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Spencer was in her room putting the finishing touches on her make up and hair. It felt good to be home even though she wasn't necessarily supposed to be here; at least her mom hadn't told her she could come home. Arthur had taken Paula out so that they could talk about the situation with Spencer. Glen had talked to Arthur and from what he understood, if Paula didn't let Spencer come home, Arthur was going to move out.

Three weeks ago, Aiden, Kyla and Chelsea had come up with a stupid bet to make Spencer and Ashley act like they were dating. Three weeks ago, Ashley and Spencer had started dating. These last three weeks had been some of the best times in Spencer's life, she was certainly happier now than she had ever remembered being.

"Hey baby sis." Glen said as he leaned against her doorframe. "You look beautiful." Spencer smiled happily; Glen smiled back then frowned slightly. "Ashley isn't going to be able to keep her hands off you. You aren't allowed to go."

"Glen…" Spencer sighed. Glen seemed to be doing his best to make sure that Ashley and Spencer only ever held hands.

"No, I'm putting my foot down on this one. You two are going somewhere fancy and then back to her place. I don't approve."

"Glen, you have to let me grow up. I'm not your baby sister anymore." Spencer gently reminded her brother.

"I know but still I don't want you to get hurt." Glen muttered.

"I know you don't Glen, but I'm happy with Ashley." Spencer got up and hugged Glen who awkwardly patted her back.

"Ok well, just so you know mom and dad will be home soon so you'd better get going." Spencer knew the situation between her and their mom was just as hard on Glen because he had to live with the aftermath.

"Right, I'll call Ashley." Spencer reached for her phone and it started ringing, she smiled when she saw it was Ashley's picture as the caller ID. It was a picture of Ashley making a kissy face at the camera. Spencer had snapped it when Ashley was unaware and refused to delete it. "Hello gorgeous."

"How'd you know it was me?" Ashley's voice sounded slightly disappointed on the other end.

"This lovely little thing called caller ID Ash." Spencer chuckled.

"Damn, I forgot to block my number first." Ashley muttered.

"You are so ridiculous sometimes. Are you on your way?" Spencer asked as she picked up her purse and started looking for her coat.

"Well that's why I wanted to block my number…I was going to say that I was sitting outside your house watching you and was wondering if you wanted a ride." Spencer walked over to her window and looked out to see Ashley leaning against her car in a black dress that was short and had a single shoulder strap. Spencer could see a lot of Ashley's legs, even from her window. "Spencer? Are you still there?"

Spencer started blushing when she realized she had been staring. "Sorry, you distracted me. I'll be down in a few, ok?"

Ashley smiled, "See you in a few, beautiful." She hung up the phone and waited for Spencer to come out the front door. When she did, Ashley was glad she was leaning against her car because her legs turned into mush. Spencer was wearing a light blue dress that hugged her body in all the right places and stopped just short of her knees. Her hair was down and curled softly.

"Hey Ash." Spencer said as she kissed Ashley, the kiss was supposed to be short but it quickly grew heated.

"I love kissing you." Ashley smiled as she opened the passenger side door for Spencer.

"Thank you Ash. You're such a gentleman sometimes." Spencer giggled as she sat down.

Ashley got in the car and they drove for about fifteen minutes before arriving at a very expensive looking restaurant. Ashley pulled up in front and valets opened Spencer and Ashley's door. The brunette thanked the valet as she took a numbered piece of paper. "Shall we, Ms. Carlin?" Ashley asked as she offered Spencer her arm.

"I think we shall, Ms. Davies." Spencer grinned widely as Ashley led her inside.

"Reservation for Davies." The brunette said as Spencer looked around at the dimly lit dining area, all the couples and groups were very dressed up. Spencer was glad Ashley had at least told her to dress nice for dinner but that was all she would reveal about the night ahead.

The host looked at the list in front of him and smiled. "This way ladies." He sat them in a very secluded booth and set the menus down in front of them. "Rachel will be your waitress when you are ready."

The girls thanked him and then Spencer turned to Ashley. "What else could you possibly have planned? This has to be one of the most expensive restaurants in the city."

Ashley laughed softy and kissed Spencer. "It's not even close. At most, it would be the sixth most expensive. If it didn't take a year to get in I'd make reservations at the most expensive restaurant. Only the best for my girl. And to answer your question, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve tonight."

"I love you Ashley." Spencer blushed and looked down, it was the first time either of them had admitted it. They had both been feeling it for a long time but Spencer voiced their mutual feelings first.

"I love you too." Ashley said while flashing her nose crinkling smile. Spencer sighed happily as she felt Ashley's lips against her own.

"I'm going to guess you two need a bit more time?" The girls broke apart blushing to see a girl just a few years older than them standing in front of their table, smiling at them. "I'm Rachel and I'll be your server tonight."

"Um yes please." Ashley was blushing deeply but smiling.

"Could we actually have a couple of waters?" Spencer requested while she placed her hand on Ashley's leg under the table.

"Is it your anniversary?" Rachel asked politely.

"No I just wanted to treat my amazing girlfriend." Ashley said, never taking her eyes of Spencer.

"She's spoiling me." Spencer smiled at Ashley and then looked at Rachel.

"Well you two look very happy. I'll be back with your waters and we'll see if you're ready when I get back." Rachel left the pair alone.

"We should look at the menus." Spencer picked hers up and began looking through the choices, feeling Ashley's eyes on her. "What's wrong Ash?" Spencer turned to look at Ashley and was greeted by a very hungry kiss.

Ashley broke the kiss a few moments later and leaned in to whisper in Spencer's ear. "What's wrong is, from the moment I saw you tonight I've wanted you out of that dress."

Spencer blushed, "Oh…" She squeaked out.

"I'm very distracted by it." Ashley hungrily eyed Spencer's plunging neckline.

Spencer's hand drifted up Ashley's leg and she felt the brunette shiver under her fingertips. "Well let's say that if we hadn't been in my front yard with my brother watching we probably would have been late for our reservation." Spencer whispered back in Ashley's ear.

Ashley gulped and then reached for her menu, knocking over her empty glass. "I uh oops…" She smiled sheepishly. "I got caught up in that lovely um…thought…"

Spencer laughed and the girls started talking about what they were going to eat. "I'm having the salmon." Spencer announced after a few minutes of debate.

"There isn't salmon here." Ashley said as she leaned over to look at Spencer's menu to make sure she had the same one.

"Right here under sea food." Spencer pointed.

"That is some French word." Ashley pouted.

"Ashley, you should know the expensive restaurants never have their menu in English." Spencer laughed as Ashley continued to pout.

"There should be pictures…" Ashley muttered. "I'm getting a salad." She finally decided.

"We're at one of the top ten restaurants in Los Angeles and you get a salad?" Spencer asked in disbelief.

"Yes. I can read the word salad and regardless of the language a salad is a salad." Ashley explained as Rachel walked up to their table.

"Have you guys decided?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes I'm having the salmon." Spencer pointed to the menu. "I'll just point and not bother trying to pronounce the name."

"What would you like for a side? Baked potato, mashed potatoes, fries, rice or a salad?" Rachel ticked the sides off her fingers.

"I'll have mashed potatoes, thanks." Spencer replied after thinking for a moment.

"Ok, the salmon is really good tonight, I had some earlier." Rachel wrote down Spencer's order. "And what about for you miss?" Rachel looked at Ashley.

"I'm having the Caesar salad." Ashley stated. "See Spencer, I can pronounce my dish."

Spencer laughed, "Whatever makes you happy Ash."

"You should just be glad you don't have to have that all memorized with the options that come with the various dishes." Rachel pointed out.

"That's why I'm a musician." Ashley smiled slyly. "That and it gets me any girl I want."

Spencer glared teasingly at her girlfriend, "I better be the only girl you want."

Ashley nodded her head vigorously. "You're the only girl for me."

"I'll go put the order in." Rachel smiled and left.

The girls chatted and flirted while they waited for their food. When it came, they ate and shared bites of Spencer's large meal.

"I'm so glad you helped me eat that Ash. I would be too full to walk out the door. You'd have to carry me." Spencer said after they had finished, she leaned back slightly.

"No way. You're the athlete here. I'd find some one to carry you out though, because no way am I leaving you here.

"Are you ladies done?" Rachel asked as she motioned to the empty plates. Spencer and Ashley nodded. "Can I talk you into some deserts?" Spencer groaned.

"No thanks. I think we're ready for the check." Ashley politely requested.

"I'll bring that out." Rachel cleared the girls' plates and left them to talk a few minutes longer.

"Ashley, I hope you aren't expecting any physical feats tonight because I'll be lucky to get in your car." Spencer groaned again. "Don't let me eat so much next time."

Ashley laughed. "Deal." Rachel came back with the bill and Ashley just handed her credit card to the red-haired waitress. She returned in a few more minutes with the card and receipt.

"Thank you ladies and have a nice night." Rachel turned away and then turned back. "I'm sorry I shouldn't do this but you guys seem to have it figured out. It's my anniversary next weekend with my girlfriend and I don't know what to do."

"Take her out somewhere you haven't been and treat her. Then take her home for a movie or something." Ashley suggested.

"Make sure you give her flowers and chocolate if she likes it." Spencer pointed out.

"Thanks. That must have been sort of awkward huh?" Rachel blushed.

"I've had much more awkward situations, trust me." Ashley reassured the other girl.

"Well enjoy the rest of your evening ladies." Rachel said as she walked off to tend to her other tables.

Ashley and Spencer exited the restaurant after leaving a good sized tip for Rachel. Ashley had to run back in to grab some mints.

"You are so immature sometimes." Spencer laughed as Ashley was trying to stuff at least ten mints in her purse.

"So?" The brunette kissed Spencer heatedly. "Don't I taste better with the mint?"

Spencer laughed then shook her head. "It tastes wrong. I love you just the way you are."

The valet drove Ashley's car up to the front and she opened the door for Spencer, and then entered the driver's side of the vehicle.

Ashley started driving then Spencer looked at her and smiled. "I love you."

Ashley smiled and placed her hand on Spencer's knee momentarily. "I love you too Spence."

"Where are we going?" Spencer asked casually.

"I'm not telling you." Ashley said determinately.

"Please Ash?" Spencer begged.


"Pretty please?" Spencer put on her best puppy dog pout.

"You won't get it out of me Spencer." Ashley focused on the road, knowing Spencer was pouting the way the brunette found irresistibility cute.

"Pwetty pwease wif whip cweam?" Spencer added the baby voice for the full effect.

"No." Ashley said, her voice and resolve slightly wavering.

"I'll give you a kiss if you do." Spencer tried bribing.

"No…" Ashley remained strong.

"Fine then I won't kiss you until you tell me." Spencer crossed her arms, surprised Ashley had been holding out so long.

"What!? That's not fair at all!" Ashley looked at Spencer while she was at a stop light.

"It's perfectly fair. Just tell me." Spencer smiled wickedly.

"No." Ashley pouted. If it was war she wanted, she'd give the blonde a war.

"Ok if that's the way you want it." Spencer smiled and started trailing her fingers from Ashley's knee up to the end of her dress, which had ridden pretty high up.

"Spencer?" Ashley looked at Spencer who just flashed a smile her way.

"Yes Ash?" Spencer's fingers trailed higher yet, exposing more leg.

"That's making it hard to drive." Ashley had to focus completely on not crashing as Spencer's fingers sent electric shocks throughout her body.

"This is no fun…" Spencer pouted and put her hand in her lap.

"Tease…" Ashley muttered as she pulled up in her driveway.

"We're going back to your house?" Spencer looked confused.

"Only to change. I put out the clothes that were most appropriate for where we're going next on my bed. I'm changing in the bathroom downstairs." Ashley explained as she helped Spencer out of the car and opened the front door.

"I'll see you in a bit." Spencer wouldn't admit it but she liked this mysterious side of Ashley.

"See you soon." Ashley replied as she walked to the downstairs bathroom and changed into the black hoody, a t-shirt and jeans she had laid out for herself. She exited the bathroom and saw Spencer coming down the stairs. Spencer had on a white zip-up hoody with her Beatles t-shirt and jeans.

"This is a change." The blonde commented on their clothes as she stood in front of Ashley.

"I just want you to be warm." Ashley explained as she leaned in to kiss Spencer. Ashley always thought Spencer looked ridiculously sexy when she was dressed down and when she dressed up, it was a different kind of sexy. That was more of an elegant beauty, this was more of a comfortable sexy. Spencer didn't let Ashley kiss her. "What's wrong Spence?" Ashley looked concerned.

Spencer smiled evilly. "You still haven't told me where we're going."

Ashley sighed, "Fine. Be that way. I just won't get to kiss you for a while." Ashley led the way back to her car and they drove for another twenty minutes before Ashley pulled off to the side of the road.

"Where are we?" Spencer asked as she got out and looked around.

"Follow me." Ashley took Spencer's hand and led her around a few trees, when Spencer looked straight out she saw the twinkling lights of downtown L.A and in front of her was a blanket laid out with Ashley's guitar case and a present. They were on the edge of a very steep hill so there was nothing impeding their view.

"Ashley…it's amazing." Spencer whispered, almost as if she was afraid to disrupt the beauty.

"I'm glad you like it." Ashley smiled as she sat down next to Spencer who was looking over the city. "May I play you the song I wrote?" Ashley asked shyly.

"You can do what ever you want." Spencer said breathlessly. Ashley smiled then started to smirk as she leaned over and kissed Spencer. The blonde buried her hands in her dark brown curls and started lying down, pulling the brunette on top of her. Ashley put her hands on Spencer's sides and gently pulled the blonde closer. They lay kissing for a while before Ashley broke the kiss.

"If I don't play for you now, I'll forget all about it." Ashley admitted.

Spencer laughed and sat up. "Ok. So you wrote this song?"

Ashley nodded. "I wrote it for you." She took her guitar out of the case and checked the tuning quickly. "Try not to laugh too much."

"I'll love it." Spencer assured her quickly, still slightly in awe that Ashley had written her a song without her knowing.

Ashley began strumming a few chords and a few seconds later, her soft voice was filling the night air around Spencer.

"If not for you, there would be
so little of this part of me.
If not for you, the skies above
would not be blue or even
have enough.

I see the skies, I see your eyes.
I see the cards all passing by.
I'm staying here, with you
my dear.

If not for you, there would be
a bigger hole inside of me.
If not for you, the stars above
would not be new or try to
carry love.

I see the skies, I see your eyes.
I see the cars all passing by.
I'm staying here, with you my dear,
I'm telling you the honest truth.

When love is lying still,
I'll be there for you
to hold you tight,
be there for you
when nobody else will.

Oooh…Nobody else will.

Oooh…Nobody else will.

Oooh…Nobody else will.

Oooh...Nobody else will.

I see the skies I see you eyes.
I see the cars all passing by."

Ashley finished and looked up at Spencer for the first time since she started the song. "Um yeah so there you go…a song for you."

"Ashley, that was amazing." Spencer leaned over and kissed Ashley sweetly, the brunette set the guitar aside and pulled Spencer closer.

"Well I'm glad you liked it a little bit then." Ashley smiled and Spencer shook her head and captured Ashley's lips in a searing kiss.

"Not a little bit. A lot. A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot." Spencer playfully corrected.

Ashley laughed at Spencer who sounded like a little kid. "Well then. I guess you won't want your present…" Spencer smacked Ashley on the shoulder lightly.

"You didn't have to get me anything." Spencer pouted, "You didn't tell me we were doing gifts and being amazing girlfriends tonight. I didn't get you anything."

Ashley shrugged, "I kinda just did this. I'd say you could wait until our anniversary to open the gift but it won't be as uh fresh…so if you open it now I'll go easy on the gifts on our anniversary."

Spencer thought for a moment then nodded. "Deal." Ashley handed her the gift and Spencer opened it trying not to tear the paper. "Mud?" She asked while holding up a jar of mud.

"Yeah, I figured I should get you some since you miss it so much." Ashley smiled at Spencer who was laughing. "Some people give plants, I give mud. You need to water it and love it properly other wise it will dry up and become icky dry dirt."

Spencer was laughing hard now. "You…are…such…a…dork!" She managed to burst out between fits of laughter.

"I'm your dork who loves you with all my heart." Ashley said seriously.

Spencer stopped laughing. "I love you too Ashley. I always will." Spencer kissed Ashley again. They lay looking at the sight in front of them, kissing, talking and laughing late into the night.

Surrounded by music, mud and full of love the girls were happy to have one another. The way it was supposed to be. Spencer and Ashley were meant for each other and now that they had each other they weren't going to let go for the world.


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