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Joey POV

I couldn't believe how rotten my father was being to everyone, more so my mother. It was as if the carefree, kind, fair man was gone, and in his place was this…mean, cold, hate filled thing. Edward kept telling me over and over that it was his grief making him the way he was, but to me, that was no excuse. We were all hurting, but you didn't see us lashing out at everyone we loved.

"I cannot believe he accused you and my mom of being unfaithful! I know he is hurting, but Jesus! Sorry, but I refuse to talk to him until he apologizes for being such a jerk!" I snapped, seething with anger.

"He will come around, darling. In fact, he finally let your mother in to help him. After he accused your mother and I of infidelity, I walked away, but hid just out of sight to make sure he didn't hurt your mother anymore than he already has. When they started kissing, I knew they would be ok, so I left and gave them their privacy."

"Figures! Those two have more sex than anyone I know of!" I grumbled with a shudder, trying to block out the visual of them having sex. Edward pulled me into his lap, then ran the tip of his nose from my throat, to my cheek, then brushed the tip of my nose with his.

"Anyone?" he purred, his green eyes smoldering.

"Well, uh, maybe not anyone," I shakily said, my heartbeat accelerating and my face flushing. Just then, Elizabeth gave a little kick, and we looked at each other with huge grins on our faces.

"Did you feel that?" I breathlessly asked him.

"I sure did. Hi, baby, it's Daddy. Can you kick again for me?" Edward said to my now exposed stomach as he rubbed it gently. Elizabeth must have understood him, because she gave several, rapid-fire kicks that made me gasp as one of them came in contact with my bladder.

"Holy crap she's strong!" I groaned as I got up to race for the bathroom.

"She is pretty feisty too, love. She is already forming full sentences, and has several months before she's even born….she also loves us, very much," Edward said to me when I came back from my 'emergency'.

"I wonder if she'll have any powers….or maybe the wolf gene…or maybe she will have a chance at a normal life…," I absently said, feeling Edward stiffen slightly against me.

"No matter what, Jo, we have to make sure she has a normal life. Once we find and kill Irina, that is," Edward replied, with an edge to his voice. My grief returned tenfold, and Edward pulled me against him, rocking me as I cried.

"I miss them so much already," I sobbed, missing my grandpa most of all. Colin had always been nice to me while growing up, but our closeness could be likened to a cousin, who you saw at holidays but never hung out with all that much. Sam was like my overprotective uncle, giving me advice about boys while I was in high school, not knowing how deeply in love with Edward I was.

My grandpa Billy was so many things to me; a partner in crime during water balloon fights, fishing and frog catching teacher, educating me on my heritage, and how important it was to have honor and pride. He would read me bedtime stories when I was little, changing his voice for each character as he read.

"I knew I was going to lose him someday to old age, but I never expected him to die the way he did," I cried.

"Joey, from what I knew of Billy, he would rather go out the way he did than succumb to sickness or old age. He died with honor, trying to protect the ones he loved. They all did. Sam, Colin, Billy….even Charlotte…," he softly said, his voice growing raspy as he fought back his own tears. "They will always be with you, darling, in Spirit, especially Billy," he finished, kissing my on top of my head.

"I just wish he could have met Elizabeth," I sighed, a fresh round of tears falling down my face.

"I know, baby, I know."

Edward and I lay together for hours, until it was time to meet up with everyone in order to finish preparations for the services the next day. When everything was finalized, we spent time with the injured, all of whom were mostly healed by then. Everyone decided to stay together at the Council building, just in case there was another attack. Because we needed fresh clothing, and other personal items, several Pack members left to make rounds to all of our houses, gathering up what we needed while ensuring safety in numbers.

"Come, love, let's get a shower in and then get some sleep. You look exhausted," Edward said as he saw me yawning later in the evening. I was dead on my feet, both emotionally and physically drained, so I nodded my head, unable to talk over another huge yawn. Edward smiled, then picked me up and carried me to our room, sitting me on the bed as he got my pajamas ready.

I watched him as he flitted about the room, smiling to myself. I could tell he was concentrating on the task at hand, but he would occasionally meet my eyes, crookedly smiling, which set my heart fluttering.

I could drown in your eyes…..

No, you won't, because I'll always be there to save you…..

We smiled at each other during our silent exchange, the deep level of intimacy we shared making my whole body warm up several degrees. He always had that effect on me, no matter how angry, hurt or sad I was, and I loved him dearly for it.

"Hold onto me, darling," he said, scooping me into his arms once again and walking me into the bathroom. The room was already filled with steam from the hot water pouring out of the waterfall showerhead, making my eyes grow heavier as the moist heat surrounded me.

Edward helped me undress, and was about to put me into the shower when I grabbed his arm.

"I, uhm, could really use a good back washing, in my delicate condition and all," I smoothly said, slightly fluttering my lashes at him.

BINGO. Got him wrapped around my little finger, just like that!

"Do you mean this soft, silky skin back here?" he purred, trailing his fingertips up and down my back. I shivered, and flushed as a wave of desire flared up inside of me.

Crap! Busted! Oh hell, who am I trying to kid, anyway? We are both completely whipped and would do anything in order to bring happiness to the other…

"Darling, I would love nothing more than some quality 'playtime' but you look so tired that I'm afraid you'll fall asleep standing up. Let me take care of you, and if after our shower you are up for some 'beyond kissable, should be outlawed and named one of the seven deadliest sins' lips later, then I will be happy to make you scream my name," Edward smirked at me, making my knees grow weak.

"I see how you are, throwing my passion spurred nickname for your lips in my face," I pouted.

Edward stepped into the shower, now fully naked, and gently pressed me against the far wall, his eyes filled with scorching desire. His head swooped down as he captured my mouth in a blazing kiss, immediately making me dizzy. When we finally pulled away, we were both panting for breath.

"Evil lips," I mumbled, making him laugh out loud.

After our shower, and once we were dried off, Edward carried me over to the bed, laying me down in the middle. He sat on his knees, between my legs as his eyes trailed from mine, downward, drinking me in. He ran his hands up and down the tops of my thighs, his eyes locked on mine, never wavering.

"Kiss me," I murmured, reaching for him. He softly fell on top of me, careful not to put too much of his weight on me, and pressed his lips to mine. I moaned when he slowly pushed inside of me, sliding his tongue into my mouth at the same time.

"I love you," he whispered against my lips as he began to move, making love to me until we fell asleep in a sated heap.


The next day dawned cloudy and cool, fitting weather for such a somber day. Bella lay next to me, her face peaceful and her lips swollen from my kisses throughout the night. My heart began to ache, knowing that my time with her was coming to an end, and that I was reneging on my promise I made to her, so long ago.

I promise I will NEVER lie to you, and I will never leave you….

"Please forgive me," I whispered to her sleeping form, as a tear trailed down my cheek. I laid with her for a little longer, but eventually got up to put my plan into motion.

I carefully got up, trying not to wake Bella. I pulled on a pair of shorts, brushed my teeth, and slipped out into the misty dawn. Once I reached the tree line, I pulled off my shorts and phased, quickly finding Leah.

"Can we talk?"

Leah: "That depends….are you going to be an asshole to me again?"

"I'm so sorry about that Le…I was a total jerk to you and everyone else, and I feel really bad about it. I never took into consideration your own grief over Sam's death"

We finally met up in the middle of a clearing, both of us cautiously moving toward the other. She cocked her head, and trotted off into the trees, returning in her human form. While she was gone, I took the opportunity to phase back, hugging her when she came back into the clearing.

"I'm so sorry, Le. Please forgive me?" I begged, feeling the familiar burning in my throat as my emotions got the better of me. I felt her hot tears on my chest, so I held her tight, trying to soothe her as she cried.

"Ugh, I hate crying," she growled, pulling away from me and angrily wiping her tears away.

"You know, even though I'm Imprinted with Elliot, and I love him more than anything, it still hurts losing Sam…," she whimpered, turning away from me to hide.

"You and Sam shared a deep love, Le, so it's understandable that you hurt. If it wasn't for the whole Imprinting thing, there is not a doubt in my mind that you both would be married and have babies running all around… you never forget a love like that" I gently said, forcing her into another hug. I let her cry it out, and once she composed herself, I told her my other reason for finding her that morning.

"I have to talk to you, Le. Before I start, and I hate doing this, but I am commanding you, as your Alpha, that you are not to breathe a word of what I'm about to say," I said, giving her a look to let her know I meant it. She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and glared at me.

"You have my word," she warily said, waiting for me to continue.

"I also don't want you phasing….at least for the next few days, because you let things slip sometimes…," I warned.

"Why are you being all cryptic all of a sudden? Are you planning on sneaking off or something?" she huffed, her eyes growing wide when realization hit her.

"NO! Absolutely NOT! Are you fucking insane? You're going to go find that bitch ass leech, aren't you?" she snarled at me, her body shaking as she struggled not to phase.

"Leah, I have to…and I have to do this alone."

"Oh, so you can get your revenge and nobody else can? That's fucking rich, Black!" she spat.

"GOD DAMMIT LEAH! I CAN'T LOSE ANYONE ELSE!!" I roared, fighting off my own urge to phase. Once I calmed myself down, I continued, "Leah, I know everyone wants to find her, to tear her apart slowly for what she's done…but I can't risk losing any of you…I have to find her before she can hurt anyone else I love," I quietly said.

"You are a total moron, do you know that? But… I get it, Jake. I totally understand why you are doing it, although I think you are being a jackass about the whole thing. What if something happens to you? How will we know if you're dead or alive? What about Bella? The Imprint will tear you apart if you're away from her too long…"

"You have to take care of her for me, Le. Help her be strong until I return… and if I don't…," I started to say, but she cut me off.

"You WILL return, Jake, because I absolutely refuse to run this Pack of retards without you. Your kids being excluded from the whole 'retard' thing, of course."

I chuckled at her backtracking, then grew serious once more. "Thanks, Leah, for understanding," I said, turning my face to the sky as it began to rain.

"Please be safe," she whispered, her voice cracking with emotion. I hugged her once more, and gave her a rueful grin.

"I'll do my best."

We walked back to the Council building together in silence, everything that needed saying been said. Sarah and Seth were just walking out, going to begin their morning shift at patrol. They looked at us curiously, then shrugged and walked into the woods Leah and I just exited from. She went one way and I the other, and I sighed in relief when I saw Bella still in bed, softly snoring. I crawled back into the bed and pulled her into my arms, needing to hold her as much as possible. She stirred slightly, sighing my name, before settling back down, her lips turned upward in a soft smile as she dreamed.


The wake was one of the worst things I ever had to go through in my lifetime. The Elders did a traditional ceremony for the fallen, their cries filling the air as they bid the spirits goodbye. There was not a dry eye within the large group of mourners, some sobbing loudly as the caskets were lowered into the ground.

I was one of those who openly cried, holding Bella close to me as I did.

When it came time for Sam's casket to be lowered, a trembling Emily stepped forward, placing a crimson rose on top of it. As she was stepping back, I immediately jumped forward, catching her as she fainted. I carefully picked her tiny body up and held her to me, trying to give her what little strength I had left inside of me.

"He loved you like a brother, you know," she whispered once she came to.

"As did I," I replied, not trusting my voice because of the powerful sadness I was feeling.

"He was so proud of you, Jacob. He felt terrible, thrusting the Alpha role onto you at such a young age, just as you were beginning your life with Bella. He knew you could handle it, though, because of the blood that runs through your veins. You inherited your strength from your father, and grandfather before him, who I know are even more proud of the man you have become. I know they rest peacefully, knowing you are here, protecting your people from harm."

I felt my heart stutter as a searing pain filled my chest.

"But I couldn't protect them, Emily. I failed at providing the proper patrols to insure that we wouldn't be blindsided in an attack. I failed at the biggest thing I teach the Pack, and that is to never let your guard down. Sam, Colin, my father….even Charlotte, paid the price of my naiveté," I shamefully said.

"No, you did not. This is not your fault, Jacob. You did everything right in this situation. Somehow, they got past Alice, Elliot and Emma, and I don't know how because they are virtually flawless with their gifts," Emily said, her voice hardening as she thought about Irina and how her minions slipped past our defense.

"They may have someone who is able to cloak them so that they are undetectable to visions, as well as those who can mind read. I have to find them before they can…,"

"What do you mean, I, Jacob Black?" Emily warily asked.

"I meant we, as in us, need to find her before she comes across any other vampires with gifts that will cripple us," I amended, hoping like hell she didn't probe my slip up.

"I want to watch while you kill her," Emily said, her black eyes glittering in hatred. This unsettled me, because I had never seen this side of Emily before. She was always so sweet and kind, not an ounce of evil in her entire being. Then again, losing your soul mate will make you hate Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, as well as Mother Theresa.

Grief and loss makes us do some crazy things……

"You got it," I said, giving her a smile and setting her back onto her feet. She had a new found strength inside of her now, combating the overwhelming pain she was in. Her back was straight, her shoulders squared, her head held high.

"You're a good man, Jacob. Thank you for being there for me and my family during this time. You are so selfless, pushing you own grief aside to help me with mine. Bella is so lucky to have someone like you to love…," she said, trailing off as tears filled her eyes once more.

I made my way around to each mourner, hugging them, crying with them, reliving the lives we all shared, when they were alive. I was in the middle of talking with Embry, when I saw Peter walking off toward the woods, his head hanging down.

"I'll be right back," I said, excusing myself and running after him.

"Peter, wait up," I called out as I drew closer. He froze, his back still turned to me.

"I don't need your shit right now, man," he growled.

"I came to tell you that I'm sorry for beating on you like that. You didn't deserve to be my punching bag, and I am ashamed that I did that to you. I am so sorry you lost Charlotte…,"

Peter slowly turned around, his normal golden eyes now black with grief and hunger. They narrowed when he looked at me, and I could feel myself tense up in case he sprung. Finally, his face softened, and he sat down on the forest floor, pulling his knees up and resting his chin on top of them. His body started to shake as he tearlessly sobbed, not even bothering to wipe away the rivulets of blood that poured from his eyes.

"She tried to save your old man, Jake. Went up against her own people in order to save Billy…ARGH!" he yelled out to the dark gray sky. He got to his feet and went into a rage, tearing apart massive trees and rocks, trying to physically get his pain out.

"I have nothing left," he mumbled once he calmed back down.

"You have my family, and you have the Cullens," I said, not knowing what else to say. Not that it was a lie, because in the short time he and Charlotte had been with us, they became 'bloodsucking cousins' as we affectionately put it. I was constantly worried about them reverting back to feeding from humans, but so far had shown no desire to do so.

"Yeah, Carlisle and Esme can adopt another wayward vampire to add to their family… oh yeah, that's right, they are HUMAN again. Whatever…," he grumbled.

"Look, I came out here to apologize for beating you up earlier, not to play Dr. Phil. This is your family too, and I know they care a lot about you. Be a bastard and throw that care into their face, you typical leech," I spat, now completely pissed off.

"Screw you, sasquatch," Peter yelled over his shoulder as he bolted into the forest to be alone.

"I'll give you sasquatch, prick," I grumbled as I walked back into the cemetery.

"You ok?" Bella asked when she saw the strain in my face. I pulled her against me, craving her touch and scent.

"That Peter knows how to push my buttons is all. He called me sasquatch, Bells. SASQUATCH? What the hell!" I exclaimed. I felt Bella begin to shake, making me think she had began to cry again. She pulled herself back and doubled over with laughter, tears falling down her face.

"Jake! *gasp* You do *gasp* have pretty big *gasp* FEET!" she howled in laughter, drawing some odd stares from the others in the cemetery.

"Enough out of you!" I laughed, grabbing and throwing her over my shoulder. I gave her a smack across her backside, making her shriek loudly in protest.

"Now, Bella, pull yourself together, because in less than five minutes, we will be at the Council for the remembrance dinner," I warned, placing her onto her feet once we arrived. She looked all kinds of pissed at me for man handling her. She was about to, at least I thought she was going to, tear into me, so I braced myself.

"Race you inside, SASQUATCH!" she shrieked, bolting inside before I had a chance to react.

"You better run, because the big bad SASQUATCH is coming for you, fair Bella," I growled, running after her inside.

We laughed, cried, and reminisced about our lost family, recalling many experiences we all shared during our lifetimes together. Charlie was going on and on about a fishing trip he had taken with Billy, back when I was in grade school. My dad had come home from the trip without any fish, along with a sour mood. He claimed that the fish weren't biting at all, and left it at that. I didn't find out the truth of that trip, until Charlie began re-telling the story.

"Then, after drinking a twelve pack of beer, he slugged down a fifth of Canadian Club whiskey, and grew a conscience. He felt bad for 'killing innocent creatures' and proceeded to let each and every fish we caught, go free! In the middle of his 'Free Willie' episode, he somehow slipped and fell into the water, and we spent the night in the emergency room, having his rear end sewn up! 77 stitches in all!" Charlie laughed, holding his painful ribs. He continued to laugh heartily, before growing somber.

"To Billy, may you walk with the Great Wolf and the Angels. I'll miss you, my friend," he choked, lifting his beer skyward in a toast.

When he lowered his bottle, I turned my head and locked eyes with Leah, who was shooting me death glares from across the room. I slightly shook my head at her, giving her a silent warning to keep her mouth shut.

"Let's get out of here and go to the cottage," I whispered in Bella's ear. She gave a slight shiver as my breath hit the skin of her neck, then turned her face to meet my eyes.

"What about…?" she began, but I stopped her with a kiss. I needed her too badly to argue semantics with her.

"Everything is covered, honey. I need you," I murmured against her lips.

"Okay," she whispered, pecking my lips before we got up to bid everyone a goodnight. When we walked outside, and into the woods, I removed my clothing, and looked at her.

"Get on once I'm phased," I grinned at her dazed expression as her eyes raked over me. She nodded her head, taking a few steps away so I would have enough room. Once phased, I got down onto my belly, so that Bella could easily climb on. When I felt her hands grip my fur, and her legs tighten around my middle, I took off into the woods, heading for the cottage. When we arrived a few minutes later, she slid effortlessly off of my back and unlocked the door while I phased back. She barely got the door open and I was upon her, kissing her passionately.

"God I can't wait to be inside of you," I growled, picking her up and going inside, kicking the door shut behind me. I laid her on the huge bed, thankful that I had thought ahead and hired someone to clean the cottage weekly. The last thing I wanted was for a massive dust cloud to envelope us while I made love to her.

The moonlight streamed through the windows, casting an ethereal glow to Bella's skin as I slowly began peeling her clothes from her. She quietly watched me, her eyes bright with love and lust. I pushed the guilt and shame that I was feeling aside, and began exploring her body.

I knelt between her legs, running my callused palms up and down the smooth skin. When I reached the tops of her thighs, I gently pushed them open, feasting my eyes on her glistening center. I could smell her arousal permeating the room, but I held back from tasting her, wanting to touch every inch of her body. I got onto my knees, then leaned over her, placing my hands on either side of her head, looking down into the chocolate depths of her eyes.

"I love you," I said, crushing my lips to hers before she could respond. She moaned softly, opening her mouth, taking my tongue inside.

Our breathing grew harsh, our hearts pounded hard in our chests as we continued to love each other with our mouths. I fell onto one elbow, using it to prop me up while my other hand trailed down her body, following her curves. I traced her shoulder, then her arm, lacing my fingers with hers when I reached her hand. I gave her a small squeeze, then released, partially surrounding her waist with my large hand.

I slowly slid my hand higher, over her ribs and ending at her breast, which I gently cupped and squeezed. She tore her lips from mine and sucked in deep breaths as she cleared her foggy mind. I took that opportunity to begin kissing along her jaw, biting down on her earlobe and flicking my tongue over it.

"Jake…," she breathlessly sighed, arching her neck to give me better access.

I sucked on her creamy throat, leaving little hickeys behind as I went lower. I flicked my tongue in the hollow of her throat, kissed my way down to the valley between her breasts, closing my eyes as I laid my head down for a second. I breathed in her scent, committing it to memory, before I began my exploration of her body once more.

I traced every inch of her body with my tongue, trying to memorize every dip, curve, scar and mole. Her body was like a familiar map, each nuance already committed to memory long ago. I didn't care though, and continued on, wanting to relive her for what could be the last time.

I kissed her hip bones, sucking on them, making her body writhe for me. I worshipped her toned stomach, watching it ripple as I flicked my tongue into her belly button. I kissed her lower, just above where the dark, curly hair began, spreading her lower lips, which were swollen and red, waiting for my touch. I took in a deep breath, reveling in her scent before closing my mouth over her.

"Oh God! Jacob!" she howled, simultaneously grabbing my hair and lifting her hips up to my hungry mouth.

Her taste exploded in my mouth, forcing me to let out a rumbling growl as my tongue explored her wet folds. I lapped up everything her body expended, savoring her sweet taste as it poured out of her. I found her throbbing clit, causing her to let out a loud screech as I sucked it into my mouth and gently closed my teeth over it.

More wetness flowed out of her, so after a few more minutes tormenting her clit, I slid my tongue lower and pushed it inside of her hot passage. I moved my fingers up to her clit and began rubbing it as I thrust my tongue in and out of her. I felt her sheath begin to tighten around me, signaling the approach of her orgasm. I removed my fingers from her and held her hips down, knowing how much she thrashed around when she came. I withdrew my tongue and went back to her clit, sucking and licking it until she climaxed with an ear splitting cry, yelling out my name over and over. When the waves began to ebb, I moved up her body, capturing her soft cries with my mouth.

"Look at me, honey," I said, wanting to see her eyes when I entered her. I slightly flinched when she did, seeing only love and trust, things I currently did not deserve. "Oh God," I gasped, both from my crippling guilt and her tight wet heat. I slowly slid my length inside, stopping only when I was fully seated.

"Bella….I love you so much," I choked out as hot tears filled my eyes.


"I'm ok, baby. I just…..need to love you right now," I said, pressing my lips to hers.

So slowly, wanting to savor each and every second I had left, I made love to Bella. Long, deep, tender thrusts, rocking my hips to hers as my hands moved over her body. I kissed her languidly, stroking my tongue along hers, exploring her mouth, absorbing her taste. She gave a soft, startled cry when I suddenly sat up, pulling her along with me and wrapping her legs around my hips.

"Keep your eyes on me, honey. I need to see you," I groaned, reaching even deeper inside of her in this position, never breaking eye contact. Her mouth crashed to mine, hungrily dominating me as she got closer to another climax. I wrapped my arms around her body, while she grabbed onto me, digging her nails into my back.

"Bella!" I growled, the slight added pain almost driving me over the edge.

"Jake! I'm gonna….Oh God…YES!" she cried out, her legs and arms grabbing me in a vise-like grip as she came. I stopped all movement and watched her face, loving how her pupils dilated, her heart beat stuttered and her face flushed. She ground herself against me, riding out her orgasm, finally refocusing as she came down from her high.

"Lay back," she whispered in my ear, flicking it with her tongue. I complied, slowly laying back onto the bed and resting my weight on my elbows, watching her as she began to move on top of me.

"Fuck, Bella!" I growled when she tightened her inner muscles around me. She smiled at my reaction, leaning forward a bit, placing her palms on my chest.

At first, she started out slow, but as she got closer to another climax, she sped up, moving up and down with almost brutal force. I grabbed her by her shoulders, pulling her down so she lay flush against my chest, then I wrapped my arms around her, wanting to hold her close as we came together.

"Please, Jacob….so close….need you to come with me," she gasped.

I tangled my hands in her hair and yanked her lips to mine, growling and moaning against her mouth. I felt as if a live wire was coiled up inside of me, ready to snap.

And then it did.

I came inside of her with a roar, shuddering and shaking as I filled her body with my semen. I secretly hoped, even through my passion fogged mind, that I left my child with her. I wanted to leave another part of myself behind when I left, and in case I didn't return, at least Bella would have something that we created together.

"Jake…I love you so much," she panted against my lips.

"Honey, I love you too, until the end of time" I responded, pecking her lips with gentle kisses.

Several hours later, when I knew she was fast asleep, I carefully untangled our twisted limbs, standing next to the bed and watching my Angel as she slept.

"Please forgive me, honey. Remember, I will love you until I draw my last breath and beyond," I whispered, softly kissing her cheek. I walked over to our little kitchenette table, picking up the pad of paper and pen that lay there. I jotted down a note for her, placing it on my pillow beside her. I kissed her once more, this time on her lips, and quietly walked away, pausing before I closed and locked the door.

"I'm not going to say goodbye, Bells, because I WILL see you again, either in this life or the next," I said, then walked out to face the journey ahead of me, hoping I survived it.

I walked in my human form for a bit, wanting to clear the La Push border so that I didn't alert the wolves on patrol. Just as I crossed, I smelled the stench of a vampire, whirling around to face it head on.

"What the hell do you want?" I growled when Peter stepped out from the shadows. He cockily looked at me, before sneering.

"You think you're all slick, huh? Sneaking off to go find that bitch by yourself?" he smirked as he approached, stopping within five feet of me.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I snapped, turning my back to him.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid, Jacob? I'm coming with you," he said, quickly appearing in front of me again.

"No way, man. Sorry, but this is my vendetta, and I'm doing it alone," I said, my voice hard. The last thing I wanted was for his annoying ass with me for God knows how long.

"You are not the only person who lost loved ones, idiot. My wife is dead!" he ground out, getting in my face. My eyes narrowed, my fists balled up into fists as I got ready to fight.

"Maybe I need to go wake up your pretty Bella, and tell her what her Romeo is up to?" he smirked, stoking my rage even more. I knew it was a lost cause arguing with him, and he did have a point about losing Charlotte, but I hated the fact that I would be stuck with him.

"Fine! But the minute you start annoying me, I'm tearing you apart and burning you slowly," I spat, turning my back to him once more.

"No problem! Come on, Jakey, we can do some male bonding while we are off killing… the bad dudes," he laughed, catching up to me and nudging me with his shoulder.

"There will be no bonding of the male kind, Petey. I want to find this bitch and kill her, so I can get back to my wife and kids," I said, not looking at him.

"At least you have something to come back to," he whispered, almost too low for me to hear. I stopped and looked at him, noticing his face go from sad, to fake happy, trying to hide his pain.

"Try to keep up," I said, pulling off my shorts and phasing.

"Not a problem, fido!" he said as he ran past me.

I'm officially in hell…………….


I woke up the next morning, smiling as I recalled the night I shared with Jacob. I yawned and stretched, then got confused when I didn't feel him next to me. I grinned when I saw the note he left me, knowing how sweet he was with leaving me little love letters all the time. I opened it up and began to read, slowly feeling the blood rush out of me. My heart began pounding hard, my stomach was in a painful knot, and strangled cries began to escape as I read his words….


I am so sorry, honey, for betraying you like this, but I had to go find Irina alone. I know I told you, long ago, that I would never leave you, and my heart aches knowing that I didn't fulfill my promise. I hope you understand that I couldn't risk losing anyone else that I love, in another battle. This is something I have to do, both for myself and for my dad, Sam and Colin.

Please know that I will love you forever, and this is not a goodbye letter, not in the least. I PROMISE that I will see you again, either in this lifetime or the next, because you have the other half of my soul and we are meant to be together. Knowing you are safe, our children are safe, gives me the strength I need to succeed, and hopefully will be bringing me back to you soon.

I just hope you can find it in that beautiful heart of yours to forgive me.

I will love you until the end of time,

Your Jacob.

I couldn't think. Couldn't breathe. I wanted the bed to swallow me whole, to wake up and realize that this was a nightmare. I was so lost in my pain that I didn't feel the warm arms surrounding me, pulling me against a foreign body.

"He will be back, Bella. Jake is strong, so if anyone can do this, it's him," Leah gently said, rocking me against her.

Come back to me, Jacob……….