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"Britt, don't go," Randy whined as he grabbed her purse that was slung over her shoulder but received only a glare in return. "Stay with me; cuddle me, sex me."

"You don't even deserve sex," she stated as she tried to pull her designer purse away from him. "Randy Keith let go of my purse right now before I knee you in your crotch."

He instantly let down and pouted as he walked into the living room area of the suite and sat down in a huff. She smirked with her win and adjusted her black sparkly vest that had only a bra underneath then fixed her jeans skirt. She fluffed her light brown, straightened hair before walking into the living room area of the suite as well as the door opened and in walked Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes, who as well had the same look on their face as Randy had on his.

"This is all your fault, Brittany Nichole," Ted grumbled as he sat on the other side of Randy. "It's your fault I'm not going to get any."

"As if you could get any anyways, Theodore," Brittany spat at him as she sat on the arm of the couch, waiting for the girls to arrive. "And who said you could use my first and middle name together? I don't even like you saying my first name."

"Why'd you have to pick tonight to go out, Britt?" Cody asked as he grabbed three bottles of beer from the mini fridge, handed Randy and Ted each one, and finally sat down.

"Because, the scum of the earth has a dumb storyline where he gets involved with every diva," She simply stated as she stood up when the door opened and in walked Sunny and Becky.

"So that's where our boyfriends went," Sunny and Becky said as they saw Ted and Cody sat down on the couch.

Britt laughed as watched Becky and Sunny each walk over to their boyfriends and gave them each a kiss. Randy looked up at Britt expectantly but she just shrugged and walking over to one of the mirrors that were hanging on the wall and checked her make up, paying Randy no attention. Becky situated herself in Cody's lap and Sunny did the same but in Ted's lap.

"Can't Ted come with?" Sunny asked as she looked into her boyfriend's eyes before turning her attention back to her friend.

"Yeah why can't Cody come too?" Becky asked as her attention was solely on Cody and nobody or anything else.

"And how about Randy comes with too," Randy suggested with a raised eyebrow and to that question he received a glare from his girlfriend.

"Nope, no guys allowed tonight and besides," she paused as she let her green eyes drift over and onto Randy. "I need to get away from him; he's starting to irritate me."

Cody laughed a little and took a drink of his beer. Randy scoffed a little before getting up and walking over to his girlfriend. He slipped his arms around her waist, his cold beer bottle in his hand. The bottom of the bottle pressed against the small inch of skin that was showing. Britt gave Randy an irritated look then tried to pull out of his grasp but he tightened his arms around her waist, keeping her in place in his arms.

"C'mon babe, you know you love me," he purred into her ear. "You know you can't resist me; especially in the bed room."

He leaned his head down and placed a kiss on her bare shoulder. She rolled her eyes and continued to avoid his eyes from the mirror.

"You know it's not my fault that I got stuck in the storyline, babe. It's just the start of making me an even bigger star," he said softly as he placed a kiss on her neck. "You know I would rather be in a storyline with you if you were a diva."

She sighed a little and felt him breaking down the wall that she had built just earlier in the night so he wouldn't be able to break it down. She shifted her weight from her right foot to her left foot as she continued to try to ignore him.

"You know that I'd rather be placing my hands and my lips on you then any other girl in the world," he mumbled as he placed another soft kiss on her neck. "You know that I would rather spend a night in with you then get drunk with those two idiots."

"Hey!" Ted protested as he heard Randy's insult.

"I know and I forgive you but I'm still going out with Becky and Sunny and there is going to be no boys allowed," she said determinedly then placed a kiss on Randy's lips.

Randy groaned but let her go as Becky and Sunny placed a kiss on their boyfriend's lips one more time and then left with her to go on their girls night out.

"Your girlfriend is such a cock block," Ted groaned as Randy sat in the chair and stretched his legs out. "Now what are we going to do while they're gone?"

"Yeah, I hadn't planned on being with two other guys," Cody said as he took another drink of his more than half empty beer.

"Don't worry, we're going clubbing as the girls call it and we're going to meet up with the girls," Randy said as he chugged down the last of his beer.

"How are we going to meet up with them?" Ted asked with a frown.

"We don't even know where they're going," Cody sighed as he finished off his beer.

Randy rolled his eyes and stood up. He swore that his friends knew nothing about their own girlfriends. He tossed the empty beer bottle into the trash can then pulled off his normal wrestling t-shirt then put on a nice black button up shirt.

"I know everything that Britt plans and everything she likes, don't worry, boys."