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Relationships aren't like a fairytale 100% of the time, but I'd like to think ours felt like one more than most couples'.

It wasn't easy. We fought. It took me a while to get over myself and get over the hurt and everything he'd done. But even when I was screaming at him and he was yelling right back I always knew in the back of my head and heart that I'd rather be fighting with him than trying to love anyone else.

But there was a night, I don't remember what brought it on, but it all hit me with the force of a ton of bricks falling from 50 stories high.

Somewhere between running back to him over a year ago and when I was sitting there in the living room looking through real estate in Seattle, I had forgiven him.

We had taken an extended vacation after that and it was a not quite G-rated fairytale that ended with him proposing.

Do you really have to ask if I said yes?

We planned our wedding so quickly you'd think we did nothing else with our time. And really, if we're being honest, it was Alice 90% and Bella/Edward 10%. But it didn't matter. We didn't care about the where, and when only mattered as far as we wanted to get married ASAP. Neither of us cared about color palettes or outdoor vs. indoor, or food tasting even; we just wanted to stand up in front of everyone we knew and legally commit ourselves to each other for an eternity.

We were married in August, a few weeks before my 27th birthday in an evening ceremony, on the Cullen estate. There were white tents, and freesias, and I couldn't help but wonder if Edward had specially requested them.

My father walked me down the aisle in my wedding gown, a light chiffon strapless dress that flowed with the wind. Alice and I had picked it out a month prior and we'd both balled when I saw it in the mirror.

Edward's jaw was clenched and his eyes were red and glistening as my father handed me to him, literally, and gave me away with a kiss on the cheek.

Both of us cried throughout the entire ceremony. It would have been embarrassing had not half the room understood why it was so emotional.

We were here, finally before god and family and friends and whoever else cared to look, giving ourselves to each other for an eternity.

That was the night I stopped my birth control and the first night we had sex as Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.


It had been just over 3 months of wedded bliss and a few weeks after celebrating our first Edward and Bella Cullen Thanksgiving at our apartment. Everyone had come down, my dad included – which made me happier than words could have ever expressed.

But I hadn't been feeling well since Thanksgiving and Edward had been picking up extra shifts so he could take some time off for Christmas and we could spend the week of it in Forks. With that reasoning, I hadn't brought it up but when the symptoms had persisted I caved.

No, wait I take that back. I caved when I realized that I hadn't had a period since September and the symptoms added up in my head.

I took the at home test first, then immediately called Alice. One, because she was my best friend and two to beg her not to tell Edward; she was over the moon happy for us and swore up and down her lips were sealed.

I wasn't sure how much I believed her so I made an appointment with my lady-doc the minute we hung up. I told her it was semi-urgent, a small white lie as the excitement bubbled over at the possibility. With my tone calm but fast she believed me in an instant and made room for me in her schedule for later in the afternoon.

I was shaking on my drive to the hospital. I wanted to be, but Edward and I hadn't really talked about when we wanted to start having a family and the idea that he could not be ready for this occurred and gave me butterflies. I pushed it aside and tried to tell myself it was probably just the baby kicking.

As unsanitary as it was, I had the stick proving our future in my purse and I weighed the options of waiting to tell Edward until it had been confirmed by doctors (and not just Alice) and telling him to meet me at the hospital; after all he was only across the street in an adjacent building.

I stepped out of the car and took a breath. He needed to be here for this, with me... with us potentially. So I called.

"Seattle General this is Nancy."

"Hi Nancy its Bella Cullen is Edward available?"

"Let me page him, one second."

She put me on hold and I stood in front of the hospital, tapping my foot. "I'm sorry Bella; I think he's with a patient."

I nodded, taking a breath. "Then will you let him know I'm at the hospital, 6th floor. It's… kind of urgent." I said not wanting to cause reason for concern, but I knew he'd beat himself up if he wasn't here for this if he could have been.

"Oh, of course, are you all right?"

"I… I'm not sure." I said honestly. It would all depend on the final results and Edward's reaction.

"I'll page him again in a few minutes and let him know." She said quickly. I thank her and hung up the phone racing into the building.

I had checked in and each minute felt like 10. I picked up one of those cheesy 80s parenting magazines and was trying to focus but I couldn't. Edward wasn't here; I was alone and no one was calling my name.

Finally, what felt like an hour later but had really only been about twenty minutes or so, a nurse opened the main door and called my name. "Isabella Cullen."

I still beamed when they said my last name and I stood quickly. "You must be Dr. Cullen's wife." She smiled, guiding me to an empty patient room. I laughed. "How'd you guess?"

She smiled warmly taking a seat on the stool beside the desk as I sat on the table, hearing the paper crinkle under my ass. "Every time he sends a referral to us he says if his wife Isabella comes in to say hi for him. He's been busy; we've heard from him quite a bit at all hours here."

I nodded. "Yea, we're taking Christmas week off to go visit our families up north so he feels guilty if he doesn't work triple time to make up for taking a few days off."

She nodded understandingly and took a breath. "So why are you in today?" She asked, ready to make notes in my file.

I bit my lip and felt myself blush. "I think I'm pregnant?" It came out as more of a shaky question than a statement and she smiled. "And you're here for a confirmation?" She asked smiling widely. I nodded, gulping down vomit I could feel coming up my throat.

She laughed softly and scooted closer after making a few notes. "Okay, well. We need you to pee again." She joked, standing to wrap the blood pressure cuff around my arm. "But let me check a few vitals before you go." I laughed at the pun and nodded.

She checked my pulse and blood pressure, making notes and handing me a cup with my patient information on it. "We only need it about it a quarter of the way, so don't worry about filling it."

I nodded and stood up, grabbing my purse. "If it's not too much to ask… if you see Edward out there can you just have him come in?" I asked hesitantly as I followed her out. She smiled and nodded. "Sure dear." She paused pointing down the hall. "Bathroom is down the hall third door on your left. Just leave the cup on the counter beside the sink when you're done."

"Great, thanks." I said meekly, walking down the hall and taking steady breaths.

I locked the door and hung my coat and purse on the hook behind the door and tried.

But I couldn't. It was too nerve-wracking.

So I tried thinking about anything else. Our wedding. Thanksgiving. Halloween where we tried to carve pumpkins with sharp knives instead of the ones in the pumpkin carving kit.

A few minutes later I was done and left the cup on the counter as instructed and washed up. I walked back down the hall and pushed open the door to find a bug-eyed Edward pacing and running his hands through his hair. "Bella! Fucking Christ! Are you okay?" He said sprinting the few feet to me and wrapping his arms around me. I slid my arms around him tightly and breathed him in. He wasn't wearing his white coat and I could feel the toned muscles pulsing through his thin white button up. I sighed against him and grabbed his hand pulling away slightly and closing the door a little. I bit my lip as the nerves returned and I moved to sit on the table.

"Bella… talk to me. No one's telling me anything and it's freaking me the fuck out." He said puffing out a humorless laugh as he moved to stand between my legs and cup my face in his hands. His eyes were searching mine and I turned my head towards my purse, reaching for it and fishing for the plastic stick.

"This." I said quietly, handing it to him "is why I'm here." He dropped one hand and took it from mine. "You…" his eyes glanced from the two pink lines up to my eyes and his breathing increased.

"Edward…" I sighed. I couldn't tell how he was feeling and it was incredibly unnerving.

He dropped the stick onto the table beside me and cupped my face kissing me hard. I covered his wrists with my hands as I kissed back and I felt him smile against me. "We're—"

I nodded. "I think so. We're waiting for the final answer."

We stood there grinning at each other like dopes, until we heard the faint rapt of the door. I sighed, squeezing his hands as they rested over my thighs. "Come in."

A woman in a white lab coat entered, smiling up at us. "I'm Dr. Sterrison." She said. We both shook her hand and smiled in her direction. "So, it looks like the over the counter was right." She said, after she had taken a seat on the small chair. "t looks like we're having a baby." She stated, glancing down at my file and nodding her head. I turned to Edward, tears blurring my vision and he leaned his forehead against mine kissing me softly all over my face.

After our little moment I took a deep, albeit shaky breath and turned back towards the doctor. She was smiling widely. "Glad to see this is a positive thing." I choked out a laugh as Edward smoothed out my hair, holding me close.

"Normally from here we'd schedule a sonogram to check the baby's heart and all that, but our 4:30 patient cancelled, so it's free if you—"

"Yes. Definitely." Edward said, interrupting her. I laughed, sniffling back the lingering tears.

An hour later I was being probed like an alien, with Edward's hand squeezing mine.

The doctor was on a stool similar to the one in the patient room we'd been in and she was rubbing the cold instrument against my body, leaning towards the monitor. She pushed a couple buttons and brought the screen into view for us.

And that was when we heard it.

I turned toward Edward and he squeezed my hand, pressing his lips against my forehead firmly and I felt his tears fall onto my eyebrow.

A heart beat.