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A couple of nights after Harry and the others returned to Hogwarts, Harry found himself staring at the canopy of his bed. He was tired but felt wide awake and restless. Casting a Tempu charm he sighed when he saw it was nearing one o'clock in the morning. Throwing his covers back, he slipped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. On his way back, just as he was about to climb back into bed, he glanced at his trunk and an idea popped into his head.

Opening the lid as quietly as he could, he dug around near the bottom until he reached the Memoria and then climbed into bed. It had been some time since he had ventured into the memories of Lucius, the last scenes leaving bad dreams in their wake, filled with his mother's scream and horrible laughter.

Sitting with his legs outstretched and back against the headboard, he made sure the curtains were shut tight before taking a deep breath and placing his hands on the globe.

The scene opened up to the large sitting room that Harry was now familiar with as a central point of contact for the household. Lucius, Narcissa and several houselves were trying to put the room back together, it looked like it had been ransacked.

When the fireplace roared to life, both adults turned with their wands drawn to find Sirius Black stumbling through.

"Sirius," Narcissa cried, rushing forward to her cousin who nearly collapsed upon exiting the fireplace.

'Where is he?" the dark haired man demanded and Narcissa and Lucius exchanged a look.

"To which 'he' are you referring?" Lucius asked, his wand still in his hand, though Narcissa had put hers away.

"Pettigrew," Sirius spat as Narcissa pushed him into a chair and sent a houself to get him some tea.

"Sirius, you are in no condition to go after Peter," Narcissa said gently, she could smell the stench of alcohol on him and it was heady.

"It was him, wasn't it?" he demanded, staring intently at Lucius who returned his gaze unflinchingly.

"It was," the other man replied calmly and Sirius' hands clenched into fists.

"I'll kill him,' Sirius hissed in anger and lunged to his feet and headed towards the fireplace once again but stumbled once more, falling into Lucius' arms and the other man caught him easily.

"Do not do this," Lucius said quietly into his ear and Sirius pulled back, snarling but the next words out of the ex-Death Eater stopped him. "Harry needs you," he said, staring into Sirius' eyes intently.

"Harry," Sirius said, as if in a daze, as if he hadn't thought of his godson since he'd heard of the tragedy.

"Yes, Harry, your godson, he'll need you, and you going off and getting yourself killed or thrown in Azkaban will not help him."

"Something has to be done about Pettigrew," Sirius said pulling away from the other man and standing as straight as his inebriated form could.

"And something will be done," Lucius replied dangerously, his hatred for the man seeping into his words, "but you are needed here. I doubt that they will give Harry to me to raise, I will be surprised if I can avoid Azkaban at this time, but we need to be thinking of Harry."

"You raise him?" Sirius asked, sounding surprised, not offended as Lucius would have thought.

"It comes with the contract, it would have gone the other way if Lucius and I had not survived and James and Lilly had,' Narcissa spoke up from the chair that Sirius had vacated.

"If I were to somehow avoid Azkaban and were given custody of Harry, would you contest it?" Lucius asked.

"No," Sirius said after a long moment, "you may have been Death Eaters and I may be his godfather, but James trusted you, even at the end." Sirius sat down heavily on a sofa near the fireplace and placed his head in his hands. "You can give him a better life than I could."

"Sirius," Narcissa said, moving to the settee next to him and placing an arm around his shoulders, "how did Peter come to gain the whereabouts of Lilly and James?" Her voice was soothing and held no hint of accusation but Sirius' shoulders tensed just the same. He was quiet for so long that they feared he wouldn't tell them, but after a long pause, he began speaking from his hands.

"He came to me about a week ago, said that I had been betrayed by someone as their secret keeper and that Voldemort was coming for me. At first I was ok with it, I was willing to die to keep their secret safe. He worked on me though, eventually convincing me that throwing my life away wasn't worth it and to transfer it to him. I'll never forgive myself, I'll have to live with the fact that I was too cowardly to kill him then," he said raggedly, his voice breaking with tears. "That rat bastard ran straight to Voldemort and got them killed. I made the mistake of not killing him once," he said, pushing to his feet again and made his way again towards the fireplace, "I won't make the same mistake twice."

"You are in no condition to think clearly," Lucius said, latching onto his arm again and stopping him, "you are not in any condition to confront him. You go after him now, you will lose."

"What do you suggest I do than?" the other man asked raggedly.

"I will take care of it," Lucius promised and they stared each other down.

"Take care of Harry," Sirius finally said and pulled his arm free before he entered the fireplace and was gone. Lucius turned to his wife to find his own worried look reflected there.

The scene dissolved and opened again to the Wizengamot, Lucius sat near the front, looking unconcerned.

"You are telling us," a man that Harry did not recognize said, he was at the middle of the group and he was leaning forward, glaring at Lucius, "that you are a spy?"

"I am only stating that much of the 'Light Side' as you call it, received a lot of their information from myself and Severus," he said as if bored. Harry turned and found Snape sitting behind Lucius, glaring at the Wizengamot.

"Albus Dumbledore," the man called and Harry turned when a younger version of his headmaster stood and most eyes turned towards him, though Lucius' stayed straight ahead.

"Yes Mr. Chestnut," he said, bowing to those assembled at the front of the room.

"Is this true, did Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape spy for the order?" Harry watched as the headmaster's eyes settled on the two men, Lucius still would not acknowledge him and Snape was returning his stare.

"It is true that Severus spied on my request, but I never asked Mr. Malfoy to do so," Dumbledore said and then sat down again. With those words the hall around them erupted in shouting, many were yelling threats at Lucius, and a select few, including Snape, were protesting. Through this Lucius sat calmly at the table, as if he were not surprised at what Dumbledore had said.

"Enough!" Chestnut roared, banging his gavel several times until they quieted down. "Lucius Malfoy," he went on, "with your crimes against the Wizarding world, and those unspeakable acts, you are hereby sentenced to Azkaban until two weeks time when we will sentence you with the rest of the Death Eaters." The room erupted again as Lucius was pulled to his feet and placed in to shackles.

"Sirs, if I may say one thing," Lucius' voice was heard above the cacophony suddenly and the room fell silent as if a silence charm had been cast.

"You dare ask for a favor?" Chestnut demanded, turning red in anger but Lucius pressed on.

"My wife, Narcissa, has never been a Death Eater, I ask that you spare her any stay in Azkaban, as we have a young son, one that she can raise with Harry Potter."

"Raise with Harry Potter," a woman behind Chestnut cried, "we would not allow Mr. Potter near you or your family."

"The Potter and Malfoy lines have a long standing contract, a Wizarding Contract to be exact," Lucius pushed on, "that states if something happens to one set of parents, the other will raise the child."

"Be that as it may," Chestnut said, rising over the voices that once again rose up in protest, "Harry Potter's fate will not be determined at this time. One thing is for certain, we will not give him to your family." Lucius stared at the other man for a long time, anger rolling off of him.

"Then what will become of him?" he demanded, "you've just sentenced his godfather to prison, he has no one to take him in."

"What happens to Harry Potter is none of your concern, take him away and bring in the next Death Eater."

"What of my wife?" Lucius cried, struggling against his guards and Chestnut raised his hand to halt his removal and turned to speak with the person behind him for a moment.

"Barring any proof that she has no dark mark on her arm, she will be free to go," he said, turning back to him and then waving his hand once again and Lucius was dragged towards the doors.

":Lucius," Narcissa cried and pushed her way through the throng of people to his side where she pulled him close and kissed him, adjusting a squirming Draco in her arms. "We will get through this," she promised and gave him another kiss before he was dragged away and Draco started to scream, reaching for his father.

"Did you want something Potter?" Professor Snape's voice demanded when Harry had stayed behind after Potions.

"Did Dumbledore really betray Mr. Malfoy?" he asked, looking at the professor as he took a deep breath and a seat at the table in front of Harry.

"Lucius told me that he had given you his memories, I was wondering when you would get to that point," he said, "though I did not expect you to come to me about it."

"Is it true?" Harry demanded and the other man sighed heavily and stood to walk to his desk.

"Yes, it is true, I'm sure that Narcissa explained to you that those memories cannot be altered."

"Yes, but I had hoped," Harry went on and the older man laughed humorlessly.

"Dumbledore is a good man, but he will do what he can to further his own plans and gains, I believe he used it as a shoe in for the Chief Warlock position."

"Sirius said the same thing," Harry said quietly.

"If anyone, I would have thought you would believe the mutt more than myself."

"If anyone would tell me the truth, I knew that it would be you, no matter how painful it was," Harry shot back with a smirk.

"Very true Potter," the potions master replied and they were silent for a long moment.

"Why do you work for him, you know how he was, how could you accept a job from him?" There was a long silence as they stared at each other and Harry wondered if the older man was going to respond at all.

"Because, though I was a spy, I was still a Death Eater, not many people were willing to hire me for that reason. When the old fool approached me and offered the position, I jumped at the chance,' he finally said. There was another long silence as Harry pondered what the professor had said, after seeing what he had the night before, he had put the Memoria away and fell into a restless sleep. Sitting in potions during the day he had made up his mind to ask the potions professor about it.

"I should go, we'er late for dinner," Harry said, not sure what else to say before he stood and pulled his bag onto his shoulder.

"Potter," Snape called as he reached the door, "Dumbledore is a good man, trustworthy even, but do not ever doubt he is looking out for himself in the end." Harry nodded and continued out the door, stopping in surprise when he saw Draco waiting for him. The other boy was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed and one foot braced against the wall behind him.

"Ready?" he asked without opening his eyes and Harry chuckled before moving into his personal space and leaning against him. Draco's arms came up around him and they stayed like that for a long moment. "Are you all right?"

"Confused and a bit angry," Harry replied, his voice muffled by the other boy's robes.

"Want to talk about it?" Draco asked and the other boy shook his head.

"Perhaps in a while," he said, pulling back, "just not right now, I'm still processing."

"Whenever you are ready," Draco said and dropped a kiss on his lips before Harry pulled away fully.

"I was thinking," he said as they reached the top of the stairs, "we haven't been to see Isby in some time, perhaps it's time we go."

"This weekend then," Draco said, wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulders and they headed to dinner.

I made up the name of the Wizengamot leader, according to , Dumbledore was the Chief Warlock until 1995 when he declared Voldemort was back but they don't know when he started so I made it so he used Lucius' fall to get into that position.