Dear arabella Malfoy (sorry for the readers who LIKED IT and had to see this),

It's morning – not a good thing that the first thing I see is your pointless and mainly stupid review. I don't care if this is the worst one-shot ever because I have written worse stories than this.

Your review isn't what pissed me off though. It's that you don't have the guts to leave a fucking signed signature. What you don't have an account? At least leave a fucking reason WHY the fucking story sucks!

Here is the thing. I like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM – many of you might think I don't listen to your reviews when you leave criticism but I do – really I do. But this: "WAT THE BLOODY ** HELL?! that was probably the worst fanfic ive evr read :" (I like to point out that what has and H in it, ever has another E in it – a minor example of criticism) isn't called constructive criticism – I'm not even sure it's really criticism. What you want to insult me? Sign in and I could care less.

Listen – I'm cranky I think you got the gist of that. You just made it worst. All I'm trying to say is if your going to leave a review like that – and as an anonymous then at least give me a REASON or maybe a REAL review.

Oh by the way – the reason why I'm not discouraged by your review is because- other people liked it despite how crappy I think it is.

Any other review like this I will delete so I'm begging you – if you wish to remain anonymous then go ahead but if you review a story, MY stories, and leave some like THAT (up there in that third paragraph) then I will be seriously pissed off. So here – I am begging you on my knees here just leave a signed review or just…just give me a reason WHY you don't like it. Was it my grammar? I could always edit it – I'm looking into betas. Was it the random idea? Well it was random I admit that. Was it because it had no true point? I admit that too but it was also me trying to get rid of my writers block before finishing my other chapters. Is it because the lemon sucked? I'm rusty – I haven't written lemon for a while and I had no inspiration to. I think I pointed out what I could think of.

Sorry again for those who read this – but seriously people just a reason or a signed review and I won't ever flip out like this again. (I will regret this after the sleepy affects fade away.)