanted to share a room.

I was still concerned, so I went upstairs to talk to Jacob about the boys. He was just stepping out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and droplets of water dripping down his chest. I never got tired of looking at his body and I felt myself heat up as I watched one particular drop of water slide down his chest and disappear into the towel.

"If I wasn't so worried about Josh and Logan, I swear I would tear that towel off of you and have my way" I said, my voice deep with arousal. He looked at me, giving me his goofy grin and sat down next to me on the bed. I was having a hard time concentrating, noticing he was starting to harden under the towel.

"Can you please put some clothes on?" I asked, my eyes pleading with his. Normally I loved it when he was naked, taking every opportunity to kiss and lick his hot skin. His face fell slightly, concern marring his striking features and he went to throw on some clothes. Once he put on a pair of shorts and a T shirt, he came back over and sat down next to me on the bed.

"What's wrong with Josh and Logan?" he asked.

"Well, they were sitting out on the deck with the dogs for awhile, and came back in because they said they didn't feel well. I'm worried, Jake, because they were burning up and they never get sick!" I said. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned to me again.

"You said they feel hotter than normal? Did they complain of a headache or feeling tired and dizzy? Nauseous?" he asked me. I nodded my head and he got to his feet, taking my hands and helping me to mine.

"I have to call Embry and Leah, Bells. That's how we all felt before we phased for the first time. I have to get them out of the house before they do, or else they will tear apart everything." he said as he picked up the phone.

Well that answered my question and put my worries to rest. I felt relief flowing through me, finally knowing that at least two of my children carried the wolf gene, along with the immunity to vampire venom that I passed on to them. I watched Jacob as he made his calls, and when he hung up, we walked downstairs to get things together.

"We are going to take them camping in the woods tonight, that way if they phase nothing will be destroyed. Embry and Leah will be here after dinner, so I have to go get all the camping stuff packed into the Toyota." he said, hugging me before heading out to the garage. I decided to make dinner for exactly 5pm, that way they could head out right away once they had eaten. Maddy came down to help out, always seeming to have a sixth sense when it came to anyone needing assistance.

"Josh and Logan are changing, aren't they?" she asked as she made a huge dinner salad. I looked at her, slightly taken aback at her intuitiveness. Jacob and I had explained everything to them a couple of years back, so they knew they were special in certain ways. We just didn't know how special.

"Yeah, honey. Your dad, Embry and Leah are going to take them camping so they have somewhere safe when they phase" I explained as I seasoned each chicken and impaling them on the massive metal stake that was part of a rotisserie spit to put over the fire.

"I wonder if I am a wolf too. What should I watch for in case I am one?" she asked, her violet eyes locking on mine. I had never seen anyone with eyes her color, and each time I looked into them I felt a sense of peace come over me. Sometimes I wondered if she had a gift like Jasper's, able to soothe people by sending out calming waves.

"Well, I guess a headache, dizzyness, just things that don't feel normal" I explained to her.

Jacob came back in the house just then, letting us know that everything was packed and ready to go. He went outside to start the fire, taking the chickens with him so they could start cooking.

Once everything was finished in the kitchen, Maddy and I went out to the garage to start getting a cooler packed for them to bring with. I pulled out 2 big bags of ice, dumping them into the chest while Maddy grabbed a bunch of bottles of water and juices. Once the beverages were done, we went inside to make them a bunch of sandwiches to take with. By the time we were done, we made 35 roast beef and turkey sandwiches, which was enough to get them through at least one day. If they needed more, I would have Jacob call me and I could run some out to them.

Maddy set the table in the dining room for me, so I went to lay down on a couch in the family room and read a book until dinner was ready. An hour later, Sarah and Seth came in, Sarah running upstairs to shower and Seth going out to help Jacob after greeting me. Joey came a few minutes later, a small smile on her face as she clutched sheet music to her chest.

"Hi mom" she said as she leaned over the couch and kissed my cheek.

"Hi, Joey, did you have fun working on the duet with Edward?" I asked. Her face got slightly dreamy, and I wondered if she had a crush on him. They always had a special bond, sharing many things in common, but it still made me a little concerned. It had taken Edward years to get over losing Amanda, and his eyes were still haunted by sadness. Edward and I had formed a close friendship once he was able to let me go, and I knew he was an honorable man, but I worried about Joey getting her heart broken if he didn't return her feelings.

"Yep! It's all finished, so maybe we can play it for you next week" she said as she plopped down on the couch next to me. She got a funny look on her face, almost like she was trying to hear something beyond my scope of hearing. I saw her eyes grow wide and she looked at me.

"Oh wow, Logan and Josh are going through the change, huh? Awesome!" she happily said. She loved it when the Pack was phased, sometimes following them into the woods and running through the trees with them. A few weeks back, she developed speed that rivaled mine, so I had a feeling that she would be more like me than Jake.

"Oh! Here they come now, just in time because dad and Seth are bringing the chicken in right now" she said as she got up and went to the kitchen. Seconds later, Josh and Logan came down the stairs, both of them looking a little better but still not 100% well. I got up from the couch and went to help take the chickens off the spit, Jacob cutting them up while I took the first platter to the table. Justin and Charlie came home just then, so we all settled down to eat. Sarah finally came down from her shower, and helped herself to a plate of food.

"Josh, Logan, I'm taking you guys camping tonight, ok? Embry and Leah are coming with because I think you both are going to phase soon and I don't want the house to get destroyed. We will teach you how to control the phasing, as well as teaching you both how to live like wolves" Jacob said to them.

"It makes sense now. Ok dad, are we leaving after dinner?" Josh asked. Jacob nodded his head, and they went back to eating.

We made small talk during dinner, Joey telling us about the song she was working on with Edward, Sarah telling us how she and Seth kicked ass in volleyball, Justin and Charlie telling us how Emmett cheated at the game they were all playing together. When we were done eating, everyone pitched in to clean everything up and we were finished in no time. Leah and Embry showed up at 6pm, both of them hugging me before making their rounds and greeting everyone. By 6:30 they, along with Jacob, Logan and Josh, were out the door. I felt like taking a long bath in the new tub Jacob and I had put in a few months ago, so I made my way upstairs while my kids entertained themselves, doing their own thing.

I started filling the massive tub with steamy water, adding several cap fulls of the vanilla body oil I just bought when I went shopping with Alice a few mights ago. As the tub filled, I lit a couple of candles, placing them around the tub. I went back into the bedroom, pulling out my pajamas and undergarments, setting them on the bed. I grabbed my robe, as well as a couple of towels, and went back into the bathroom, turning off the lights so that the candles cast a soft glow. I gave a hiss as I lowered my body into the hot water, and once I was fully submerged, I turned on the jets and let the pounding water sooth my muscles.

I got out of the tub an hour later, wrapping my long hair in one towel and drying myself off with the other. Once I was dry, I put my robe on, then applied some moisturizer to my face before heading back into the room and putting my pajamas on. I decided to sleep in one of Jake's huge T shirts, as well as a pair of his boxers, which had become a habit lately. Even though they were freshly laundered, I could still smell him deep in the material.

I sat in the middle of the bed, taking my hair out of the towel and brushing it out. When I was done, I went back downstairs with my soiled clothes, tossing them into the laundry room so they could be washed the next day. With so many people in the house, I did at least 2 loads of laundry a day. I used to have a housekeeper come by several times a week named Raven, but since the kids had grown up I only used her once a week. Each kid had their own chores each week, and they never gave me a problem about it.

I grabbed a bottle of water and my book, then went upstairs to lay in bed a read before I went to sleep. At 11pm, I finished my book and set it on the nightstand. I was about to turn out the light when Joey knocked on my door, entering when I called.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked. She sometimes had nightmares like I did, so there were a few mights where she would wake one of us and we would go lay with her until she fell asleep. Now that she was older, she rarely had them.

"Nothing, mom. Do you mind if I slept with you tonight since dad's gone?" she asked. I patted the side of the bed that Jacob usually slept on and she slid under the covers. I turned out the light and waited for her to tell me what was on her mind, like she always did. When she didn't say anything, I decided to broach the subject of Edward.

"Jo, I noticed something today when you came home from the Cullens house and I wanted to talk to you about it" I started, pausing to see if she would elaborate. I heard her heart rate kick up a notch, so I knew I was going in the right direction.

"Do you haveā€¦feelings for Edward, honey?"

I heard her breath hitch slightly, her body tensing a bit. After a long pause, she finally answered me.

"I do, mom. Please don't tell him though! I figured out how to hide my thoughts from him and to block Alice from having visions about me, so nobody knows." she said, turning to look at me. I knew she and Sarah had discovered how to block their thoughts, and to tune out other peoples thoughts, but I had no idea that Josephine could block Alice's visions.

"When did you start feeling this way, sweety?" I gently asked, knowing that this was an extremely delicate topic.

"Don't think I'm crazy, but since I was 4. Thank God I figured out how to block by then, or else I would have looked like an idiot!" she replied.

"You're sure he doesn't know?" I asked as I ran her silky hair through my fingers. Now I knew why Jacob found it so soothing.

"Yeah, he doesn't have a clue. His thoughts still go to Amanda all the time, and I know he still misses her really bad. I don't want to complicate his life any further with my feelings" she said as she snuggled up to me.

"Are you in love with him?"

"Yes" she whispered. I felt her shoulders start to shake as she began to cry. I felt so bad for her, because I could understand her feelings.

"Oh baby, it's ok. Shhhh. Please don't cry honey" I murmured as I held her. When she calmed down, I wiped her tears away.

"Maybe you should tell him, sweetheart. Even if he doesn't return your feelings, at least you were true to yourself and honored how you feel." I told her.

"Not right now, mom. I don't want things to be weird with us, and it will be once I tell him that I love him. When he's ready to hear them, I will know and tell him then." she said.

"Im here for you, Jo. You can talk to me about anything, you know that, right?" I asked, making her look at my face so she knew I meant it.

"I know you are, mom. Thanks." she sleepily said.

"I love you, kiddo, so very much" I said as we started drifting off.

"Me too, mom"