Pointless one-shot, but it's been a while since I've done one for Inuyasha.

Personal Décor

"Lunch is almost ready," Sango observed, eyeing the pot over the campfire. "How come Kagome and Inuyasha aren't back yet?"

"Perhaps they're 'busy'," Miroku suggested, reaching for the pot. Sango caught the remark and the gesture and slapped him away.

"Don't be a pervert," she scowled. "Kagome just needed to go to the river to wash her hair, you know how she is. Shippo, can you go get them?"

"Okay!" Shippo hopped down from the stump he was sitting on and ran into the forest.

"So sweet of you Sango to send the child away," Miroku smiled. "If you wanted to be alone so much you simply had to say so."

"You're looking for a good smack," Sango warned, blushing slightly.

"I may not be adverse to such a punishment, depending on where it is you'll be smacking me," Miroku said evenly. Sango let out a small growl and leaned over to collect the bowls from Kagome's nearby backpack. As she started spooning the pot of stew into the bowls, Shippo emerged from the forest with a confused look on his face.

"Shippo? Everything okay?" Sango asked as Shippo sat down.

"I think so," Shippo muttered, scrunching his nose. "Kagome said something really weird though."

"What did she say?" Sango asked.

"Well when I got to the river, Inuyasha and Kagome didn't notice me, but they were hugging and moving their hands a lot."

"Uh…." Sango said, her face going red again. Should Shippo be telling this to them?

"Sango, please, don't interrupt the child," Miroku lectured, leaning forward and putting his hand on Shippo's shoulder. This would give him something to tease Inuyasha about later, after all. "Shippo, what happened then?"

"Well, Inuyasha's pants fell down, and Kagome pulled away and started laughing," Shippo continued. Miroku stifled a chuckle and put a hand to his mouth.

"I see…what did she say?"

"Well, like I said I didn't understand what she meant…" Shippo said, looking up at Miroku. "It was something like 'the curtains don't match the carpet'." Sango's eyes bugged out and she began coughing. "What?" Shippo asked, turning to her. "What's that mean?" Miroku patiently waited for Sango to finish coughing, and gave her and Shippo a small smile.

"Well," he said, "That answers the question of why Inuyasha has black eyebrows."