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"Ew. She's here," Becky said, wrinkling her nose at the sight of one Kelly Kelly dancing on the dance floor with some random idiot.

"Sure we should stay here? We might get an STD," Sunny commented as she too saw the blonde bimbo diva.

Britt laughed but chose to ignore the presence of the blonde skank that none of the three girls liked. The girls hadn't even been in the club for five minutes before they had spotted her but it wouldn't be hard to miss her either; especially not with that ugly face of her.

"We should plot her death," Sunny said as the three girls sat at a high up table with stools for chairs. "Then we wouldn't have to deal with her trying to get with our guys and making the STD rate continue to rise."

"Somebody should shot between those hideous eyes of her," Becky said as they waited for a waiter to come over to order their drinks.

"I would do it but I think, I wouldn't stop with one shot," Britt sighed as she ran her fingers through the ends of her straightened hair. "I'm just gonna go get us drinks because I have no patience. What do you guys want?"


"Randy! Watch out!" Cody shouted from the passenger's seat of Randy's rental car. The younger man currently feared for his own life. "Please, Randy, don't get us killed."

"Cody, I am not going to get us killed," Randy said with a roll of his eyes as he fumbled with the GPS system that he had in the rental car but the gadget was getting the best of him. "God damn piece of shit, Runnels, fix it."

Cody rolled his eyes but typed in the address of the club that Randy assumed Brittany, Becky, and Sunny were at. Cody and Ted both thought that Randy was crazy and didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

"We're never going to see our girlfriends again, Cody," Ted whined from the backseat. "And we didn't even get to sex them goodbye."

"I know," Cody sighed as he began to fumble with the GPS device as well. "I think you got a retarded car, Randy."

"You two are morons. Quit complaining and enjoy the ride; I'm going to get you guys to the club to see your girls and you'll get laid tonight and all you can think about is this point in time when other idiots pull out in front of me and you think of death?" Randy asked as he maneuvered the car in and out of the lanes. "So ungrateful."

Randy continued to drive the rental car to his destination even though they had yet to work the GPS system the correct way.

-*-Meanwhile (with the girls)-*-

"Whore," was the first word that slipped out of Brittany's mouth as she saw Kelly Kelly grinding up on some random guy. "Who does she think she is? I mean that could very well be Randy, Cody, or Theodore if they were here because she thinks that every male is attracted to her."

It was safe to say that the girls all had a few drinks in their system by now and were taking turns on insulting and complaining about the blonde bimbo diva that was in the same club that they had went to. Sunny laughed at Britt's comment before downing the rest of her drink.

"Look at her!" Becky said slamming her glass down on the table as Kelly Kelly rubbed against the guy. "Why does she think she's that hot? I mean has anybody looked at her face? It's not even considered good looking."

Britt nodded her head in agreement as she sipped on her drink as she glared daggers at the fake diva. Britt looked around the club and saw Eve Torres, Maria Kanellis, and the Bella twins walk in through the entrance. She quickly averted her eyes back to the table and towards her friends.

"More whores, which is exactly what the club needs," Britt muttered underneath her breath. "I'll be right back, I need a new drink."

"But Britt, your drink is all ready full," Sunny pointed out as she looked at her own empty glass. "Oh, can you get me one too?"

"Sure, what do you want?" Britt asked as she slid off of the stool and onto the floor.

"Surprise me," Sunny said with a wave of her hand.

Britt shrugged before walking over to the bar. She ordered her and Sunny both X Rated and Sprite and turned around to walk back to the table she shared with Becky and Sunny and ran into Eve, Maria, Nikki, and Brie. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the four some as she held the drinks in her hands.

"Britt!" Maria said in a surprised tone as if it was such a shocking thing that Britt was here without Randy Orton.

"Maria," Britt said flatly as she tapped her foot in a somewhat impatient manner.

"Where's Randy?" Maria asked sweetly as she looked around the area before her eyes landed on Britt.

"He's out with Cody and Theodore, now if you don't mind I have friends to get back to," Britt said monotonously before she pushed past Eve and Nikki and accidentally spilled some of her drink down the front of Eve's dress. "Oops. Sorry, Eve."

Eve squealed as Britt walked back to the table that Becky and Sunny were seated at. She handed Sunny the drink that was completely full before sitting back down. She looked at the door to the club and groaned as she saw Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase Jr.

"What were those sluts talking to you about?" Sunny asked as she glanced back at Maria, Nikki, Brie, and Eve before taking a sip of the drink.

"Who knows; they were trying to be my friend or some shit like that," Britt said shrugging her shoulders as Randy, Cody, and Ted walked over to their table a smirk evident on Randy's handsome face.

"See, boys, I told you I'd find them here, isn't she predictable?" Randy smirked as he slapped Cody and Ted both on the shoulders. "I know my girlfriend more than she knows herself."

"God, you're annoying. Why am I dating you?" Britt asked as she eyed her boyfriend as she sipped on her drink through the straw.

"Because of what I can do in the bedroom, babe," Randy smirked before grabbing Britt by her waist and pulling her off of the stool and into his body before whispering into her ear, "And because you turn me on."

"Get a room," Becky said chucking a piece of ice at Randy's face and then laughing when it went down Britt's top.

"Becky!" Britt laughed as she glanced down her top as Randy went to reach in with his hand and Brittany slapped it away. "Randy Keith Orton! Seriously?! You think I am going to let you grab my boobs in a public place?"

He nodded his head as he grabbed the piece of ice with his other hand also grabbing her right boob at the same time. Cody and Ted laughed at their mentor's antics as the pulled up a stool and sat by each of their girlfriends.

"Taking notes, boys?" Randy asked as he slung an arm around Britt's neck.