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My name is Ashley Davis and I think I'm in love with my best friend.

Ashley looked down at the words she had let flow from her mind on to the piece of paper in dark blue ink. She frowned slightly while she crumpled up the paper she then tossed it in the direction of her trashcan. It bounced off the edge and fell to the ground, she half smiled.

"Aiden always was better at basketball." She mumbled, suddenly her phone started buzzing loudly next to her on her desk. After her heart stopped beating quite so rapidly she looked down to see that it was a text from her best friend.

We won our game!Ashley smiled. She found it funny how intense her best friend would get about games. Once she had attended a game and her view of the normally sweet and quite person she had grown to love was changed. Instead she saw a competitive, aggressive and intense new side. It shocked her that this unknown side of her friend turned her on even more than the sweet side. Ashley thought for a moment then smiled and sent a text back.

How many fights did you start? A few minutes later her phone buzzed again.

None. Wait does defending a teammate count?Ashley laughed.

It depends. Did you get kicked out? Ashley walked around her kitchen picking up the mess she had left with lunch while she waited for a reply.

I didn't get kicked out. I'm going to head over to your house. Mom and I got in a fight before I left. Can I borrow your shower? Ashley sent a text saying it was fine. About ten minutes later she heard a car pull up and when she opened her door she smiled at her best friend.

"How are you Ashley?" Aiden sent her a goofy smile as he walked in.

"I'm fine. How about you?" Aiden shrugged nonchalantly.

"Is it ok if I ask your sister out?" Ashley frowned, she wasn't fond of this plan at all. Mostly out of concern for her best friend's heart. Kyla wasn't the monogamous relationship type.

"You know how my sister is. Kyla won't stay tied down for anyone." Aiden nodded and smiled sadly.

"I know but I'm hopelessly in love. I can't help it, I've decided its better to have a little bit of her instead of none of her at all." Ashley smiled at her best friend then gave him a hug and nodded in approval. She always felt so safe in Aiden's arms, she knew he'd always be there for her, he always had. They sat down on the couch to talk for a while.

"Ashley will you sit down? You're wearing a path in the floor and making me dizzy." Aiden whined about ten minutes later as he ate his cup of pudding. Ashley paced around the room impatiently.

"Spencer should have-" Aiden cut her off by throwing his empty pudding cup at her.

"Ash. Seriously? She sent you the text about ten minutes ago?" Ashley nodded as she checked her clothes and hair for pudding spatter.

"Yes but still she-" Ashley flinched as Aiden faked throwing a pillow at her.

"Spencer will be here when she gets here." Aiden said for perhaps the thousandth time in the last ten minutes. Some how their conversations always ended up at Spencer, every single time.

"I know, I know, I know. I can't help that I have a…a um…a nervous habit…yeah, a nervous habit when it comes to her." Ashley blushed and turned around to look anywhere but in her best friend's eyes.

"I know you can't help it. And now it is painfully clear why." Ashley whirled around and was about to ask Aiden what he meant when the doorbell rang, Ashley's face lit up and she smiled widely.

"Spencer is here!" Ashley sang as she ran to the door nearly tripping over a coffee table in the process. She threw open the door when she reached it, Spencer was smiling and covered in mud. "Spencer!" Ashley yelled as she lunged at Spencer in an attempt to hug her. Spencer held her back at arms length.

"Ashley I'm filthy, let me shower and then you can hug me all you want." Ashley pouted at Spencer and smiled when it earned her a laugh from the blonde.

"But I missed you!" Ashley whined. "It's been forever since I've seen you." Spencer laughed at her childish friend.

"Ash, it's been like eight hours." Ashley shook her head vigorously; Aiden laughed from the couch as her dark curls flew up around her head.

"No! It's been like twice that." Ashley protested as she followed Spencer to the bathroom.

"Uh are you planning on helping me in here?" Spencer asked as she smirked and motioned with her head to the shower. Ashley blushed and then tried to cover it with a sly smile.

"Do you want help Carlin?" Ashley thought she saw an emotion flash over Spencer's face that she didn't quite recognize.

"N-no I'll manage. I'll see you in ten Davis." With that Ashley found herself staring at her bathroom door. Ashley sighed already feeling better just having Spencer in her house, she went downstairs to find Aiden raiding her fridge.

"What the hell? You just had a pack of puddings!" Aiden shrugged.

"I was waiting for you to stop acting like the love sick puppy that you are." Aiden said as he stuffed an apple in his mouth and took a large bite.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked, her face sporting a look of confusion. Aiden smiled and then cleared his throat.

"My name is Ashley Davis and I think I'm in love with my best friend." Aiden chuckled quietly. "I figured since you are gay I wasn't the best friend you are talking about." Ashley's jaw was wide open, she was trying to protest but no sound came out. Aiden showed Ashley the piece of paper and then threw it away.

"You can't tell her, she'd never forgive me." Ashley pleaded in a tired voice, she had been over every possible outcome in her head infinite times, and they all ended with heartbreak. Either Spencer would break her heart on accident or on purpose or Ashley would do the same. Relationships with friends never worked, not according to Ashley Davis.

"I think you'd be surprised." Aiden laughed. "Pleasantly surprised." Ashley was about to ask what he was talking about when she felt two familiar arms wrap around her stomach and a low voice sent chills down her spine.

"What's pleasantly surprising?" Spencer asked in that voice that nearly turned Ashley's legs into jello. "You can hug me now Ashley." Ashley smiled and turned around and hugged her best friend, perhaps it was too long to be a normal hug but nether pulled away.

Later that day the three friends were sitting on Ashley's couch watching a basketball game.

"Aiden give it up." Ashley said with an impatient sigh.

"Never. There is still about five minutes, my boys will come back!" He replied confidently with out taking his eyes off the game.

"Aiden you're cheering for the team in the white, right?" Ashley asked and Aiden nodded in affirmation. "You're team sucks. They' re down by thirty points." Spencer snickered. "I mean how could they expect to win with a team uniform that looks like that?" Aiden glared at her.

"Shut up Ash. It's a pride thing." Ashley rolled her eyes at her best guy friend.

"Come on Spence, we'll go upstairs and find something to do." Spencer allowed Ashley to take her hand and followed the brunette.

"I understand where Aiden is coming from Ash-" Spencer started but stopped when Ashley whirled around and feigned hurt.

"You're going to take dumb jock boy's side over mine? You would side with a boy over your best friend? What is this world coming to?" Ashley put the back of her hand to her forehead and pretended to faint on the couch in her room. Spencer laughed and came over to stand in front of the couch. When Ashley didn't move or open her eyes Spencer smirked evilly and then carefully positioned herself over Ashley so she was straddling the brunette but not touching her. Yet.

When Ashley opened her eyes a moment later she nearly screamed because Spencer's face was inches away from her own. Then suddenly she felt the slight weight of her best friend on her stomach and her hands on her sides poised, ready.

"Spencer Carlin don't you dare!" Ashley said her voice slightly huskier than normal.

"Don't I dare what?" Spencer asked with a mockingly innocent look on her face. "Don't I dare do this?" Then she started tickling Ashley. The brunette squirmed, squealed and attempted to fee herself from Spencer's grasp but it was pointless. She didn't really want to be out from under Spencer, it felt too good. A few minutes later Ashley lay panting and giggling on the couch with Spencer still sitting on top of her.

"Ash?" Ashley opened her eyes and stuck out her tongue at her best friend.

"What you meany?" Spencer laughed at Ashley's name calling.

"You know I'm on your side right?" Ashley was surprised to hear that Spencer sounded slightly unsure.

"I know silly. I'm on your side too." Spencer lay down on top of Ashley and the brunette wrapped her arms around Spencer's waist holding her close. Then she whispered, "I'm always on your side." Spencer smiled, feeling comforted.

"Ladies?" Aiden poked his head in the door and when he saw the pair he smiled. "Oh sorry I guess I'll just leave you two." Ashley frowned at the interruption.

"No you can stay Aiden." Spencer said but to Ashley it didn't sound like she wanted him to stay at all. She smiled at the thought.

"No I'd better be going anyway. Congrats on winning your game Spencer. Good luck tonight Ash. I'll try to catch you before the show to wish you more luck." Aiden gave a wave and let himself out downstairs.

"I swear that boy is so weird." Spencer said as she got up and off of Ashley. The brunette tried, and failed, not to frown at the loss of contact.

"He's a great guy though. I just wish Kyla would slow down enough to see it." Ashley said sadly. Spencer nodded in agreement. She looked at her phone and then sighed.

"What Spence?" Ashley asked quietly.

"My mom called about ten times. I think she wants me home now." Spencer sounded tired, and she was. She was tired of fighting with Paula over being gay.

"She'll come around eventually. At least she will if she loves you Spence." Spencer sent Ashley a disbelieving smile. "No I'm serious Spencer, how could she not love you? Everyone loves you, even me." Ashley smiled crookedly at her best friend. "And I don't love anyone but myself." Spencer smiled knowing how untrue that statement was, Ashley was one of the most loving people she had ever met.

"You have to love me. It's part of being best friends." Ashley nodded in agreement whit Spencer and then thought for a moment.

"But I don't have to love you the way I do." Spencer looked confused and was about to ask what she meant when her phone started to play the death march.

"You're mom is calling." Ashley lamely pointed out.

"Yeah. I'll talk to you later?" Ashley nodded and hugged Spencer good bye. Just before Spencer answered her phone Ashley leaned in and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear.

"You're welcome here always. If you need it." Spencer smiled at Ashley and answered the phone as she walked out the front door.

Ashley was throwing clothes out of her closet in search of her favorite vest. She had spent the better part of the last hour looking for it and was beginning to panic.

"KYLA!!" Ashley's half sister came running into the room looking terrified.

"What?" She asked with a slightly angry tone when she saw nothing was wrong.

"Have you seen my vest? I need it tonight." Ashley stuck her head out of her closet to see her vest, on her sister. "Are you kidding me?" Kyla grinned nervously.

"I uh borrowed it the other day…" Ashley started to stalk towards her sister looking like she was about to kill her. "Now Ash…you wouldn't want to do anything rash would you?"

"That. Is. My. Vest!!" With that Kyla turned and ran screaming out of her sister's room with Ashley hot on her trail.

"ASHLEY!!!! Don't kill me!!" Kyla yelled as she hid threw open the front door nearly running over Spencer who was about to ring the doorbell. Ashley however couldn't avoid Spencer and crashed into her sending them both flying with Ashley landing on top.

"Crap. Spence are you ok?" Ashley asked as she looked at Spencer's face for any signs of pain.

"Yeah I'm fine, but we might want to go inside before the neighbors start to talk." Ashley sent a confused look to the blonde under her. "Well I think they are under the impression we are an item, what with me showing up at all hours of the day and night and now you've attacked me in your underwear before I even get in the house. What will they say?" Spencer giggled when Ashley blushed realizing for the first time all she had on was a lacy bra and impossibly tight jeans.

"Shut up Carlin. I need my vest. I can't perform with out it." Ashley mumbled as she got up off her best friend. "And Spencer? The neighbors can't see us from the street." Spencer laughed.

"Are you saying you'd have your way with me right here on the front porch?" Ashley blushed trying to push some of the more explicit images from her mind.

"Dear god please don't I don't want that image in my mind." Kyla said as she ran by dropping Ashley's vest on her head. "There's your vest sis."

"There, now can we go Ashley?" Spencer asked as the pair walked into the living room.

"Yeah let me grab my guitar. Your car or mine?" She asked over her shoulder while grabbing the case holding her favorite guitar.

"Can we take yours? Glen um dropped me off." Spencer said while looking at her feet.

"Sure." Ashley turned and yelled up the stairs. "You can come out Kyla I forgive you. Do you want a ride?" Kyla poked her head out around the corner.

"No I'm getting a ride from Aiden. We're coming on time but we don't feel the need to be there an hour early." Ashley nodded.

"Hey," Ashley said in a softer, kinder voice, "he's a great guy and one of my best friends. Don't hurt him." Kyla looked confused but Ashley was being pulled away by Spencer.

"Come on we're going to be late!" Ashley laughed at how excited Spencer got for her.

"Spence, I'm just singing at the club again. Nothing special or exciting." Spencer turned and faced Ashley who was in the driver's seat and said very seriously,

"Everything you do is special." Then she blushed and looked out the passenger window. They pulled up to the club and after parking they entered through a side door. Spencer left Ashley to get set up while she claimed their regular booth. Spencer made small talk with any friends that came in and finally Chelsea came through the door and sat down next to Spencer.

"Hey Spencer, is she ready for tonight?" Spencer smiled and hugged her friend.

"Yeah I think she's nervous though, the entire ride over she kept starting to say something and then she'd stop." Spencer shrugged.

"Do you think she knows?" Chelsea asked as she waved to Aiden and Kyla who just came in.

"I don't know. I'll have to tell her soon if she doesn't. I can't be in love with my best friend and not tell her." Spencer's voice got quieter as Aiden and Kyla approached them.

"I still stand by the fact that she is head over heals in love with you." Chelsea whispered so the newcomers to the table couldn't hear her.

"Secrets don't make friends." Kyla said jokingly as she sat down.

"But hugs do." Spencer quipped with a smile.

"I'd be friends with any hot girl who hugged me!" Aiden announced with a big smile.

"So would I." Spencer said as she laughed.

"I'm so ready for the weekend." Kyla said before sipping her water.

"Why is that Kyla?" Chelsea asked while looking at the groups starting to come in to the club.

"Aiden finally asked me out." Aiden smiled broadly.

"She couldn't resist me and my charm." He said, intentionally sounding arrogant.

"You wish Dennison." Ashley said from behind Aiden.

"Ashley!" Spencer exclaimed as she made just enough space for Ashley to sit down next to her. Their thighs were touching yet neither made a move to remedy the situation.

"Are you ready for tonight? It's been a few weeks since you've preformed." Aiden asked sincerely worried about his friend's nerves.

"Don't change the subject Dennison. You asked out my sister so you get to answer my questions." Ashley said while glaring at her male best friend. Spencer rolled her eyes and muttered something. "What Spence?" Ashley smiled at her best friend, her disposition doing a one-eighty.

"I just said the Spanish Inquisition has nothing on the Davis Inquisition." Everyone laughed while Aiden gulped.

"Very true Spencer but she's my sister and I don't want him to screw it up." Ashley said with all seriousness. "So my first question is: What are your intentions with my sister?"

"I uh well I want to make her happy." Aiden said rather lamely while looking anywhere but at Kyla who was glaring intensely at her sister.

"Ow!" Spencer yelped as she grabbed her shin. "Kyla you kicked me."

"Sorry I was aiming for Ashley." Kyla said sheepishly. "You guys are sitting awful close." Both Ashley and Spencer blushed slightly.

"Well I'm going to go uh get ready for when it's my turn…on stage…" Ashley said as she jumped out of the booth.

"Ashley if you leave me here after that I'll kill you." Spencer threatened at Ashley's retreating form. Ashley turned around and sent Spencer an apologetic smile.

"Dang it." Spencer mumbled. The table laughed and the friends lapsed into easy conversation. The entire night Spencer's eyes kept searching the sides of the stage for just a glimpse of the girl who held her heart unknowingly. They watched the various performers sing songs and they were all alright but everyone was waiting for the grand finale. Ashley. Spencer smiled, people loved her music but Spencer loved the musician. She had loved Ashley since she had moved here. When Ashley stepped on stage the crowed exploded into applause. Spencer stood up and whistled, her friends cheering along with her. Spencer frowned when some girl climbed on stage and handed Ashley a piece of paper and kissed her cheek. Spencer sat down and stared at her drink, she knew that Ashley would call the girl and they would go on a few dates, and do who knows what. At least, the Ashley from the horror stories would do that. Spencer didn't know that Ashley but she had heard of her.

"She's changed you know." Chelsea's voice brought Spencer out of her thought process.

"What do you mean?" Spencer asked curiously.

"I mean, since she's known you she hasn't gone out and had flings or misbehaved. You've changed her. She's a different Ashley now, those horror stories you've heard about her-" Spencer cut Chelsea off.

"I don't believe the 'horror' stories." Chelsea put her hand on Spencer's arm.

"I know you don't hun. But I'm just saying she's not that girl anymore. She changed for the better, all because of you. You've been good for her, she knows it and won't screw it up." Chelsea smiled when she finished and Spencer smiled back feeling comforted. They watched Ashley perform a few songs and when she was done they stood up and clapped and cheered for her until she reached the table.

"The great and famous Ashley Davis!" Aiden said in an attempted announcer voice when she was within hearing range.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. My loyal fans I just want to say…you're welcome for gracing you with my presence." Spencer lightly hit Ashley's arm as she sat down. The group talked for a bit when a very pretty girl started walking in their direction, Spencer recognized her as the girl from earlier. The one who had given Ashley her number, the enemy.

"Hi I'm Tasha." The blonde introduced herself, she had never ending legs, an impossibly small skirt and a nonexistent top. Spencer had to admit (reluctantly) she was gorgeous.

"I'm Ashley. These are my friends. Over there is Aiden and Kyla, their going to make beautiful babies one day." Aiden and Kyla looked shocked and Aiden looked at the table while Kyla glared at Ashley and tried kicking her but judging by the way the table shook she missed again. "That's Chelsea, she's going to be a famous artist and make millions of dollars and live in Paris." Chelsea laughed and smiled. "And this," Ashley paused looking at Spencer for a moment, "this is Spencer. She is just the most amazing person in the world. She is going to be a famous documentary…ist…type person…" Ashley trailed off frowning slightly as she confused herself.

"So is she your girlfriend?" Tasha asked with a slight sneer. Spencer was about to deny the other girl's statement but Ashley shocked her.

"Yup. We are happily in love." Ashley smiled as she put her arm around Spencer's shoulders and pulled her closer, not that there was much space for them to get any closer.

"We are?" Spencer asked surprised.

"Of course Spence. I love you with all my heart." Ashley said looking very serious. Spencer was surprised at how convincing Ashley could be when she wanted to, she almost let herself believe Ashley did love her.

"I haven't seen you two kiss all night. I've been watching." Tasha said with disbelief. Spencer thought it was some what of a creepy statement.

"We don't like to be too affectionate in public. The rest of this crew gets jealous." Ashley explained. Spencer thought she might as well have a bit of fun with the whole act while she could. She placed her hand on Ashley's mid thigh, Spencer could have sworn she felt Ashley tense up slightly.

"I want my kiss Ashley. You owe me." Spencer said innocently as Chelsea, Aiden and Kyla all snickered around the table.

"You…you do?" Ashley looked rather nervous, which only made Spencer laugh.

"You'd better kiss your girl. Too bad you aren't on the market." Tasha walked away looking rather disappointed.

"Thank God that's over!" Ashley started to pull her arm back.

"I'll give you two twenty bucks to act like a couple for the next twenty-four hours." Aiden suddenly offered.

"What?!" Ashley's voice rose a couple octaves.

"I'm in." Spencer said while laughing.

"You are?" Ashley asked looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"I think it would be hilarious." Chelsea offered.

"I'll add another twenty." Kyla said while smirking.

"I um…" Ashley started blushing. "I guess I'll do it."

"Good. Now I want my kiss Ash." Spencer said completely expecting Ashley to deny her.

"As you wish." Ashley leaned in and pressed her lips lightly to Spencer's. Ashley expected it to be a simple, quick, innocent kiss but she was shocked to feel a jolt of electricity flow through her starting at her lips and going to her toes. When she pulled back Spencer looked just as shocked.

"Wow…" Spencer echoed Ashley's exact thoughts.

"This should be good." Aiden mumbled before Kyla elbowed him.

"So let's all head home I'm beat." Chelsea suggested after looking at her phone for the time.

"Yeah…sure…" Ashley mumbled. Spencer and Ashley hadn't stopped looking at each other since the kiss.

"Um Ash can I ask you something?" Spencer said in almost a whisper while her hand subconsciously touched her lips.

"Anything." Ashley said with complete seriousness.

"Can I stay the night?" Ashley nearly fell out of the booth. "I wouldn't ask except my mom and I got into another big fight and she kicked me out because she couldn't," Spencer made air quotation marks "handle her gay daughter and her choices." Ashley frowned knowing how much that hurt Spencer to hear.

"Of course." She said kindly, then in order to lighten up the mood she added, "what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't let my beautiful girlfriend spend the night with me?" Spencer smiled and then laughed.

"Let's go home Ash." The group of friends hugged good night and Aiden took Kyla's hand and walked to his car, Chelsea walked to her car and Ashley and Spencer held hands going to Ashley's car. They held hand quite often, it was natural for them, and they did it as friends but for now they pretended it was because of the bet.

"Ash?" Spencer asked when they were at Ashley's house picking out some PJ's for the night. Ashley turned around to see Spencer in boxers and a tank top, she nearly tripped over the shoe in front of her.

"Y-yeah Spencer?" She stuttered.

"Thanks." Spencer said with a sad smile. Ashley sent a nose crinkling smile her best friend's way.

"Any time Spencer." Ashley said as the pair climbed in bed and when Spencer snuggled into Ashley's side. The brunette smiled and pulled her friend closer.


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