Title: Declivity
Day/Theme 22. lips that would kiss form prayers to broken stone
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Rating: PG I guess?
Character/Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Summary: When you've hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.
A/N: Happy birthday, Sam :3

declivity noun (pl. declivities) a downward slope.
-ORIGIN Latin declivitas, from clivus 'a slope'.

Three months and they were the laughing stock of Meifu, the pair with a coming expiration date. Tsuzuki goes through partners like others do lovers, and true, the distinction is often a very thin, blurred one. Tsuzuki is like a small child, always grasping for a sight of comfort in his partners. They must care for him, and in turn be cared for. They must know nothing of him, the man that is their partner, the childish slob, the lazy one, the mask, the despondency, the beast.

Four months go by and Hisoka is no closer, he does not search for the answers. Tsuzuki does not tell. They fight like some long married couple over the most minor of things. They agree on the big things, or at least form a facsimile truce. The walls were set, and they did not touch them. Some things were better off left alone.

Five months was like falling downhill, and hitting every rock along the way. Bruises come and go, the shinigami body heals the wounds of their facsimile bodies but not the deeper wounds of the spirit. They are on their own for such things, left to the cold and dark endless nights.

Six and seven months are spent with no true progress. They fight, they rebuild the wall and mend it. Good walls make good neighbors, and they are skilled at the building and rebuilding of masonry.

Eight and nine and ten fall to the places below, there is always another layer, a section below the first of the crushing falls to find. There is no true mercy in the world, a world which hands out misfortune indeterminably. Eleven and twelve, when one falls the other will soon follow. Their as caught up as a tangled ball of twine together. It can't get worse, but it can get a lot better.

So Hisoka picks himself up, brushes them both up and makes the ascent. Even if they're doomed to be Sisyphus, pushing a stone to up an incline for eternity, they'll keep climbing and climbing. What else is there to this half-life?

He is not used to the giving and receiving of comfort, but there is a first for everything even if it must be found after death. So they climb, they live in their non-breathing, non-heartbeating sense of life and they unfold. Love does not know the boundaries of death, it is amorphous thing, without finite boundaries.

Years after he has long passed from the world, Hisoka learns first the gift of friendship and then the gentle stirrings of a something. And they climb that mountain together even knowing that the rock will fall. They'll climb it again and again until time itself ends.