Hi! So, I'm back, I have no excuse for my absence, I really don't and I can only say I'm sorry and, hey at least it wasn't a year this time, no matter how close to that mark I am. I also realized that five years ago (I've been working on this a long time) yesterday I started this thing, man it's taken me forever I had actually wanted to post it yesterday and mark the occasion, but my internet crashed for over two hours just before midnight and so I'm doing it now.

There is some PG-13 stuff in here, they do go to visit Isby and find an underground lake and go skinny dipping, nothing graphic or anything, but it's there, just a forewarning. Enjoy and let me know what you think please and thank you!

"You can't come with us," Harry said with a shrug, keeping his face blank while staring at the two girls in front of him.

"We can't let you go alone," Hermione replied, her arms crossed as she watched Harry pack for his weekend visiting Isby.

"We've gone alone before," Draco pointed out from his seat on Harry's bed and received a glare from both girls.

"Yes," Pansy said, "but you weren't so... attached." Harry looked at Draco and grinned, they really had no plans while they were at the keep, but he trusted himself and Draco.

"Sorry," Harry said, closing his bag, "but the portal only carry's myself and Draco."

"And you don't have the authority to stop us from going," Draco pointed out with a grin.

"Isn't there something in the contract?" Hermione asked Pansy but she shook her head.

"Unfortunately not."

"Damn it," Hermione muttered and Harry pulled her into a hug.

"I promise, we're going to be good," he promised and Draco gave her a nod before they grabbed their bags and gripped the towel.

When they landed, Harry, as usual stumbled a bit but Draco reached out a hand and steadied him.

"Thanks," Harry muttered, "I'm going to get the hang of it one day," Draco just smiled and they headed down the hallway and through the door that led further into the manor.

"There you are," Draven's voice greeted them as soon as they stepped through and found the other man sitting in a chair, reading.

"Sorry it's been so long," Harry said, placed his bag on one of the couches and was surprised when the other man pulled him in for a hug.

"I figured you've been busy," Draven replied, shaking Draco's hand with a eyebrow wiggle between the two younger men.

"No, not like that," Harry denied with a blush, "we've been planning the wedding."

"Riiight," Draven responded with a wink and both boys chuckled and turned when they heard a 'pop' to find Isby standing there, glaring at them with his hands on his hips.

"You are late," he accused and both Harry and Draco tried to apologize over one another but the creature just huffed and disappeared.

"I think you hurt his feelings," Draven said and led the way to the sitting room where the two boys left to their rooms to leave their bags. "Dinner's ready, if you're interested," Draven told them once they had joined him again in the sitting room and they followed him to the dining room.

"I didn't make enough for you," Isby told them, his voice cold as he set the dishes on the table, "you'll have to eat left overs."

"That's fine Isby," Harry tried to soothe and received a glare in response.

"It is not fine, every five days I made a feast, expecting you, you, who promised me to return once a month, and you never came. Don't expect any graciousness from me," he said and disappeared again.

"Does that mean he won't let me leave again?" Harry asked Draven who shrugged.

"Even if he doesn't, it's not so bad here," the older man said, giving them the plate of food Isby had set out for him and reached for the 'leftovers' set out. "You're both here, you could continue the line, Isby will get over his sour attitude in time."

"I'm sure it's great to live here," Harry replied, trying not to think of how isolated he would feel if that happened, "but we have lives, a wedding to plan."

"And you are obviously too busy to keep your promises," Isby says as he pops into the room again, glaring at Draven when he sees what each are eating. "I gave that to them," he said pointing to the food on Draven's plate.

"I know you Isby," Draven said with a smile, "you would not dare feed leftovers to a descendant of The Three."

"Isby, we're sorry," Harry intervened, "we didn't mean to stay away so long, our lives have just become so busy." The creature looked away from him and sniffed, his nose in the air and Harry looked at the other two for help.

"Would it help if we stay here for a couple of weeks?" Draco asked and Harry shot him a look, alarmed by the offer.

"Make it three and I'll forgive you," Isby said, his head still turned away and Harry shook his head at Draco who shrugged and agreed. "Well then," Isby said with a smile, turning back to them and snapping his fingers, the leftovers disappearing and the food that had been served to Draven first, appeared on the table.

"What the hell are we going to do for three weeks?" Harry demanded once Isby had disappeared again and his fiance shrugged.

"I'm sure you'll find something," Draven said with a grin, his voice hinting at what he thought they got up to in their spare time and Harry didn't feel like correcting him.

"We can't be here for three weeks," Harry pointed out, "we were supposed to work on the wedding next weekend."

"How many times do I have to tell you," Draven said with a smile, "time moves differently here, by the time you get back, I'm sure no more time has passed than was meant to."

"Not exactly comforting," Harry muttered and tucked into his meal.

The next few days were spent exploring the grounds, reading and just spending time together in the library or Harry's garden, and they could honestly say, they didn't miss the girls.

"So, what are you?" Harry asked Draven one day when Draco was off exploring on his own, he had left Harry in the library and hadn't returned for lunch yet.

"I'm sorry?" the other man asked, he didn't sound offended, just confused by the question.

"When Draco first met you, he said you were supposed to be extinct, so I just wondered what you actually were, you look perfectly human to me."

"Draco has a bit of the second sight," Draven said, taking a sip of his wine, "it's not strong, but I believe he has the ability to see beyond what others want him to."

"Like you?" Harry asked, taking a bite of the pudding on his plate and the other man nodded.

"Do you know what a Great Wyrm is?"

"I'm assuming you don't mean the critters that live in the ground?" Harry asked and the other man laughed and shook his head.

"A Wyrm, W-Y-R-M, is an ancient dragon, some days I feel older than time itself," the older man said, stretching a bit.

"You're a dragon?" Harry asked incredulously.

"No," Draven said with a shake of his head, "I've moved beyond a simple dragon."

"But you look human," Harry said dumbly and the other man laughed.

"This, this is one of my forms," he explained.

"One of your forms, how many do you have?"

"I can change to almost anything," Draven replied with a smile at Harry's dumbstruck look.

"But the dragons we have now, to my knowledge, they can't change forms," he finally said and Draven scowled.

"The beasts you speak of are related to my kind, but fighting between clans which has led to inbreeding due to lack of females caused them to loose the ability walk among humans and converse with them."

"Are there any more of you?"

"No," Draven responded with a sad smile, "that is why I have hidden here all these years, I am the last of the Great Wyrms, my kin killed themselves off over land and breeding rights. All that is left are the creatures you spoke of, wild and unpredictable beasts."

"I'm sorry," Harry said quietly and received a small smile in return, "I can tell you this though," he said a moment later, after a thought struck him, "my friend Charley would probably die if he ever met you."

"Why is that?" Draven asked and Harry grinned.

"He's a dragon tamer."

"Sounds like a dangerous job," Draven said with a smile of his own as he brought his drink back to his lips.

"Can I see your dragon form one day, I mean can you change back?"

"Of course he can change back, he's rarely out of it," Isby responded for Draven, having arrived just as Harry asked his question. "When you don't see him, he's more than likely out flying around, scaring poor farmers and their sheep."

"That is a game for dragonette's Isby," Dravon admonished, sounding offended and Isby huffed a breath before he disappeared again. "Doesn't mean I don't indulge in them," he went on, winking at Harry, "I have to keep myself entertained somehow. And it would be my honor to show you my true form one day Harry."

Later, Harry had found his way back to the library and fleetingly wondered where Draco had wondered off to, he still wasn't back yet before picking up his book. He didn't realize he had drifted off until a pair of lips pressed against his.

"Hey," he said, blinking up at Draco who was leaning over him, one arm braced on the back of the couch and the other cupping Harry's cheek.

"Hey yourself," Draco replied and kissed him again.

"Where did you get to?" Harry asked, sitting up a bit so the other boy could sit next to him.

"I was wandering, this place is massive," Draco replied and pulled the other boy against him and Harry hummed, leaning against him, "I had to call for Isby and have him bring me back, I got lost."

"What time is it?" Harry asked, glancing out of the large floor-to-ceiling windows to find it dark outside.

"Late," was the response and he allowed Draco to pull him up and to his room where the other boy stripped him to his boxers and gently pushed him onto the bed.

"Stay?" Harry asked when Draco had pulled the covers over him and he reached out and grabbed the others hand.

"Probably not a good idea," Draco said, but he pulled back long enough to pull his shirt over his head but kept his pants on as he slid in behind Harry and wrapped his arms around him, both falling asleep almost immediately.

The next morning, Harry awoke to Draco plastered to his back, his arm over his hip and his leg between Harry's own.

"Morning," Draco mumbled into his shoulder.

"Morning," Harry replied and went to sti up, but Draco pulled him back down and wouldn't let him back up until he'd been kissed thoroughly, morning breath and all.

"You're an ass," Harry said several minutes later and received a chuckle for his trouble as the other boy rolled to the side and lay on his back.

"Yeah, but you love me for it," Draco said with his eyes closed and Harry froze as he realized, that yes, he think he did love him, as absurd as that idea would have been a few months ago. "What?" Draco asked, cracking an eye open when he realized Harry had gone silent.

"Nothing," Harry said, moving to stand so he could wash himself off, but Draco's hand on his arm stopped him.

"Tell me," Draco requested and Harry just shook his head.

"Nothing, I promise," he tried standing again, but Draco pulled him back and rolled on top of him once again. "Get off, your breath stinks," he said, trying to push the other boy away.

"Tell me," Draco demanded again and Harry looked away, determined not to answer, afraid he would be rejected. "Harry," Draco cajoled, kissing along his jaw, "was it about loving me?" he asked when he reached his ear, but Harry remained silent. "You can tell me, you know," he went on, kissing down his neck before pulling back enough to look him in the eye, "because I feel the same way."

"Really?" Harry asked, hating how he sounded so unsure.

"Well unless you're confessing that you still hate me," Draco said with a shrug, trying to play it off but Harry could see the uncertainty in his eyes, "then-" he was interrupted then by Harry's tongue.

"Shut up," Harry said, pulling back for a moment.

"Make me."

"You nearly missed breakfast," Draven greeted them when they finally made it to the dining room, a knowing smile on his face and Harry blushed.

"We were busy," he replied, letting Draco pull his chair out for him and the older man laughed.

"I'm sure you were," he said with a wink and Harry tried to hide his burning face. "What's on the agenda today?"

"I thought I would show Harry some of the things I found yesterday," Draco answered, reaching for the sausage. When he brought the link to his lips, Harry's brain short circuited, only coming back online when Draven laughed out loud.

After breakfast, Draco did just as he said he would and dragged Harry throughout the large keep, ending in an underground lake filled with water that was warm to the touch.

"Come on," Draco said, taking off his shirt and laying on a rock.

"I didn't bring my swimsuit," Harry protested, watching the other boy as he pulled his shoes and socks off.

"Neither did I," was the response, accompanied by a wink as he slid his pants and boxers down before diving into the lake and swimming out a ways.

"I don't know," Harry hesitated but was fingering the hem of his shirt.

"You know Harry," Draco tried to convince him, "as long as we don't shag each other, we're not braking the terms of the contract. The water's great, so warm," Draco said, leaning back and floating on his back and Harry worked on removing his clothes so Draco wouldn't see his blush. He hesitated when he reached his boxers and glanced up to the other boy to find him watching. Making a decision, he quickly shucked them and then dove into the warm water.

"See?" Draco asked and pulled Harry into his arms and kissed him.

"It is nice," Harry agreed before he grinned and shoved Draco's head beneath the water and swam away as fast as he could. This ended in a wrestling match and water fight between kisses that only ended when Harry escaped onto the shore and he realized that they had no way of drying off, they didn't even have their wands.

"What are you doing?" Draco asked, moving up behind him to wrap his arms around him as he searched for his boxers.

"We didn't think this through," Harry replied over his shoulder, and pointed out their predicament.

"So use your boxers and we'll go back commando," Draco said, pulling away to do just that and Harry couldn't help but watch. "Like what you see?" Draco asked him over his shoulder and the other boy turned away to grab his boxers and use them to dry off.

"Ok, this is uncomfortable," Harry said trying to adjust to not wearing underwear as he pulled on his shoes and socks.

"You'll get used to it, I do it all the time at school," the other says nonchalantly and Harry stares at him and receives a grin in response. "You're going to wonder about that from now on aren't you?"

"Seriously, such an ass," Harry muttered and stood up and allowed himself to be pulled into a long kiss.

"And seriously, you love me for it," Draco said, pulling back with a grin.

"Yeah," Harry agreed, giving him a quick kiss and allowing the other boy to lead the way back to the main part of the keep.

The next two weeks flew by and Harry found himself wishing they could stay, being away from the wizarding world and all its problems was nice. Draven had kept his promise and shown him his true form, and Harry had been awed.

The Great Wyrm was the same color of his hair, a black so dark it was almost blue, the membrane on his wings fadingat the tips to a blue that rivaled the color of the sky just before the sun rose. He was massive, at least twice the size of the dragons Harry had seen at the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

"Charley would definitely love to meet you," Harry said once Draven had returned to his human form.

"Maybe you can invite him down, I would like to talk to him about the dragons that he works with, I don't have much interaction with them, they know not to bother me."

"I'll see what I can do," he agreed and turned to Draco who had accompanied them. "Are we ready to go tomorrow?"

"I believe so," Draco said and wrapped his arm around Harry's waist as they followed Draven inside. "I was thinking, has your band bothered you at all while we've been here?" he asked, indicating the band that was linked to the contract.

"No," Harry said and looked down at his wrist, wondering, they had become very close over the last three weeks, though they'd never broken the deal of the contract. Draco had stayed in Harry's room every night after the first one, and a morning like the first wasn't uncommon.

"Well neither has mine, maybe the magic of this place blocks it."

"Let's hope so, otherwise we're going to catch hell from Pansy and Hermione when we get back."

"Why don't we just stay here then," Draco said, swallowing hard at the idea of facing the girls' wrath.

"As much as I like that idea, I don't think it will work, maybe one day, when this is contract business is all over, we can come back here, escape the world for a while."

"You'll be coming back," Isby told them once they entered the sitting room, "if I don't see you as often as you promised, the next time you come, I won't let you leave."

"I can't tell who I'd rather live with, the girls and their fury or Isby," Harry muttered to Draco, as they promised, for the thousandth time to come back, and soon. Both boys looked at each other and contemplated both options.

"Isby," they said at the same time and grinned before they headed back to their room to make sure they were ready to leave the next day.

"There you are," they heard the moment they landed back in the front hall of Hogwarts and turned to find Hermione and Pansy waiting for them.

"Nice to see you too," Draco griped and glanced at the clock which read two o'clock in the morning on Sunday night.

"We're back on time aren't we?" Harry demanded.

"It's two o'clock in the morning Harry," Hermione said.

"We were only gone the weekend, weren't we?" Draco asked, worried that somehow the time difference had made them late.

"Yes, why? How long did it seem like you were gone?" Pansy asked and Harry and Draco shared a look.

"A lot longer," Harry answered and then gave Draco a kiss and they parted ways.

Let me know what you think please! And on a side note, this is a pretty PG rated version of this chapter, I did write a very M rated version, but I don't know how it would have been received, honestly, and I don't know if I have the guts to put it up, I've never written anything like that before, nothing they aren't supposed to do by the contract, but they found a loop hole :). But, if there is enough interest, I may post the porn-y one, but I can't guarantee anything, I'm kinda embarrassed by it.